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  • New TAY saying 8:45AM, suspicion-detector is going off the charts 😛
    Hope everyone had a good christmas!

  • This is the dangers of holidays, I completely forgot it’s Monday today. Fortunately I’m working tomorrowand not today 😀

  • Just had an odd conversation with my 5yo son about Castrati. All he did was giggle at the word “scrotum”, though. 😛

  • Help! I can’t stop playing The Witcher 2!

    Also, my secret SanTAY gift arrived! (It actually got here before Christmas but the post office was closed until today…)

    They got me some wooden puzzle thingos. The first of which fell apart as I pulled it out of the box so I had to try and put it back together immediately… They must plan that to happen.

    Even though I have no idea who you are, thanks buddy! They signed their name in moon language. The best I could decipher using Google Translate was:

    Your pal,
    Door surgery handsome calendar month

    Thanks, @doorsurgeryhandsomecalendarmonth.

    • Was good. I had 3 lots of christmas lunch/dinner so food overload which is always good in my books.
      Gift wise nothing much, we mostly buy for the kids these days, although I did end up with a few village cinema vouchers things so might have to go see a couple of things soon. Best of all both lots of vouchers came with the offer of babysitting so we can actually use them.

      The other really cool gift I got which is only kinda for me was a print by childrens book author Freya Blackwood (Hi @freya). It was the mockup for the mural she did for the Orange childrens hospital. We are waiting for it to be framed but basically this is the print

      Stayed Sat night at the in-laws and darling daughter didn’t sleep great so she is a bit cranky. But most of christmas day was spent cleaning and trying to make space to move her into the 2nd bedroom.

    • Not terrible. Visited with my mother’s side of the family Christmas day, went to my wife’s aunt’s place Christmas night. Got a nice bottle of scotch from my mother though that was technically a late birthday present.

      Pretty average really. No dramas. For which I am relieved. A few more years and I might believe our family is nearly normal instead of the dysfunctional mess it was a few years ago.

  • I’m on skeleton crew this week which reminds me of the game where you create a fake album cover where you generate it by:

    1) going to wikipedia and hitting “random”; use the article name as the band
    2) going to and taking the last quote on the page; use last 3-5 words as the title (whichever makes more grammatical sense)
    3) go to and use the 3rd image as your cover art

    Now mock up that album cover!

    P.S.: The reason “skeleton” reminds me of this game is because one time my band was “2005 German Skeleton Championships”.

    P.P.S.: you might have to click the button to get new quotes, I tested it and it seems that the default “random” quotes are always the same, at least on my work PC

    • 4.
      I do love 3, but 4’s cast of characters were better developed. I thought it’d make for more entertaining team dialogue.

      But then I forgot how annoying Teddie was.
      I should have gone with 3.

      • If teddie wasn’t annoying you wouldn’t get everyone treating him like dirt though.
        A necessary evil

    • 4. I haven’t played 3. My knowledge of it comes from occasional looks at the wiki, and the first of the movies.

      Totally agree with Bish that Teddie’s annoyingness is amped up to 11.

      • You should check out 3. The PSP version is playable on Vita ( what region are you because dunno how that lame Aussie store is)

        Also, I played like $5 for P3Fes on US PSN.

    • Dunno man! I never know what’s going to be around the corner 😀

      Gaming wise there’s Bloodborne, MH4U, MGSV, Xenoblade X, Final Fantasy, Zelda, Grim Fandango, Resident Evil, Witcher 3, Batman, Yakuza and a bunch of other things! Life wise – this job is awesome and I could end up interstate and what happens with my intercompany rotations could affect errythin’ ;o

      …and of course seeing TAY peeps at PAX! (board games all day erry day)

    • Resident Evil Revelations 2
      Final Fantasy Type 0
      Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition for Vita
      Resident Evil Remake Remaster
      Devil Survivor 2 Break Record
      Yakuza 5

      Maybe Bravely Second & FF XV if they come.

      Star Wars VII
      Jurassic World

    • I honestly have no real idea what’s coming up that I’m looking forward to. I’m sure there’s stuff coming out I want but I just have no idea. I’m sticking to my “don’t buy it until you have time to play it” principles and part of that is that I don’t really check out upcoming/new release games anymore unless I have a gap in my schedule.

    • Uh, The Mandate, maybe? I want that Frogatto platformer game I greenlit to come out already. I have no interest in the actual game, but the level editor looks so awesome.

      Woah, through some random searching whilst trying to think of games, I found out Bleed 2 is in development. YES! YES!
      Woot, I’m freaking pumped for that game! Woooooh! Yeah!
      I should stop typing out my exclamations of joy. Hoorah! Yipee! HYYYYYYYYPE!

  • 3 days left!

    @beardymcmuttonchops @beeawwb @cufcfan616 @dc @dkzeitgeist @freezespreston @gutsoup @jimu @lambomann007 @popdart5 @sernobulus @strange @sughly @transientmind @welbot @virus__

    Had a hectic Xmas? Wish you could just relax and unwind? Come to Freeze’s Quiet Night Inn for New Years Eve and sit back and relax with some games. Have a quiet talk with some friends over a drink. Tuck into a complimentary meal. Free lodging. Free limo* service from train station. Book now to avoid additional disappointment.

    *not a limo

    • I know I’ve said this in last weeks post, but for the sake of consistency, I’ll post again. I wont be able to make it sorry. I wont get home from work til like 5 or after, and then I have to work again the day after new year, and given how ill I’ve been feeling, I think I’ll need the day off to recoup a little. Wish I could, but better to be safe than sorry!

    • Kids haven’t been well behaved enough to warrant a trip down for a good time. 🙁 Thanks for the offer though. 🙂

    • Looks like I’m going to be with family, now. (I had a suspicion this might be a request after we met properly for xmas day/boxing day). But this is a most excellent idea. I am very into the down-tempo vibe.

  • Christmas was excellent, ate too much and never want to eat again (lies).

    Mum is sick of Skyrim (after 180 hours I’m not surprised) so she wants something like that to play. She’s already played Oblivion, so I suggested Dragon Age 2 because it’s fairly basic, but we had a small (“small”) argument because she was having difficulty in the tutorial stage getting used to the fact that the mouse doesn’t control the camera like in Skyrim. She seemed to pull her patience together like she was keen to give it a go later after I left, but who knows if she will.

