Remember This?

This has been fun. Maybe one of the more fun Remember This posts in history. For me at least. Day 3 and I wonder if anyone is going to guess this one...

I suspect the answer is yes. You could probably reverse image search this one now if you wanted to be a filthy, filthy cheater.

Here are the previous two clues for reference.

Good luck everyone!


    yeah, I cheated... and there is no way in the world I would have guessed it. well played good sir, well played.

    Wait... is the video clip for Money for Nothing?

      I want my MTV... sadly I am old enough to remember watching that video on MTV, you know back when they played music videos

      Great song funny story about the lyrics too.

    bloody hell, i still got no idea....... Shapes Simulator 2: Why So Blue?

    Quite a portion of the audience wouldn't have been conceived when this was released. =)

    I refuse to cheat and I have nfi. I can't figure out if this is some kind of animation using vectors (i.e. Another World) some sort of true 2d game or if that red line is part of a cube (i.e Q*Bert) and those shapes are some kind of vector 3d.

    yeah i never played it or even heard of it, though i was 5 at the time

    Looking at this my first thought was Bart's Nightmare. That can't be right though but yeah... that was a game wasn't it?

    I know this one!
    It is Continuum, either on the Atari ST or Amiga. I had it on the ST.

      I can't find that exact screenie, but the game is here:

    Yeah i cheated too and tbh i have never ever seen or heard of this game.However that is the case for quite a few of these sadly.

    omg! This has been bugging me for days! I scrolled down here expecting to see an answer, and nothing yet! omg! It's Alpha wave(s)! If memory serves correctly, I played this on my mates Amiga aeons ago! Such a strange game!
    /edit.. damn it! Now I realize it's also called Continuum in the US :( Nice work @poita! DAMN IT! *shakes fist*

    Last edited 30/01/15 6:44 pm

    Um I said Alpha Waves on the first pic post, page 2... looks alot like it to me.

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