Remember This?

Congrats to aphillios who "sorta" wanted Friday's Remember This to be The Force Unleashed. Congratulations you were "sorta right!

Good luck with today's effort!


    Hmmm, a text adventure? 'Adventure'? Dont think its Zork...

    A photo of a TV playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 from very far away at night.

    Got it!
    Serrel Quest VI: The Grooling Grues

    space invaders or missile command....

    edit : asteroids?

    Last edited 26/01/15 2:13 pm

    Is that pip-boy green? One of the fallouts?

    I think an Alien game, but no idea which.
    Alien 3.

    I knew it would come to something like this one day. Hopefully Mark posts his reaction if someone gets it on this clue.
    Is it a Kroz game?

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