    Anyone got any suggestions for good Skyrim-like games with easy controls?

    If I could get her onto a console this would make life a billion times easier.

      • Sorry, I forgot to mention that she doesn’t like shooting games. She’d prefer to hit things with swords.

        • Hmm, that does kind of limit options especially if difficulty is a concern. I hit a wall early in DA:O that’s prevented me from enjoying the franchise.

          Maybe an entirely different kind of game is warranted? What does she like most about Skyrim? The setting (sword/sorcery medievalesque fantasy), the gameplay (whacking shit with swords) or generally just an engaging story regardless of gameplay/setting? Are there other games she’s liked that might give us some more insight?

          • As far as I know, she’s played/finished Skyrim, Oblivion, and Overlord 1 & 2. She also plays some puzzle games, but gets frustrated at those.

        • Diablo 3? I don’t have any problem with those controls (I’m terrible at shooting games)

          • That one might be worth a go, thanks.

            …No, I’m not also getting suggestions for games for me to play not at all!

          • I’ve been working on a Diablo III shirt all day, played it for a few hours last night, and still didn’t think to suggest it. *facepalm*

        • Bit late to the party, but I would note that melee builds in Fallout 3/New Vegas are pretty damn viable, and V.A.T.S. makes it a cinch. All planning, no fuss on the execution.

    • Oooooh, CAT!!! 😀

      There aren’t actually many games like Skyrim, that I can recall.
      You could try downloading some mods for her though maybe?
      Some of them offer heaps of content.

      Other than that, the only games I can think of (that are First Person) would be the Fallout series, and maybe even the Far Cry series.

      • Yeah, I was going to get the DLC for her, but I think she’s just sick of the game in general at the moment. When she wants to get back into it I’ll get her the DLC and some mods to give her new content.

        Unfortunately she doesn’t like shooting games, which really cuts down on the games I could suggest for her.

        • I love hitting things with swords and axes, but hate shooting games. The Fallout games don’t at all feel like shooters to me. I love them. Plus, she could go all crowbar on her enemies and pretend it was a sword…. 😀

        • Hmm, the only other games I can think of aren’t first person though.
          There’s Dragons Dogma and Kingdoms of Amalur, maybe?
          Or Dark Souls! 😀
          (don’t get her Dark Souls :P)

          • There’s that total conversion mod for Skyrim that turns it into Morrowind coming out at some point. Or lots of mods for Morrowind making it look and play much less dated.

          • Thanks, I think I remember the Morrowind mod being mentioned. I’ll keep an eye out for it when it’s done, she might be ready to go back to Skyrim by that point anyway.

        • Mount & Blade: Warband?
          Controls can be a bit tricky to get a hang of and visuals are a bit dated. But tis a big open world medieval hack n slash and can be played first person if you want.
          (Tho scale the difficulty right down as “Normal” is utterly brutal.)

          • Yeah, I usually put her on the easiest difficulty anyway, because she likes to game but she would rather plough through a story than be frustrated by having to do battles over and over. If the controls are tricky, I might have a bash at it first myself, because the way she lost her temper over the DA2 ones…

    • Dishonored
      Shadows of Modor
      If you are considering dark souls maybe try lords of the fallen
      The witcher series

      And on a different note and slightly different style what about things like Jedi academy or force unleashed?

      • That’s an excellent range of games, clearly I wasn’t thinking hard enough (too much christmas ham probably).

        • There is no such thing as too much Christmas ham

          Oh and for the next 12 hrs kingdoms of Amalamadingdong is on sale for $5
          And Mount and blade is $4

    • I actually recommend Dragon Age Origins or Dragon Age Inquisition… I cannot remember how the camera controls work in Origins but in Inquisition you can use the mouse to control them.

      I also hate shooting games but loved (LOVED) mass effect…

      • I think Inquisition would be great, but it’s still a bit too expensive right now for her. I’ve definitely got it on the list for her to try later down the track once she’s got through a few of the suggestions and it’ll have dropped a little in price.

  • Is it just me, or is twitter down?
    What am I supposed to do with my day now?! D’:

    Also, starting today, I have the house to myself for 3 weeks! 😀
    I suspect the lack of human interaction and the confined solitude will make me crazy…

  • Question, I’m trying to figure out how much money a new tv would cost in terms of electricity. I know our current one says 120 watts on the back. I have no idea how much it uses a year which makes it hard to compare to the new tvs, as they have the star ratings. They usually tell you the amount of electricity they use per year as well. Does anyone know how they work this shit out?

    • Those stickers on them with their energy rating is based on (I think) 10 hours of use per day. Mine (a 40″ Sony Bravia) apparently only uses 110kw a year based on 10 hours of use per day. Our currently price per kilowatt of energy here in NSW is somewhere around the 32 cent mark. So it would cost me something like $350 a year to run my TV for 10 hours a day every day.

    • Are you talking about adding another TV on top of your usual power load? Because unless it’s going to be in use 24/7 the cost should be pretty negligible. The real power hogs in the house are the things that are always running like the fridge, air con, etc. Probably consoles running in stand-by as well.

      An extra TV running a couple of hours a day probably comes out at a few bucks at most.

  • Worst three days of my life with PSN down. I even had to talk to family and wasted my only two days off on the weekend.

    I looked at that statement after writing it and it seems very first-world problem-esque. But in all seriousness, it was tough this Festivus. I was excited about finally upgrading my Titan helmet and stressed about missing Xur (who I found out via constantly watching the Twitter PSN feed is Agente De Los Nueve in Spanish). Damn you Bungie for making me feel this way! *shakes fist at nothing in particular*.

    Bungie Maths time: VOG runs 11 + Crota runs 3 = 2 bits of armour. Why is this so? *shakes fist with disgruntled look*

    And still I play. Is Bungie/Activision part of FIFA or something?????????

    • My cousin’s boyfriend bought a new Xbox One and brought it over to my aunt’s place for updates and to download his gamertag, savegames etc as they don’t have internet at their place at the moment. He actually had an Xbone before when he worked at EB but they made him either pay for it or give it back for bullshit reasons when he left (he could afford to keep the PS4 or Xbone and he chose the PS4).

