Sons Of Anarchy Game Looks Like Sons Of Anarchy in First Trailer

In other words, you ride a chopper, light a smoke, hold a gun to someone's head and get beat in the face with a pipe. All in first person!

This is the first trailer for Orpheus Interactive's Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect, in which you play a new prospect trying to earn your spot in the show's motorcycle club. Show creator Kurt Sutter tweeted about it, and he seems only slightly less excited now than he was almost a year ago when he was "hard just typing" how the game "represents the evolution of gaming".

Sutter previously promised way back in 2012 that the SoA game won't be "some slapcrap browser thing" and he's already half correct by default, since The Prospect is a tablet game.

Whether or not it will go down in history as a "slapcrap" tablet game remains to be seen. But with the show having concluded its seventh and final season just over a month ago, no doubt fans will be happy to Continue the Ride in any way they can.


    I was a massive fan of SoA until season 7 started, and every piece of media they have released since it started has been a shameless bullshit cash grab. Go to Hell Sutter.

    Is that cel-shading? Why the hell would you even make a game like this cel-shaded?

    its by a company I have never heard of, cell shaded and on tablet...i so wanted to like this, but I don't.

    I was just skipping about the video, and cut to the part with the cigarette. I thought it was a boner and was horrified for a moment.

    That looks pretty awful... Then I read the description and saw that it was a tablet (?!?) game, and now I see why.

    Oh well, they had a chance to make a cool game, something like GTA but with bikers instead, where you start as a street thug, work your way into a prospect, then slowly climbing the ranks to become chapter president. But instead they've gone the tablet gaming route, odds are it'll be "freemium", and like all "freemium" game, you'll actually need to pay to get any enjoyment out of it.

    So many hopes and dreams ruined by making this so utterly crap. Tablet game is just this gens browser game.

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