Remember This?

Congrats to wagzy who managed to guess yesterday's super tricky (and vague) Remember This. It was Big Top. Nice job!

I seriously don't know how I can make this more difficult, but I'm gonna try! Good luck with today's effort.


    Elevator Action?

      Yeah, it looks like the intro when he slides down the cable.

        Except that the background was greay in the arcades, and black on the NES, so... maybe not?

    Bad Dudes, because "the President has been kidnapped by Ninjas" is all the plot you need

      well, thats enough story for me. lets get em!

    Missile command

    That was my first thought - but perhaps that would be too easy.

    I think Casual Prolix got it with Elevator Action, but I am going to guess Rygar. If for no other reason then the fact I spent 3 days of not shutting my NES off just to beat the dame game because there was no save or password system



    Could also be Tank Wars

    Last edited 28/01/15 12:43 pm

    Scorched Earth

      For sure. That's a tracer round next to a tank with it's deflector shield active.

        This was the answer far too recently for it to have come up again.

        Yeah, I'm not sure. Just looked up some images and they usually have a gradient background.

          Gradient backgrounds was an option but not universal. I think it wasn't even supported in older versions of the game or on particularly old PCs.

    can u do some more recent games bro? like n64, ps1 generation? we know our textures!

    Starglider or Carrier Command.
    Not because it is, but because I want to dig out the ST and play those games again with all of their chunky vectors.

    Me trying to draw anything with a straight line in MS paint.

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