      That afternoon I turned on my Xbone to kill time before my wife picked me up after visiting her family – thought I’d play some Volgarr while watching videos on my PC but I couldn’t sign in at all, so I thought: man, lucky it wasn’t down earlier in the day or he would have been screwed! Then it occurred to me: I thought you could still play offline now since people got shitty about the always-online stuff, but apparently not, so I guess he’s screwed til he gets internet at his new place anyway. :/

      • Was he a manager at EB? Because all managers were given Xbones & PS4’s last year at release it was really silly..

        That’s so shit you can’t play anything without being online with the Xbone :/

        • Yeah, I think he was a store manager at a crappy store and they kept him going by promising him a better store, but kept giving these new awesome stores to newly promoted managers. He’s taken an assistant manager role at a Bose store and is much happier earning more with less responsibility.

          He was told that the consoles were his to keep no strings attached, but when he quit they 180’d and told him he had to return them (or pay for them). He could only afford one on such short notice and had more time invested in the PS4, so he let the Xbone go.

          • Yeah EB managers & ASM’s are worked to the bone, which is entirely unfair. Good to hear he found a better job somewhere else.

            That’s just so wrong.

      • Yeah I feel sorry for everyone that turned on their brand new XBone or PS4 with excitement in their eyes Xmas Day.

        Would have been devastating. Dad getting angry, everyone combing through the instruction manual, resetting their modems, smashing Google. A terrible day for some.

  • I watched The Interview last night, it wasn’t that bad. It was even funny at times as well.. It had way more plot to it than I thought it would as well. I’d give it a solid 6/10.

    • I’m hearing mixed things about this movie.
      I think it was @jimu who said it was hilarious (nay be mistaken).
      I thought it looked kind of, “meh”, but might check it out at some stage.

      • I was really worried because I like those guys but am not so keen on the anti N Korean ‘humour’ that the US is so keen on atm.

        I thought it was handled even better than Team America, which I love.America is portrayed every bit as stupid as Korea & it’s set up early on to make you realise what you’re in for, the tone is set expertly early on.

        It’s full of hilarious jokes & top notch acting. They only play the same idiot characters they always play, but they do it well.

        I was laughing a lot, which as a comedy meets the goal, but there’s also a strong message about the power of the media, the government & all the bullshit in between.

        10/10 silly American comedy

      • It’s a good movie. It’s no greatest movie of 2014, but I actually found it funny, I don’t find a lot of stuff funny for some reason, but I did here for some reason. I watched it out of pure curiosity, I don’t think i’ve ever seen a Seth Rogen or James Franco movie before, but thought it was good.

  • Started watching Star Wars Rebels the other day, since I’d run out of Gravity Falls, and it’s a pretty cool guy. Feels like it owes a bit to Firefly or Farscape or one of those other “small crew” sci-fi shows (Which I guess a lot of the original trilogy is anyway [just chilling on the Falcon], but it feels different, ya know?).

    Super predictable, and while I don’t mind its art style, some of its character animations are a bit rubbish. But, I’ll probably keep watching it, because it has the “bwaaarrrmmm” and the “pew pew” and all that jazz.

    Tried playing more Lords of the Fallen, but I restarted it, got absolutely smashed by the boss at the end of the tutorial, which was kind of odd since I’d breezed past him the first time, beat the second boss, and seem to have hit a wall of unfair bullshit, so it’s back in the pile (for now).

    And Valkyria Chronicles is a pretty cool guy, still. Actually laughed out loud when I got the requisite fan-service beach scene. And it’s interesting. Half the levels I seem to breeze through, getting an A or B rank without really trying super hard. Other ones I don’t think I could complete without a guide.

    And now I’m sitting here, talking about crap that hopefully nobody cares about (for your own sanity), and considering buying This War of Mine, because I definitely haven’t bought enough games on Steam this sale.

    • Where you stuck at in LotF?
      I’ve also put that back on the pile, despite being probably near the end, largely due to bugs.

      • Just after beating The Commander (who, by the way, is an utter wanker. Oh, he only has two attacks that leave him vulnerable enough for a hit, hey, let’s make it so that he never uses one of them, and so that the other one just drops bombs from the sky wherever it wants, and can juggle someone between them with nothing they can do as they lose 70% of their health. That sounds like fun!).

        Had a choice between going backwards, and being murdered by some poisonous creature that had a habit of comboing me down from 80% health with an attack that went through a metre of wall. Going forwards and to the left, where I was murdered by an enemy who kept their shield up all the time, and only dropped it to kill me in one hit, or to wander aimlessly where I found a big dude with a scythe who wasn’t so bad except for how he did… something? And I just sort of died. Again.

        • Oh yeah, if the dude on the left is who I think it is (big guy, sword/shield) I found him impossible to beat at that point in the game. The only way to beat those guys that I have found is:
          Later on when you find the smith, put a Luck? rune in your explosive gantlet to make it cause a distraction like the Alluring Skulls in Dark souls. Then hit em in the back till they snap out of it, run like hell and repeat. Cheap as shit but the only way to kill them I found.
          The Worshiper boss with the Scythe:
          When he gets down on one knee and starts casting blue clouds all over the place, run into one of the white glowing shrines, it will protect you when he explodes everything.
          Also, in general I found speed is king in this game. Enemy attacks are too fast for slow weapons or fat-rolling. Even using a shield does not help half the time as they smash through your stamina too quick.
          Also a bug when fighting the next boss, the Infiltrator: the magic fount in the middle will drain your magic if you go near it. And after you kill the boss, your magic will never regen past the amount you had when you killed him. So make sure you stick to the edges and have full mana when you win.

          • That’s a pretty damn bad bug.

            Apparently if you do the shield charge you’ve got a decent chance of breaking the big dudes’ guard, but I haven’t tested that.

          • Hey at least it doesn’t put you in an infinite spawn/death loop and completely break your game like a couple of other bugs I’ve heard of…
            Not the most well made game around that’s for sure.

    • Where are you watching Rebels? I want to start watching it, but iTunes seems to be releasing episodes painfully slowly (last episode released was no. 6 on 10 November). I’m considering ust waitinguntil the DVD comes out with everything on it…

      • Yarrrr, I’ve been sailing the seven seas.

        The seven seas of rye, that is. *High fives self, drinks into an alcoholic stupor*

        Edit: Oh, and iTunes isn’t that far behind, I assume by no. 6 you’re including “Spark of Rebellion” as an episode, so they had 6 out on the day it aired. Since then, only 2 episodes aired (gotta take a Christmas break), though they’re a two-parter.

