Some Exciting News For Xbox Gamers

Microsoft just confirmed the release dates for three rad-looking games that are all coming out in the second quarter of 2015. The games are Ori and the Blind Forest (March 11, $US19.99), Screamride (March 3, $US39.99), and the Xbox One version of State of Decay (April 28, $US29.99). Woo!


    I got hyped when I saw the trailer for Screamride. I had fun when I played it at PAX but USD$40? I can wait.

    Oriiiii <3

      Explain Jacky boy what is this, Ori? a boring nutshell, it's another indie 2d platformer. However, there was quite a bit of hype for this game after it being showed off at E3. It looks really stunning, and apparently played really well with some relatively innovative additions to the genre. I just mainly like the look of the environment and I have a feeling the music will be really good. Definitely picking it up. $20 seems reasonable.

          I just checked out some extended gameplay, that's super kawaii! Would buy for 20 American dollars.

          Looking at the gameplay it reminded me of the underground cave sections of Yoshi's Island

    None of these really appeal to me. Maybe Screamride when it's on sale.

    I'll pick up Ori at release and rebuy SoD for current gen, dont know about Screamride though.

      According to the Major Nelson article - if you own State of Decay on 360 there'll be a discount on X1

        Yeah, I'll get it for $20 not $30 because I already bought it on 360. TBH I would have paid $30, but it's good news. Really, really need an rpg on current gen.

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