Stan Lee Finally Makes His Kpop Video Debut

Stan Lee Finally Makes His Kpop Video Debut

Phew! With all that Stan Lee has already done, you were probably wondering when he was going to appear in a Kpop video. Well, at the tender age of 92, it’s happened.

Lee makes a special guest appearance in Clara‘s new music video “Gwiyomi Song 2”. You might remember the original from a few years back. Maybe not!

Star News reports that Clara met Lee while visiting the US for a series of meetings. She asked Lee if he would appear in the video, and he said “yes”. So here we are!

Skip ahead to 4:11 to see Lee, who appears during the video’s credits.

The video has racked up over half a million views on YouTube as well as 1800 likes and, ahem, around 2600 dislikes.


  • at the tender age of 92
    What? He’s that old? I guess it’s time to prepare to get sad when he dies.

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