        • OK, thanks. I think I’ll buy Spark of Rebllion and see if I like it.

          Otherwise I’ll just find the clone wars DVD collection somewhere.

      • It’s only up to ep 8 and then it took like a 4-5 week break for some reason, won’t be back until next week.

  • Twitter is still down, so I’ll have to tweet here instead:

    Contemplating shaving my belly hair into ab lines.

  • Seems like 343i really can’t help themselves turning Halo into CoD. Has anybody else seen the redesign for the Rocket Launcher in Halo 5?

  • Just tried to use my credit card & it claims I have not enabled it for online shopping, never mind all that stuff I’ve been buying.

    • I freaked out when I got a paypal login rejection stating my account has been permabanned. Then I realised that I was trying to login with the wrong email address. Now I’m bothered because the hotmail account I’ve had for about 15 years, that no one else had before me, is “banned” from paypal?! I don’t plan to use it, but… banned?!

      Maybe it just auto-rejects hotmail accounts or something?

      • Seems ozgameshop has extra security & asks your bank for permission.
        because I didn’t bother setting up internet banking, it couldn’t ask.

        Fairly painless process to get them to set it up & it was immeadiate, which is nice.

        Also, ozgameshop just charged me $2 for shipping!
        When did that start?

        • Middle of the year I think, suddnely shipping is no longer free, prices aren’t as good… adding in the wait time and it’s suddenly a lot less competitive compared to just taking advantage of JB’s low launch prices and sales. :/

          • Yeah, I used to go there for everything but now, not so much.

            It just so happened they did have the cheapest price this time, shipping included.

            What a sad turn of events 🙁

  • Claimant’s correspondence states he is “weak at the knees” due to an incident involving our insured’s “loose manhole”.

    I definitely kept a straight face while composing my response.

  • Right, so, yeah, I got a pair of shoes as a gift for christmas, right? I mean, I only own all of 2 pairs of shoes so I’m like “AWESOME NOW I GOT LIKE, FANCY LOOKING SHOES I CAN WEAR TO THE BALL AND SHIT.” And then I go from the gym to work and realize that when I switched to my runners to my work boots I forgot my runners at the gym. So now I own, get this, two pairs of shoes.

    And that sums up the entirety of my holidays.

  • Trying to decide between either Lords of the Fallen (since I only hear praise) or Wolfenstein, or I can pay a little bit of money for Alien Isolation.

    • Lords of the Fallen isn’t great. It’s thoroughly mediocre. But in a good way.
      It’s nice to play a game with relatively high production values that isn’t trying to be everything to everyone.

    • I like how this comment proves that you completely ignored me on the last page.

      No, no. It’s fine. *holds back tears*

      In all seriousness, Wolfenstein is a really, really solid game. What it does, it does well, but I don’t think it truly excels in any field. Alien Isolation is a very flawed game, but it has lots of brilliance shining through its crusty elements.

      Lords of the Fallen can suck a fat one.

      Edit: I should probably mention that that last point is due to a combination of me being bad at video games, and a whole lot of design decisions I don’t like.

    • Lords of the Fallen is better then Dark Souls 2

      but that’s not saying much.

      EDIT: I personally think it’s a pretty solid game. The stuff that works, works well but there are a few game-breaking bugs. I personally haven’t encountered any of them but have ran into a couple of minor ones.

      I also like the way it’s very similar to Dark Souls but also twists some of the mechanics. Dual wielding is actually fun and not pointless! \o/

    • Wolfenstein is an amazingly well-made game. Great plot, great writing, great action, lots of fun. Very nuanced as well, lots of interesting tricks (BJ becomes a relic of a bygone era in the game just as in real life, I thought that was really clever). Also you get to murder Space Nazis on the Moon.

      Lords of the Fallen looks to be a thoroughly mediocre Dark Souls clone. I’m all for Dark Souls getting clones, but Wolfenstein is by far going to be more worthy of your dollars.

      Wolfenstein was probably my game of 2014 though.

  • Turns out Tabletop Simulator is pretty great. Once you get past the wonky controls and the like, it’s a solid substitute for playing board games in person. Which, given the geographical nature of this here TAY thing, is quite welcome.

    Bear were punched by gypsies, small girls were eaten (twice!) and I read the wrong rulebook. The hilarity!

    In other news, having four days off work has really reminded me that I desperately need to take some leave. I’ve only used about a week across a year and a half of working, so I’m pretty pooped. Two weeks off soon is starting to sound mighty tempting, even if I don’t go anywhere. Although attacking some TAYbies would be fun.


    • It’s convenient but I’d wager there are more than a few games that it simply can’t handle.

      Rampage would be tricky for one.

      • Well you could have a preset board so that everything was setup for it.
        The physics should be able to handle the dropping, but there is blowing as well isn’t there?

        I think twister could also be a struggle

          • Can you balance something on top of something else and then flick it? Because that’s how you throw cars in Rampage.

            I really haven’t played enough Tabletop Simulator to really work out where it works and doesn’t work. All I know is that actual physics based games would be a nightmare, despite it being a physics sim.

    • I’m on my first work leave at the moment. It’s only about 12 days (including weekends and public holidays) and even though I thought I’d be bored out of my brains since I’m not going anywhere or doign anything too substantial, it has been surprisingly good going back to having ALL THE FREE TIME IN THE WORLD to work on finishing off some of the games on my pile 😀

      Sitting on your ass all day playing games is so underrated! 😛

    • Oh so that’s why I’ve been seeing a tonne of people playing that!

      (ps. I was thinking of maybe going up to Brisbane for a few days sometime in Feb/March. Theme parks! And TAYbies of course. But mostly theme parks. Maybe you’d like to tag along!)

    • I bought that the other day! Someone invite me if you see me online 🙂

      I’ve worked the last 3 days, still another 6 to go before I get a day off 🙁

  • Still can’t decide what to buy, so am definitely going to wait, especially since only Freeze replied with input.

    I did pick up Tomb Raider and the Walking Dead Season 01 / 400 days though 🙂

  • Mum vs. Dragon Age 2

    After the frustration fit she pitched the other day, she actually has tried to play more and I quote: “Am still playing Dragons Age and having to work things out as I go along lol……..totally hopeless at the fighting though lol..the others do that mainly then i have to heal them.” Seems like a legit way to play to me. I figured once I got her to Kirkwall it wouldn’t be so annoying for her to figure out controls and stuff.

