Super Robots And Giant Mecha Sized Up 

Super Robots and Giant Mecha Sized Up

For your viewing pleasure, see how iconic mecha and robots compare. Because, sometimes, size does matter.

Recently on 2ch, one net user mentioned how Gundam was "too shabby", uploading the image below to show that the RX-78-2 Mobile Suit Gundam isn't that huge.

Super Robots and Giant Mecha Sized Up

Other net users uploaded super robot and mecha size charts — which many diehard mecha fans might already be familiar with. Still, they make for a fascinating comparison:

Super Robots and Giant Mecha Sized Up
Super Robots and Giant Mecha Sized Up
Super Robots and Giant Mecha Sized Up
Super Robots and Giant Mecha Sized Up

Here are more size charts posted earlier this month on Naver as well as an eight-minute clip detailing the height of a wide variety of characters, creatures, robots and mecha.

Super Robots and Giant Mecha Sized Up
Super Robots and Giant Mecha Sized Up


    where is Unicron?

      All these picture were taken inside him. In turn, Unicron is inside Gurren Lagann.

      This picture was taken on one of the panels on his surface ;)

        Ahh that explains it lol. The original transformers animated film is still one of my top five all time movies even if the new ones are rubbish.

        Last edited 08/01/15 3:26 pm

          Preach it brother! The Transformers: The Movie is awesome! I still remember the first time I saw it. I hired it from a video store when I was about 6 and I watched it every day when I got home from school that week.

            I had it on VHS, not sure how I ended up with it actually because it wasn't a purchased VHS and I don't know if it was ever aired on TV? Anyway I watched that so many times as a kid.

              You've got the touch.


                ba weep grana weep niny bon

                Last edited 08/01/15 4:39 pm

                  I dont remember that much from being a little guy, but I remember going to Waverly Garden Cinemas (roughly Mulgrave in Vic) to see it when it first came out. I also remember being very upset when Prime died and my favourite movie quote of all time is "Whats Shakin? Other than this fortress??".. #1 movie of all time in my books!

              It was definitely aired on TV. I remember watching it on channel 7 when they had that puppet with the blonde chick. Good times.

      id also like to see a comparrison with Metroplex, Fortress Maximus, Tripticon and Scorponok...

      Too bad the chart doesn't go that big... Well it'd have to go even bigger to fit the final form of Gurren Lagaan in! I'd love to see if anything even comes close to such ridiculousness :P

    Why do I feel like it's racist to say 'they all pretty much look the same to me...' :O

    According to Gainax the Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is 52.8 billion light years tall and after transforming into a drill its length is multiplied 10 times. However if you want to get technical and say it isn't a mech, the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is 10 million light years in height making it roughly one hundred times the size of the Milky Way Galaxy.

    Last edited 08/01/15 3:32 pm

      one hundred times the size of the Milky Way Galaxy

      That's what she said.

        anything is a dildo if you're brave enough

      Pffft Gurren Lagaan is totally a mech! Just because it ends up ridiculously gigantic doesn't disqualify it!

      Those are so crazy stats though. I guess you've gotta be that big to be throwing around galaxies!

      52.8 billion light years? Jeez. How long would it take for it to transform into the drill then? Longer than the age of the universe?

      I'm curious what one can do, story-wise, with a robot that big.

      Was waiting for the GL comment. It destroys all other realities!

    Is there a high res picture of the comparison charts?

    I'm so glad someone mentioned TTG Laggann =)

    I didn't realise the EVA units were so large! Oh and i'm assuming the units behind Zambot 3, Trider G7 and so on is Daitarn 3?

    Yay for the Super Robot Wars size comparison, dang Valzacard is HUGE! (Not totally surprised though)

    Hey, both Voltrons are the same height!
    Guess theres no reason they wouldn't be, Ive just never thought about it before

    Does the Gurren Lagann seem a bit small at 5 Meters tall? I know the pilots are both sitting down, but even then it would be a pretty tight fit. Can't find any specific sources but it suggests about 10 to 15m in height, which seems more reasonable.

    Pretty detailed list, many bots I dont know (yet) :D

    Needed Witch Madoka between the Moon an the Earth and Goddess Madoka between the Earth and Jupiter. Also, what's the matter with the rolled newspaper just before the visible Universe?

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