Shaolin Monk 'Runs On Water' For 118m

Shaolin Monk

This week in Quanzhou, China, a Shaolin monk showed it was possible to do more than walk on water.

The Shaolin monastery is famous for its kung-fu monks that undergo rigorous training to pull off amazing acrobatic and physical feats.

Last October, Shi Liliang from Quanzhou Shaolin Temple ran on thin plywood planks floating in water for 118m, breaking his previous record of 100m. In the video below, you can see his 118m run.

On Saturday, the monk again broke his previous record, running for 120m. Below is a photo from the recent run:

Shaolin Monk

"You need to be fast but you should take only small steps," Shi, who's been practicing this stunt since 2005, was quoted as saying last year.

According to Livedoor News, the monk has his eye on a new record: 150m.


    More like, Shaolin monk runs on bridge suspended on water.
    G*Wars did it better anyway.

    Hes no Master Chiun

    A bit disappointing, the buoyancy and surface area of the wood makes this more of a balancing act than anything else. You'd be doing the same thing by running across a line of surfboards.

    I think I saw this guy on Hamish and Andy once..

    Oh yep.. They tried to replicate it..

    Dressing in orange and learning dance routines disguised as kung fu forms does not make one a shaolin monk. Nor does dropping a rock 3 feet from the shore mean there is nothing supporting his bridge 6 feet from shore.

    It is still an incredible feat, only one that seems much easier than it actually is and that probably does require the long, intensive training of a shaolin monk. It's the bit about being sold as "running on water" that ruins it.

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