Remember This?

Congrats to Mack who was quickest on the trigger with the Street Fighter guess. So (pleasantly) shocked it went more than one day!

Today's is going to be fun!



    Last edited 22/01/15 1:56 pm

      Bwahaha well played. I think you're right


      Last edited 22/01/15 12:23 pm

    Now THAT is the Dig

    Those colours. Instant give away. :D

    One day @shane, one day.

      That's twice now. :(

      Also, The Dig is a game that's crying out for the HD rerelease in the Monkey Island style.

      I actually got The Dig once. My life felt complete.
      It's come up quite a few times, though :P

    I know this, I know it!


      To complete the circle, Mark needs to announce tomorrow that it was in fact Force Unleashed.

    Dig. It's outside the planet.

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