Remember This?

Yeah, yesterday's Remember This was tough. I can say that in hindsight. No-one managed to guess it correctly so we're gonna need a second clue!

For reference, here's yesterday's clue...

Good luck everyone!




        Several people said Joust yesterday. It sure does look like it, but unless Mark is after a super specific version, maybe it's not Joust.

          Unless it's Joust 2: Survival of the Fittest...

            Joust 3: Ultimate Joust

            or as it was known state-side:

            Joust 3: Electric Joustaloo

      Looks right.

        Joust the xbox 360 version?
        has to be joust

    Off topic Mark, any update on the Steam Refund issue that you guys were reporting on?

    Looks like it could be a minimalist level from Nidhogg... but seems very blurry.

    I would like to say Wizards and Warriors, if for no other reason the to remind people of the Boots of Force that you use to kick open locked treasure chests.

    Frost Byte?

    Or maybe one of the Strider games?

    Last edited 15/01/15 12:52 pm

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the megadrive 2

    Actually looks like a Joust clone I had back in the late 80s. The (copied) disk was called Roc, but that may not have been the right name...

    I guessed Joust, and then Joust on the 7800 yesterday.
    Yesterday's clue matches the top of this screenshot exactly,
    and the bottom is definitely from Joust, or something using Joust's assets, but maybe a different version.

      The only thing that I can think of is that it is a clone, like Buzzard Bait or something

      Found the top picture I believe

        Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the Remember This clues all part of the same screenshot? You therefore need to find both pictures in the same screenshot.

          Yes, but the top picture and the bottom picture are from Joust, or something ridiculously like it. You can see the ostrich part on the bottom right.
          Which is Joust the Arcade game.
          Or some game that has Joust playing on a screen in the background :)

          Last edited 15/01/15 6:37 pm

    Well done mate!! 2 days of stringing us along!!

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