Sorry Sailor Pluto, Science Says You're Fired

Sorry Sailor Pluto, Science Says You're Fired

And by science I of course mean Mr Neil deGrasse Tyson, who's never looked quite as animated as he does in the latest from Animation Domination High-Def.

When last we left our intrepid Sailor Scouts, Pluto was still a planet. Now it's just a dwarf planet in the Kepler Belt, and not even the biggest one out there — Eris outsizes Pluto, and would be a much cooler name for a Sailor Moon character (fnord).

Don't worry, kids. In proper Sailor Moon continuity Setsuna Meioh is still the creepiest of all Sailor Scouts, planet or no.


    Hey, she's more determined despite her age. Already makes her more attractive over the other idiots.

    Yeah, that video is just all kinds of weird.

    Maybe they should turn that whole thing into a story arc, where Sailor Pluto gets kicked out of the Sailor Squad, and in anger joins a newly formed group called the Kepler Squad.

    That being said, I know naught of Sailor Moon, or any stories related.

    She could just use her powers over time and space to go back to when Pluto was a planet.

    but the moon isn't a planet and there's a sailor moon?

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