Remember This?

Hurray! No-one managed to guess yesterday's Remember This for the first time in ages. Still got it!

Looks like we need a second clue!

And just for reference, here's yesterday's clue.

Good luck!


    Or Ace

    Looks like a flight sim

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    Looks like some sorta faux 3D thing going on there... Still got nothin.

      Virtua Fighter, the early years.

    The two pictures together look like a Sesame Street character

    I have this super strong feeling I've seen the new clue before and it was the eye of a penguin chaarcter in one of those 3D games that used untextured planes. Or it could be something like Corncob3d or LHX.

    I wonder if it one of the Elite sequels?

    Looks like one of those early titles, like Damocles or Starglider2

    Reminds me of a Daley Thompson game. (supertest, decathlon...)

    F/A-18 Interceptor?
    Flight Simulator 2?

      F/A-18 Interceptor

      That was my first thought, too!

    I feel this one is going to go to 3 days.

    I suspect it's one of the old Freescape 3D games, Driller.. or Castle Master.

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