Reminder: One Of The Best Games Ever Made Is Now $13 On The Wii U

Reminder: One Of The Best Games Ever Made Is Now $13 On The Wii U
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As far as I’m concerned Metroid Prime is one of the greatest games ever made, but if you want to play it today, it’s actually relatively tough to find. That ends today. Today Nintendo released the incredible Metroid Prime Trilogy package on the Wii U eStore. The best part? It’s on sale for a piddling $13.

Just to get it straight: Nintendo is offering arguably the best game of the last 15 years and two other also-quite-excellent video games for 13 goddamn dollars. If you are a reasonable person, you might want to get on that. I actually own the Metroid Prime Trilogy disc, a disc that’s still playable on my Wii U, but I’m still buying this game. Metroid Prime is just that good.

And here’s the good news: for those of you thinking that the game might have dated, that it’s not worth getting nowadays. WRONG. I played Metroid Prime a year of so back and was completely astounded at how well it had aged. It really is a masterpiece. If you haven’t played it, this is as good a chance as any.

Get on it. The deal lasts for seven days. You have seven days to take advantage of this amazing deal.


  • Can it use normal gamepad controls?

    Because now that motion control is no longer the standard I don’t want to go back.

          • I think you mean: *flips table*
            (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

            You think they would find some way to port it for gamepad use.

          • Nintendo have a great back catalogue and it would be AMAZING if they could have even better backwards compatibility with optional options for wide screen hacks, control customisation/ remapping/ controller emulation and some up scaling options for users to tinker with (if they so choose).

            These things are available in emulators and I’m not suggesting that they should be forced, or even suggesting that they would enable flawless 4K up scaling (Lets not be ridiculous lol), but I cannot deny that it would be cool to toy with SOME options at least. The lack of a first party option seems almost counter intuitive seeing as there is a demand for the titles, else there wouldn’t be PC emulators that do a the job lol.

            I’d be willing to shell out some money to play these games on Nintendo hardware with at least some of the improvements that could be had on a PC emulator. I unfortunately didn’t grow up with Nintendo and I missed a whole bunch of the classics. I have no issue with paying to play them today on my WiiU.

            (Side note: The PS1 emulator on PS3 was a step in the right direction in offering at least SOME customizability.)

            For the time being though, we can’t really complain. Nintendo are at least offering some form of backwards compatibility, a dying practice unfortunately.

          • This^
            I have emulated ssb melee with wide screen hacks and textures and it looks epic.
            I love nintendo, but i don’t think they know exactly what to do when it comes to the wiiu.
            So much potential wasted.

        • wasn’t it playable with the classic pro controller on the wii? If it was you should be able to use the gamepad.

          • You absolutely need a Wii Remote and Nun-Chuck, the third game was specifically designed for it and the other two have been updated to use that control scheme.

            It’s not really the “bad” motion control though, in that there’s no waggling going on, it only uses the Wii remote’s as a pointing device to aim, which has always worked really well imho.

            Using a Wii remote to aim in a First Person Shooter is a much more comfortable experience than a gamepad. It’s not quite Mouse+Keyboard, but it sure beats using your thumb on a tiny joystick to aim with, with a good helping of aim assist thrown in to compensate for the complete lack of control a gamepad gives you. The only reason anybody would disagree with that is because they’re used to using a gamepad by now, they’re comfortable with it, so it now feels good enough. So take a few hours and get used to using a Wii remote and before you know it you’ll be comfortable too. Or don’t, and miss out on one of the best collection of games ever released.*

            *Not directed to anyone in particular.

          • I agree with your agreed. I still own Prime and Prime Echoes for GameCube. Toggling between lock on and free view was uncomfortable after a while. The Wiimote control scheme of the remakes for the Trilogy was excellent.

  • I played through the trilogy edition a few year ago on Wii and it was absolutely brilliant. The original (Prime) is easily one of the best games of all time.

  • I was planning on forcing myself to skip this because I’ve got a ton of games waiting to be played, but my mum’s TV broke on Wednesday so I sent over mine while hers gets replaced, which means the only console gaming I’ll be doing this weekend is on single screen Wii U games. At this point I’d be stupid not to buy the game I already own.

    • MIght be awkward pointing the wii mote at the sensor bar while looking at the game pads screen though? I bought it this morning but haven’t played yet. One thing to note for people with the 8GB wii is that the download is over 7GB so you will likely need an external drive if your in that boat.

      • The gamepad’s camera works as a sensor bar. You can play wii games with the gamepad alone. It’s basically a standard definition TV with an inbuilt sensor bar haha.

        • It’s not the camera itself, but the black bar that it’s embedded in has IR LEDs positioned at each end of it, just like a regular sensor bar.

        • It sounds dumb but I find it makes Wii games a lot more playable. On my big screen they look like blurry garbage but on the game pad they look good.

  • I badly need to play through the Metroid series again, particularly the Primes. But I’m torn on whether to go through those on the originals, do the Trilogy ones, or even forego the Nintendo hardware altogether and do it in DolphinVR.

    Really need to go through Echoes again in particular though. And still have no idea how I spent a hundred hours on Corruption apparently.

  • I lost my Trilogy disc moving house a few years back, was ever so sad.
    I was thinking about trying to find one online just a few weeks back. Glad I didn’t!

  • Bought it this morning. Going to be buying the Wii remote and nun-chuck soon so I can play it tonight. Can’t wait!

  • Resident Evil Remake last week. Metroid this week. If someone could please re-release Killer7 and Rogue Squadron on current consoles, I wouldn’t have to get my GC out of storage ever again.

    • Not to be greedy, but Ikaruga would be ace too. Although I think that’s available on Xbox Live Arcade?

    • Man, Killer7 is so hard to play now. Me and some friends got it out a couple of years back to show another friend who was new to gaming and hoooooly crap. All of us were 103% useless at it.

      I don’t understand how I ever could have completed it.

  • I’m sad about the lack of gamepad controls. One of the main selling points for me with the WiiU was the fact that I can play it while my gf watches TV. Now I’m forced to sit and point my wiimotes at the TV while hunching over the gamepad screen. It feels horribly awkward 🙁

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