    …I’m pretty damn proud of my 63 year old gamer mum, in case that’s not obvious.

    • My mum could never see past her own reflection on the original green screened GameBoy & she would have only been late 20s at the time

      • Mum was never even remotely interested in games when we were kids, but I think probably in the last 5 or 6 years, mostly thanks to Facebook games, she’s gotten inspired to try things that are more than just point and click.

        That’s not to say she doesn’t enjoy smashing the hell out of Farmville or whatever it is she’s playing on Facebook, though.

        • I’m tempted to put my Mum up against things like Journey to see how she deals with them (she too was introduced to Facebook games and no longer sees games in as nearly a negative light as she used to).

          • That’s a great idea, Journey is such a beautiful piece of art. Flower might be good too? Even though my Mum likes games with fighting and stuff, that can be a real block on people enjoying games.

          • Man, introducing someone to ‘core games’ from scratch is such an exciting prospect.
            There is so much great stuff out there in gaming, now, too. You could really show off the breadth of the art. Maybe she’d get a kick out of Wolf Among Us’ take on fairy tales… or the simple hack’n’slash with gorgeous art, music, and narration of Bastion. The dark, morbid comedy puzzle-solving of Portal, the guns’guns’guns wacky madness of Borderlands/Blood Dragon (it’s an 80s sci-fi-action flick in a video game!).

            God, there’s just so much variety in genre representatives available… The Sims, Civilization, Puzzle Quest, Deus Ex, From Dust, Gunpoint, Orcs Must Die, XCOM, WoW, Worms, Batman: Arkham whatever, Minecraft, Magic: The Gathering, Papers Please, Saints Row/GTA/Red Dead Redemption, Tomb Raider, Trine, Evil Genius, Heroes of Might and Magic, Spore, Thief/SplinterCell/Hitman, Dawn of War, Costume Quest, Endless Space, Prison Architect, Valkyria Chronicles, Wasteland 2, You Don’t Know Jack, Valiant Hearts, Child of Light, Assassin’s Creed 4 (only 4)… Oh the trip I wish I could take my parents on…

          • I introduced my parents to gaming through Abe’s Oddysee. They played it together and loved it. My Mum then moved on to games like Tomb Raider and fell in love with platforming games, and my dad moved on to Final Fantasy VIII followed by hack n’slash games. These days they own both a PS3 and a Wii.

          • I m going to try and get her into the more indie stuff that she doesn’t have to spend 180 hours on to try and get her to try more things 🙂

  • I just Arrrrr Fored Strange Journey, @bish

    Think I might have to buy me a real one on the eBay

    Is it really grindy is it? I got smashed by the first boss

      • Tell me it’s okay for overpriced and hideously late BluRay/DVD of excellent TV series?

        *cough*Sons of Anarchy*cough*

        In all seriousness, a cursory look around my Westfield, JB Hifi was only retailer with more than season 3. But only had seasons 2 through 5. Only seasons 2 and 3 on BluRay.

        The show just finished for good. At season 7. :'(

        • Hmm, I kind of potentially want to work in games though (character design and concept artist), so I’ve never been a fan of “swash-buckling” games, or second hand games even :'(

          I don’t like doing it for shows / movies either, but feel less strongly about them.
          (double standards, I know)

          • I feel you. I had a family friend that would give me copies (I think he literally copied them from a CD drive) of PS1 games, and I had a CycloEvolution game cartridge that stored pirated games from a cousin. Someone copy+pasted a copy of Call of Duty 4 and Minecraft to my macbook. That is the last time I ever engaged in any form of piracy. I just feel too guilty. Also I’m scared of viruses but let’s focus on the guilty bit instead because it makes me look like a better person.

            If I refuse to pirate Game of Thrones and can’t justify paying $50.00 a season, I just wait 2 or so years until the next time I go to my cousin’s house in Melbourne and watch their collection. I just watched season 2, and it was awesome. Now to wait another two years. \o/

      • Nope, I buy so many games & you should have no problem with me trying before I buy.

        You can’t buy this game new anymore anyway, so if I do buy it, it’ll be from eBay.

        The world’s not black & white & I’m sure we did this on Twitter last time I bought a second hand game.

        If you make a good enough product, the people who are willing to spend will buy it.
        A pirated game does not = a lost sale.

        In a moment, I will tweet you a photo.
        I spend more money on games than any other entertainment.

      • Photos are up.

        I had to sell all my games prior to PSX to upgrade, but I’ve been buying new games since the original GameBoy

        • Oh, and all the other legit merch I buy too, like clothing & toys.

          I wouldn’t have wasted all that money on Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Sonic, Mario etc etc, if I wasn’t able to borrow, hire or pick up cheap as a kid.

          Trying it opened the opportunity to get me to spend more later.

    • It’s reasonably grindy?
      But there is a password system that gives you Demons… so it is possible that you could try blast through it (with not so much grind) and then if you get stuck use a password demon to try save the day.
      I don’t think it felt too grindy to me because I was happy levelling up demons for their source. Gave an additional purpose to fighting and all that.

      • Source?

        I really liked the atmosphere. If there is a way to knock off some grind, I’d be keen. Will look into this password thing.

        Will hold off buying until at least February or April, depending on funds/ release dates of other things.

        • Once you hit 100% analysis of a demon once it’s levelled up, it’ll give you its source which lets you throw on a bunch of skills onto another demon (I think you use it during fusion?). Different to skill inheritance, and a great way to be putting extra skills/resistances on new demons.

          • SJ. Don’t remember exactly why they did it, do demons in SJ gain skills as they level up? Can;t remember. If not, that’s probably why.
            Definitely unique to SJ though.
            Everything else I can think off the top of my head (P3,4, Raidou Kuzunoha, Q, Nocturne and SMT 4) is just regular ‘ole skill inheritance.

          • I didn’t play long enough. Caught pixie & she died in one hit.

            Is SMT 3 better than those two Digital Devil Sagas?
            I’ll probably grab it next ATLUS sale.

          • Never played the DDS games, heard they’re great. Was also hoping to pick it up in a PSN sale.
            But 3, maaaaaaaaan. That game was tight. Really nice and refined, I think that will always be the pinnacle for me, so I may be biased.

