Square Sure Put A Lot Of Work Into Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Here, for your enjoyment, is an official Square Enix comparison video that shows how they have transformed Final Fantasy Type-0 from a dark ugly PSP game to a GORGEOUS new-gen console game.

Well, OK, it's not that gorgeous. Everything looks a touch too glossy, and a lot of the textures are clearly carried over from the original release. But this video is fun to watch, and it's exciting to think that in just under two months, we'll finally get to play a console Final Fantasy that doesn't involve Lightning.

I had a chance to play a bit of Type-0 HD last Friday — not enough to really get a feel for the characters or combat system, but enough to see some promise. The camera is a bit of a concern — the controls are very, very sensitive and there doesn't seem to be a way to change that — but I'll reserve judgement until I get to really sit down and spend some time with this thing.

The game is out March 17 for PS4/Xbox One. For more, read my interview with director Hajime Tabata.


    Too bad the CE is $200au which is double the American price of $99USD. If you include currency conversion and GST you get maybe $130. There is no way that bringing it to Aus costs $70 more per copy.

      The Brick and Motor stores want their cut of the pie too! Also it would cost $50 US postage to ship to the other side of the world.

      Last edited 24/01/15 3:03 pm

      That's why I preordered from amazon uk before this. Total cost $150 aud shipped. Not to mention DLC will be compatible with my AU PSN account + supporting publisher and not the rip off Australia merchants.

        Are you able to link if it's still available please?

    The PSP version wasn't 'dark and ugly'. It was one of the best looking games on the system

    Will pick this up but anyone who pays $200 for this deserves to be robbed. Regardless of how good the game is.

    Yeah how do eb games justify the CE markup price? They've sold bigger and better Final Fantasy CEs for way less in past... Don't give me this he need to make money too crap. Its not like its costing them that much more it to us. They just charge that price because they have a monopoly on sales of this.

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