Speedrun Interrupted By Marriage Proposal

Speedrun Interrupted By Marriage Proposal

Hey, guy! People are trying to play awesome games here, quickly! What's the big idea, gettin' all emotional and stuff!

But seriously, this is very, very sweet. This speedrun of Mischeif Makers earlier today was brought to a stop when Jackafur gets down on one knee and proposes to his girlfriend Kittyrawr.

Her response?

Speedrun Interrupted By Marriage Proposal

Best wishes, guys!

You can catch the video of the whole thing right here (or below, at 8:45:30)

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    I've just been watching the guy in the yellow shirt in the second gif for about 2 minutes straight. The way he goes from shock and disbelief to pure elation is just hilarious.

      Brown shirt on the right in the first one is pretty good too.

        In the second one he kind of does this little look to the right before he starts clapping as though he's not sure what the appropriate reaction is.

          It also looks like he says 'shit' with a smile on his face. "Shit, there goes my chance!"

        I came here to read the replies to my comment and got stuck watching it loop for another few minutes.

    I've always thought that its unfair to propose to someone publicly. It puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the person being asked.

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