Remember This?

A couple of people were in the right ballpark on Friday, but no-one was right on the button. Therefore a second clue is required!

Just for reference, here's Friday's clue to help you all out.

I don't think you guys and girls will have any problems with this one to be honest!


    The red and white makes it almost assuredly a racing game of some sort. Perhaps Formula 1 Grand Prix or Grand Prix Circuits?

    Last edited 19/01/15 12:07 pm

    Super Hang-On?

    Nigel Mansells World Championship Racing came to mind, but im not totally convinced.

    Hang-on! for the master system :D


        Well that's it!

          Turbo Tastic!


    Turbo racing NES?

    Last edited 19/01/15 12:29 pm

    Adelaide Grand Prix Simulator

    remember adelaide gp? god, those were good days.

    how about World Grand Prix

    It has been scientifically proven. That I click on Remember This. Exactly when it has been solved.

    Is it Hang On for the SMS? Looks like it from the tree and the road markers.

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