Steam's Hottest New Zombie Game, Summarised In Six Minutes

H1Z1, the DayZ-like zombie MMO by Sony, has been at the top of the Steam charts since release. But what's it all about?

According to this video by STAR_, the early-access game can be summarised with the word "antics". Often, these antics don't involve zombies at all, but rather players that need to figure out how to deal with one another. Other times, it's the game's bugginess that seems to make the experience entertaining. As this compilation tells it, H1Z1 seems as dangerous and as cutthroat a world as the games that inspired it — but the results are hilarious, not intense.


    This games one redeeming quality seems to be that it is Dayz... without the garbage control mechanics.

      The only thing DayZ has on this game at the moment (in my opinion) is the atmosphere, graphics and map.

        The map is supposedly going to be much much larger down the track

          Indeed, quite impressed with early access so far. The issue with loot respawning slowly is the only thing wrong atm.

      Pretty much this and server population, DayZ's extremely low populations basically make it hermit simulator. While H1Z1 has some density issues, at least it can be easily scalable on populations.

      And you can pay to win. 10/10

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        Pay for slight advantage for a limited amount of time unless someone gets to your airdrop first is a more appropriate description. Maybe do some research next time.

          The steam reviews beg to differ.


            'Omg pay 2 win I saw a streamer do [email protected]'

            - 0.1 hours played.

            If someone has called in an airdrop and is lucky enough to get both guns and gear, all it takes is one shot to the head with an arrow to kill them. You can make a bow as soon as you spawn as a freshie.

            If that ruins your experience, fair enough. Doesn't bother me.


              Yeah it does bother me.
              I did do my research (a little) with youtube vids and reviews.
              They said premium would be cosmetics and stuff.
              And yes, i did read the other article about it.

    H1Z1 the new game from the creators of the smash hit Goat Simulator!

    To be fair all of these issues were day 1 and were fixed pretty quickly.

    I am enjoying my stint in Blackberry Hunter, I am looking forward to upcoming updates,

    Play Breaking Point for Arma3 instead. Much better than this or DayZ, plus its free and no P2W

    Loving the game so far. Watching a bunch of fist-wielding blokes chase down someone who has a bow and arrow, and then beating him to death and turning on each other over the loot has been quite the experience. I look forward to updates.

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