  • I hope none of you ever have to replace a dishwasher that’s been installed for more than a decade…

    I need to have a bath in some bleach.

    And maybe remove my eyes.

    Oh, and a new pair of hands would be nice while I’m at it.

    • Amazing that a dishwasher lasted that long! Usually cockroaches fry the control boards long before then

      • Oh it hadn’t survived… when we moved in 4 years ago rats/mice had got to both the water and power cables. Got them fixed. Early last year the pump went, but quotes were stupid expensive.

        We didn’t use it a lot, but now with a 2 year old it’d be nice to be able to throw a load on every now and then to save some time… plus we’re getting new carpet, repainting most rooms, some new furniture… so thought we’d just tack a new dishwasher on the end.

        *waves goodbye to 2 years of savings*

  • I just saw Night at the Museum 3. I liked it. I’ve always been a huge fan of the franchise, so my opinion is a little coloured. (Millennials got shafted in the nostalgic movies department, this is all we have)
    It had its crude and stupid moments, but this was alleviated by a decent number of good jokes and gags. Attila the Hun and Sacajawea are in nearly every scen of the movie, but only have about 8 lines between the two of them. It is also one of Robin Williams’ and Mickey Rooney’s last movies. It’s not often that a movie is dedicated to two separate people. I felt that the last 2 minutes of the movie kinda ruined the heartfelt ending they were shooting for, though.

    However, I have one major critisism of the movie. At 98 minutes, it felt way too short. Sure, it was only 10 minutes shorter than the first movie, and 7 minutes shorter than the second. However, the second movie seemed way larger. I suppose it comes down to a massively reduced cast, and less interaction with the museum itself. Although I absolutely loved it as I was watching, my thoughts rapidly turned sour after leaving the theatre. Such a shame.

    I think I will rent it when it comes out on DVD, and see how my opinion has changed. I suppose I should be glad I saw it, but god damn is going to see a movie expensive. Now I’m just angry over how much money I had to spend. Grrrr.

    • Going to the movies isn’t too bad if you play the system properly.

      1) buy movie voucher books in advance – they average out much cheaper
      2) take advantage of cheapie tuesday tickets
      3) If you or anyone you know is a Telstra or Optus customer, then you can buy discounted tickets to Hoyts or Event anytime. You just have to register through their customer rewards portal.
      4) both of the big chains have “movie of the week” type offers for members where you can see a movie that’s been out for a while at a discounted price.

      I haven’t paid full price for a movie for a very long time!

      • Plus join Cinebuzz if you frequent an Event/Greater Union! I managed to earn a free ticket on mine somehow and I don’t go to the movies all that often. They sometimes give deals for being subscribed to their newsletter too.

  • Trailers these days bridge the gap between short movies and advertisements. Simply by watching a trailer, you get to experience a plot from start to finish.

  • *Sean’s Adventures in GODDAMMIT MUM STOP, PLEASE JUST STOP!*

    Walk up for Dinner, talking about things, when:

    Mum:”[Temporary Receptionist] is very nice”

    *Brief pause*

    *Pointed look at me*

    Me: “Uhhh, sure?” (I have not talked to them at all)

    *Awkward deflection is mildly successful, Mum shuts up about it for a bit*

    *Later on*

    Mum: “I guess I should tell [Other Receptionists] that they’ve failed as matchmakers for you two.”

    Me: 😐

    “She’s about your age. She’s cute. She’s nice.”


    “Look, Sean, I just think that you should be going on dates.”

    (With the knowledge that I might have earned a reprieve): “I’ve never liked Dates. Terrible fruit.”

    “I think you should go and do things. With women.”

    “I do do things with women. Often with other men there, and the women are my friends.”

    “You know, your Grandfather would really like Great-Grandchildren. They don’t even have to be yours, really. You could just adopt someone else’s.”

    *Hurriedly leaves*

    • I’m going to side with your mum on this one 😛
      If she is interested, then hey, good work buddy!
      And if she’s not interested, well then she’s only temporary, and will leave soon anyway, so no harm done!
      It’s the perfect situation!

      • Look, as much as I (don’t) appreciate my mother’s advice, I feel like there’s little point in trying, since she won’t be interested.

    • They don’t even have to be yours, really. You could just adopt someone else’s.

      Smooth, mum. Smooth.


    • Hahaha I can’t believe I missed this post before.

      Your mum seems pretty great. Almost seems like a shame she’s never been around when you’ve had us over 😛

    • I’m extremely grateful that my mother wants to be a grandparent about as much as I want to be a parent.

      • My mother doesn’t want to be a Grandmother any time soon, she mostly just looks for opportunities to tease me.

  • How much are return flights from Melbourne to Brisbane usually? (@freezespreston @sernobulus @transientmind @strange @virus__ I think you guys have been to Melbourne recently :P). Just had a quick look at current prices and $200ish each way seems like a lot! D:

    I’ve never actually booked flights for myself, by myself before so I have no idea what the general prices are. I don’t mind waiting for a sale or shopping around, but I definitely want to go interstate more. Maybe I should just ask around and see what work can do for me 😛

    EDIT: Whattabout return flights from Melbourne to Sydney? This one seems more likely to be scabbed from work since my boss is in Sydney… 😀


    Valiant Hearts, man D:

    Initially I kind of agree with what @jajabinks2 said on old TAY but it grew on me. I was mainly in it for the story and “history lesson” so I enjoyed that part of it. The gameplay was ehhhh! Overall I think I liked it more than Child of Light though, god the writing in CoL was so horrid… 🙁

    I didn’t know what to expect with Valiant Hearts though but I kinda like how they did it and it wasn’t some 4 player co-op shooter thing :P. Puzzleyness worked surprisingly well!

