Robot Chicken Totally Uses The Power Glove For Animation

The Nintendo Power Glove was about as useful as a bull's nipple when it was released as a way to control video games, but that doesn't mean this maligned piece of gaming history doesn't have its uses.

It turns out the team at Robot Chicken has been using the Power Glove as a convenient stop-motion animation tool.

Animator Dillon Markey converted the Power Glove into a bluetooth-enable device that he can use to control and shoot each frame of footage without have to move back and forth between the camera.

Pure genius.

Via iO9


    The guy reminds me of the blonde version of Little Mac in Smash.

    Also that is so fricken cool.

      Whoa. Whoa whoa whoa whoa.

      Little Mac skin. Only change is that he's wearing the Power Glove.



    That's really cool but it always sort of bugs me when people mod Power Gloves. Rather than gutting something that can't be replaced why not just make your own custom glove inspired by the Power Glove? I'm sure there's someone at Stupid Monkey who would love to make a Power Glove-like controller casing.

      It's easier to gut something than build from scratch.

        Yeah, but have you ever seen their workshop? They've got the tools and I'm sure they've got a ton of people with the skills. I'm pretty sure I could do it and I'm an idiot with a workshop geared towards metal work. I mean the Power Glove isn't exactly the definition of comfortable so it sets the bar pretty low.

          But part of it is the aesthetic. The idea of using a Powerglove to do my job is just plain awesome, and a knock off that I built isn't going to mean the same thing to me than an actual Powerglove would. And besides, it's his Powerglove, so he can pretty much use it for whatever he wants to. I feel like that's a better option than just having it collect dust in a drawer or shed or something. It's basically given the device a new life.

            I totally get that. If he wants to blow it up for YouTube hits that's his choice. And I do like what he's done. I'm just a little torn because he's essentially breaking an antique. They aren't super rare now but that's still one less functional Power Glove in the world.

    Stupid Monkey are in the business of making animations, not wearable equipment.

    To quote his Power-Glove's fist-bump action: "Fucking Awesome!"

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