Soon You Will Be Able To Take Selfies In World Of Warcraft

Soon You Will Be Able To Take Selfies In World Of Warcraft

Maybe you love them. Maybe you loathe them. Maybe you're taking one right now. Selfies are everywhere, because we are painfully vain creatures. And now, finally — after you begged, pleaded, grovelled, and probably didn't ask for it at all — they're coming to World of Warcraft.

People have begun discovering an item called the S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera on WoW's public test realms for patch 6.1. You get it from a rare level 100 garrison mission called Field Photography, which simply involves tossing followers out in the cold for four hours, no special traits required. So basically, it's cake.

Here's how it works, according to WoW Insider:

"The interface for the camera is really easy to use — simply click the item to use it, and your camera will automatically turn around to face you. You can swivel the angle to whatever you feel is most pleasing, and press 1 to snap a photo. No need to alt-z the frame out of the picture first, the camera automatically does it for you, snapping the screenshot and putting it in your screenshots folder. As the camera faces your character, they will make a host of suitably emotive faces, so you don't have to worry about smiling for the camera."

And yes, one of those is duckface.

There's also a bonus mission you can find that will reward you with an upgrade kit for the S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera MkII. It's got filters!

It's all rather silly, of course, but that's modern-day Warcraft for you. You don't get the melodramatic swords and sorcery (and CGI) without a mashed potato volcano explosion of pop culture absurdity. I think it's fun, though — for the most part. I am worried that they're gonna integrate this with WoW's upcoming Twitter functionality, which is also set to debut in patch 6.1. I'm sure your orcs, gnomes, and cow people are beautiful, but I don't want my Twitter feed to be overrun by a hundred-thousand fantasy cartoon person selfies. Sorry. I don't want to grump all over anyone's parade, but... yeah, that's probably what I'm gonna end up doing.

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    I hope that clipping isn't indicative of the final product.

      That's from the Public Test Realm. However given Blizzard's recent history of sloppy quality control, this will be the final product.

        What is Blizzard's recent history of sloppy quality control?

          They've been rebalancing and addressing bugs in WoD constantly after release. The first month was nothing but constant patches and restarts and hot fixes. I know that an online mmo needs constant fixes, but it was in insane amounts since WoD came out

            Most of the hotfixes I saw related to congestion and server load, rather than bugs, though there were a few bugs. I'd say the release was on par with any of their previous expansion releases though, why do you feel like this one is worse?

              Because in the 10 years I played the game, I have never seen such an under-developed, poorly thought out game. Server issues aside, there were game breaking bugs left in the release code. Whole quest chains could not be completed due to NPC's not phasing correctly (Hell, phasing has been 90% of game issues since Wrath), bad spawns on quest drops, and much more.

              Blizzard played to the rose colored glasses crowd with WoD, and a lot of the "old school mechanics" they brought back have not been for the better. The gearing system is a complete mess, professions are pointless, end game content is non-existant, Garrisons are nothing much a Facebook-esq minigame pile of crap.

              I'm interested in seeing the next update to the subscription numbers. While they got a massive up swing of resubs, there has been a lot of people dropping out lately too.

                Interesting. Well, for the almost 11 years I've been playing, I don't see anything this expansion we haven't seen before. No phasing issues Horde-side, can't comment on Alliance. The gear system is great, how is it a mess exactly? Professions aren't pointless, you can make raid-level equipment with it. If anything, professions are more useful this expansion than they were last. Plenty of end-game content, there are two raids now available, and the first raid was only cleared on mythic a few weeks ago. Garrisons are a fun diversion and another option for you to spend your time on.

                I get that you personally don't like some of the changes, but your personal taste has nothing to do with quality assurance (I assume you mean that, not QC). It's quite possible for a game to not be to your tastes without it being poor quality or inferior.

    couldn't you already spin the camera around and zoom in, or am I thinking of any other number of MMOs?

      Yeah, but now there's an arm between the camera and your character.

      Plus, duckface!

        will there also be a 'selfie' stick available for 1000g?

    I just... don't... see... the point... in... this...

    This is literally the only time I will use in-game twitter/facebook integration. Thousands and thousands of instagram-filtered WoW-selfies until I am unfollowed into non-existence.

    Blizzard saw Konami implement this in Phantom Pain and thought.."we gotta get us some of that"?

    So glad I quit at the end of MoP. Blizz have lost their minds.

      You're missing out, Warlords is an excellent expansion.

        I was done the moment Blizz ditched 10-man heroic raiding; my guild disbanded and my friends all quit. Besides, I disliked the look of the ability cull, the randomised loot, the idea of running a garrison, no flying, and pretty much every design decision they have made relating to WoD. Nothing about WoD inspires any desire in me to play it. In the meantime, I'm catching up on heaps of games I missed out on while I was too busy raiding.

          That's unfortunate. It's actually quite easy to get a competent mythic pug, both during Mists of Pandaria and in Warlords, with the in-game group finder (significantly improved in WoD) or sites like OpenRaid. My guild got a few mythic clears of Siege in the short time it was available with half the raid being pugged and we've found it similarly easy to find competent people for farms of Highmaul.

          As far as your guild disbanding goes, I'm sorry to hear that it happened, but disbanding the guild and rage quitting the game because you need 10 more people to do top tier raiding now is basically throwing a tantrum and I have little sympathy for it. You could have recruited extra people and been straight back into mythic raiding, but your friends threw their toys out of the cot instead.

            Neither I nor my teammates ragequit, we heard about it when it was announced and kept raiding right up until the 6.0 patch when could no longer do heroic/mythic. We didn't get mad, we enjoyed our raiding for as long as we could, and then when Blizz pulled the plug on 10H, we stopped.

            In the end, it simply came down to the fact that several of our members didn't want to go to 20-man and our GM/RL didn't want the hassle of managing such a large team. Plus, recruiting enough people would have been very hard on a server like Khaz'goroth, which was already hard to recruit on as it was (just maintaining a ten man team was difficult). We simply made an decision based on fun vs. hassles and decided it wasn't worth it.

            Even after the guild disbanded, I looked around for another guild and got recruited, but it just wasn't fun anymore without my old friends. At that point, I realised that I enjoyed raiding less for the raiding itself and more for the people I did it with, and if I wasn't playing with them I might as well not bother. A few months on, I miss my raiding buddies, but I don't miss the game itself.

    WoW has always been full of nonsense, and having digital characters taking selfies isn't a first. Rift and even Windwaker, a freakin' Zelda game' had it. I think it'll lead to some hilarity.

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