Remember This?

Yesssssss! Yesterday's Remember This was The Dig. I really want a HD remake of The Dig! Congrats to everyone who guessed it. And I mean everyone. But a special congrats goes to bookiegnu.

Also, congrats to Shane who didn't get it.

Good luck today!


    so I see that you are now taking after me and just using games that you want to be remade?

    in that case I gues Rock N' Roll Racing

    So question... did Shane get The Dig??? It's him that regularly says it right???

      Nah he didn't. Though he stopped saying the dig for a long time now.

      We have a new mouse in town.

      An honary win I think. And yes, Shane always guesses The Dig. Regardless of what it actually is. Eventually Mark caves and tosses him the game. I think it's come up 3 or 4 times now

        Hehehe, reminds me when there was still Scribble-Taku. The last one was basically the logo in big letters.

        But as a joke, everyone, including Shane from memory, posted whole laundry lists of game tiles for anything other than The Dig, :-P.

    Die Hard 2 (on the playstation)?

    Deus Ex
    Soldier of Fortune

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