    I also finished Pokemon Alpha Sapphire in the morning after neglecting it for a few weeks. Kinda didn’t have hype for it but bought and kinda enjoyed playing it at first. Did a Grass Type only run but it got less exciting once I got EXP Share and wrecked everything by being so many levels ahead :P. But as soon as the SURF EVERYWHERE part of the game happened I just skipped a lot and used Repels constantly so I ended up kind of underlevelled in the end which made the Elite 4 exciting 😀 (it was also pretty difficult when doing a mono-type run)

    Those two games put my “Games Finished in 2014” list at 60! HUZZAH

    Full list:
    Games finished in 2014:
    1. Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag and Aveline DLC
    2. Attack of the Friday Monsters
    3. Bayonetta 2
    4. Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise
    5. BioShock Infinite
    6. BIT.TRIP Presents Runner 2
    7. Bravely Default
    8. Broken Age Act 1
    9. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
    10. Child of Light
    11. Costume Quest
    12. Dark Souls
    13. Dark Souls II
    14. Destiny
    15. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
    16. Dragon’s Crown
    17. Fantasy Life
    18. FEZ
    19. Final Fantasy X HD
    20. Final Fantasy X-2 HD
    21. Fire Emblem: Awakening
    22. Flower
    23. Gears of War: Judgment
    24. Guacamelee
    25. Gunman Clive
    26. Halo
    27. Hyrule Warriors
    28. inFAMOUS: Second Son
    29. Kid Icarus: Uprising
    30. La-Mulana
    31. LEGO MARVEL Super Heroes
    32. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
    33. Mario Kart 8
    34. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
    35. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
    36. Octodad: Dadliest Catch
    37. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
    38. Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright
    39. Psychonauts
    40. Pullblox World
    41. Resogun
    42. Risk of Rain
    43. Rogue Legacy
    44. Shovel Knight
    45. South Park: The Stick of Truth
    46. SteamWorld Dig
    47. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
    48. The Last of Us Remastered and Left Behind DLC
    49. The Night of the Rabbit
    50. The Stanley Parable
    51. The Walking Dead Season 2 (Episodes 2-5)
    52. The Witcher
    53. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call
    54. Tomb Raider
    55. Toukiden: Age of Demons
    56. Transistor
    57. Trials Fusion
    58. Valiant Hearts
    59. Year Walk
    60. Ys: Memories of Celceta

    • Usually I’ve paid about 70 to 100 each way. Peak season currently though so prices everywhere would be a bit silly.

      • Yeah that sounds a lot more reasonable. I wouldn’t mind it around those prices. Was that with standard carry on included? (7kg)

    • It’s usually cheaper to fly to the Gold Coast then it is the city. Depends where you’re staying though I suppose.

    • Last flights I took were Gold Coast > Tullamarine then Tullamarine > Launceston then Launceston > Tullamarine then Tullamarine > Gold Coast was about 315 bucks in total for all flights which also got me 15kg of checked luggage on Jetstar.

      Edit #1: I think it was $70 down to Melbourne from Gold Coast and $80 on the flight back, and I know I paid a flat fee of $75 for 15kg of checked luggage for all flights & my two flights to & from Tasmania were $45.

      Edit #2: I booked all my flights through a friend who just happened to be a travel agent at the time for STA Travel, she got me some of the best deals I like to think, especially since my accommodation was cheaper than my flights, and the place I stayed at was pretty nice for the money!

    • Wow, I think I’ve beaten Thomas Was Alone and Pokemon Y this year.

      I may have bought more than 2 games though… Not exactly balancing out…

    • Current peak season nonsense means I just spent ~700 doing 2 people return over Christmas. With Jetstar *shudder*, but would have been ~900 with a good airline like virgin.
      In contrast, parents visited at the start of December, and their return flights were about ~180 for some silly 2 for 1 specials they booked way back in April or May.

  • I’m strongly considering plugging my pc into my tv, connecting my audio via optical cable, plugging my F310 gamepad in, and just chilling out on the couch.

  • Evening errbody hows every little thing? My festivus was topsy turvy on the one hand I spent the christmas in sydney with family and went to a christmas party with some of sydney’s elite drag queens. But on the other side Cathryn had to work so it was the first christmas since we started dating that we havent spent together 🙁

    When I arrived home I had heaps of xmas pressies to unwrap from cathryns family including Munchkin Zombies, SSB Wii U, a new 3ds case and Freedom Wars for the Vita.

    Anyway hope everyone else is having a great holiday season and something aomething something bom shakalaka

    • Went to a christmas party with some of sydney’s elite drag queens.
      So that is what you get up to when Cathryn isn’t around 😉

  • Edit: I need to learn to think of the things missing from my posts BEFORE hitting submit. Even if I already give them a read-through first as it is.

  • Ohai newTAY.
    Man I am loving holiday mode and not having to be at work. Don’t know why I ever gave it up 😛

    Been back into Elite the last few days, first I’ve played it since Gamma. It’s going pretty good, I’ve just been hanging around the last system I was in and running missions for it, building up my reputation with them and working up ranks within the Federation. Most recently been taking assassination missions, and hunting down Anacondas in my tricked out Sidewinder. The battles are tough and drawn-out, and I’ve had to run off half the time (especially since it seems chaff doesn’t really do much to NPC gimballed and/or turreted weapons), but it’s doable.

    Weekend, went around to my friend’s place to play Smash. Even managed to beat him a few times, which is good. It had been a while since playing though, so I’ve forgotten my groove I had with Mac. Still pretty sure he’s my guy though.

    After that we went to see Interstellar. Which was SO. FREAKIN. AMAZING. I spent so much of that movie just mouth agape in awe, it was all just… wow. Right after all I could say was “I need to get home and play copious amounts of Elite”.

    Today, went down to see Big Hero 6 with Wingman and Pillowmaker. It was pretty great too. I thought so many of the voices sounded familiar, but going through the credits (it took a long time to get to the voice actors) I didn’t recognise any of them. Dammit that’s annoying. Also we hung around til the very end of the credits (GOOD GOD THEY TOOK FOREVER) but it turned out it was worth it after all. Shame the other two girls who had been waiting in the cinema gave up and left before it got to that part 😛

    We hung around the shops afterwards, and saw some weird things. Here is a picture:

    Also since we’re reposting album covers from page 1’s thing, I did one (I forgot to eliminate “Like” from the title)

    Also also, holiday driving is the worst. Every single freakin car going 20 under the limit, and making me catch every red light along the way. UGH.

  • Just bought my first set of kitchen knives earlier. Now I’m kinda excited about all the cooking 😮

    The induction stovetop and oven in this house kinda sucks though. The stove doesn’t get hot enough and the oven has uneven heat so the right side cooks things quicker :/

    Cleaning up sucks too and the barely used dishwasher doesn’t even work anymore. I’m pretty sure it’s been used less than 10 times for years and when we finally did want to use it again, it dain’t even work! 🙁

    • I finally found out how to turn the gas on after living in my new place for a week. Turned it on, created a new account… and still haven’t used it. It’s been another week.

