Shooting Incident Outside Sega Exec's House

Shooting Incident Outside Sega Exec's House

Hajime Satomi, the CEO of Sega Sammy, is one of Japan's richest individuals. And early this morning, there was a frightening gun incident at his house. Thankfully, the Sega exec and his family were not at home.

Satomi founded pachinko machine maker Sammy Corporation, which bought Sega in 2004. He is now the director of both Sega and Sammy as well as Sega Sammy Holdings.

According to FNN News, a security guard at Satomi's Tokyo mansion reported hearing a loud noise at 3.30am this morning. A light outside one of the house's gates was shattered. Three live bullets were found nearby, and in the road in front of the house, a shell casing was discovered. Police are now investigating this shooting incident.

Jiji Press reports that there have been no previous threats made against Satomi or Sega.

Picture: FNN News


    A note was also found demanding Sega change the colour of Sonic's arms.

    Last edited 15/01/15 6:39 am

      Police also say Chris Chan is their number one suspect.

      Last edited 15/01/15 3:09 pm

    Someone didn't like Sonic Boom... well I guess no one liked Sonic Boom but that guy extra didn't like it.

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