Remember This?

Well done to Braaaains, who managed to guess yesterday's game in rapid fire time. It was Rastan. Great work!

Good luck with today's effort!


    Geez!! Looks like a rooftop...

      Kind of does. Something like Rampage maybe.

    I can't believe he spelled my name wrong...

    *shakes head sadly*

      hehe he always spells mine with a capital, so you're not alone ;)


      If I had to guess as to the version, I'd say it was the Atari 7800 version of Joust. I think it was the only one with yellow tops.

    Mark's getting closer to the day where he posts just a single pixel...
    It might be Monuments of Mars, although it didn't have yellow borders I think. Could be Donkey Kong.

      I'm pretty sure once he just posted a screen that was completely green and we still guessed it.

        It was a particular shade of green that was probably found in only one game, yeah?

    Since Rampage guess is gone maybe a roof from (1984?) Ghostbusters game?
    Or maybe Double Dragon? (God I loved that game)

    Spiderman on the Atari 2600

    Last edited 14/01/15 1:28 pm

    Donkey Kong baby

      Not "Donkey Kong baby" just donkey kong. I felt like throwing the baby in there but didnt want to stuff up my guess


    Last edited 14/01/15 2:03 pm

      Are you referring to the DOS game Gorillas where you threw explosive bananas at each other?? Because if you are you win my 'internet person of awesomeness' award for the day.
      (though I don't think it's the right answer to today's RT!)

        I sure am! One of the greatest games ever.

        (I don't think it is either sadly.)

        Loved that game.
        Here is the source code for it if you have a copy of QBasic laying around.

          and you can play online against others here:

          Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

    Biker Mice from Mars! (sorry im late :( )

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