    • Woot knives! I bought a couple of good knives cos like all the kitchen stuff was Mrs Oliver’s so I’d need my own… I ended up with like half of it including some good knives so now I have too many knives 😛 They might come in handy one day. Chop all the onions!

      That reminds me, I need to buy a good chopping board.

      But yeah, there’s nothing worse than an electric stove. There’s induction cooktops where I am now and they’re pretty deadly at least. Much better than what I had.

      • Whoops! Think I got my terms mixed up, we’ve got an induction thingy too.

        I hate all the oil splashing everywhere whenever I fry stuff too. Makes everything all… oily (who’da thunk!) and the tiled floor all slippery 🙁

  • @liondrive do you have a drawing tablet?

    I kinda feel like drawing again too so it could be good motivation to have a buddy again. Just ask @blaghman, it’s the best! 😀 (you’re gonna draw too Blags)

    Also iSketch.

    • Nah, no drawing tablet currently, but it’s on the list of things to get!
      I want to get good at drawing and sketching before moving onto drawing on tablets 🙂

  • @greenius you cynical bastard! and you said it couldnt be done! xbox one SOLD for 450!
    just got to play it cool!

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

    • That poor soul could’ve got a new one for a bit more! 😛

      Nah, but your deal was alright though since it included the Kinect!

      The Microsoft Store has had some killer deals lately though! (one of which I ended up buying :D)

      XB1 + AC Unity + AC4 + your choice of 3 games (I picked Halo MCC, Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2) + 12 months Gold OR an extra Wireless Controller for $499 or $599 with Kinect and Dance Central 😮

  • Holy damn. The Last of Us – amazing. Left Behind – equally amazing. All the feels, all the action, all the wandering in slack-jawed awe.

    I’m already happy to be a PS4 owner.

  • I’m really digging having my PC hooked up to the TV… now I just have to connect the speakers, and I’ll be all set.
    Also, Dark Souls on PC is much more enjoyable now. 🙂

  • Wow, the Simpson’s has gone really down hill since I last watched it :\
    Watching season 23 currently, and it’s…
    It’s, ah, not good…

    • I don’t know what kind of gap between my last “regularly watched” episode of the Simpsons was and now, but a couple of years ago I watched the Lady Gaga episode via Hulu and it was utter rubbish. I thought “maybe they just didn’t do a very good Lady Gaga episode, she’s kind of difficult to parody being so over the top ridiculous already” and the next episode was even worse, so I gave up.

      I really don’t know why it’s still on TV.

    • After the Simpson’s Movie they changed all the characters, so Homer became smarter and more caring etc.

      So after around season 9/10 the general consensus is that it got worse.

      • Homer used to be smarter and more caring. Then somewhere along the line he became Captain Jerkass and the show became more gag focused.

        The Zombie Simpsons theory breaks it all down rather well. Mostly, the problem is that the show got taken over by fans of the show. Fans of the show that didn’t quite grasp everything that made the show click and instead kind of forced it towards the bits they liked best.

    • I watched 18 seasons of the show, and I loved every one of them. I acknowledged the new stuff wasn’t as good, but I still liked it.

  • Talk about shit timing. 4 weeks in to my new job and I get a terrible cold. 😐 BLEH!
    I hate getting sick so early in to a new job, but at least it’s quiet at work, and I’m only supposed to be listening in to conversations atm. That’s mostly why I decided to have today off though. Having to do that means working in close proximity to someone else, and I don’t really want to give them what I have. Thankfully my team leader is totally awesome and understands. Seriously gonna be so glad to see the end of this year! Bring on the new year with a fresh start! In the meantime, I’m off to the chemist to load up on cold and flu tablets so I can better my chances of being there tomorrow!

    • Getting sick in a new job is pretty much inevitable. New germs, new environment. You’ve probably been fighting new germs since you started and this is just the one that got through. When I was teaching, the start of each new year meant a guaranteed cold.

      • I’ve been sick for the past 4 days really. Just different kind of sick. Like haven’t been able to keep food down for more than about an hour. Went to work yesterday feeling that way as the toilets are close by enough that if I need to spew, I can just run in there, but that’s not likely something I’ll pass to someone else either. I think I actually got this cold from one of my sisters friends kids at xmas time. Saw a post of her friend on facebook yesterday saying her kid was fine in the morning, but by midday, he had a temp of 40C, and nose was running like a tap. Pretty much how I feel today. So my guess is that’s where I got it from. Got me some cold and flu stuff to help dry up my eyes and stuff, and the chemist recommended some Otrivin(sp?) nasal spray. Have never used one before, but it seems to work really well! Nose is nowhere near as leaky as it was when I woke up. I shall take that to work with me tomorrow in case it flares up again, and I should be ok I reckon!

    • I think they’re bumped for people that got new stuffs for Christmas. The older articles seem to be mostly about tips for the bigger game releases of the past few months which tend to be popular Christmas presents.

  • Is Wolfy worth $27? I’ve heard good things about it but is it $27 good things?

    Also Battleblock Theater is on sale for 90% off ($1.49). If you are in the mood for a laugh I would highly recommend picking it up, probably the funniest game I have played this year.

    • I’d say definitely worth $27. Probably in my top five games this year. Not sure though. Need to sit down and think it through.

    • Wolfenstein is absolutely $27 good things.

      I considered Battleblock Theater but I just don’t see myself ever playing it. It might only be a buck fifty, but I’m trying to develop a habit of not buying things I don’t need. Gotta draw the line somewhere.

    • Even I enjoyed Wolfenstein ( not that I finished it…yet).

      It’s old school level design with new school controls. Quite good.

      Really enjoyed the stealth too.

  • Hahaha. Hex from Good Game is currently trekking across Europe, and posting a lot of pic on Instagram of it, today she stopped at a place in Denmark that only does porridge, so naturally poor Serrels got tagged on the pic LOL.

  • So I don’t know what the hell was going on with me the last month or so.

    I started Dragon Age Inquisition over yesterday from scratch despite being about ten hours in. Chose a different race and class, made someone that doesn’t look fugly or weird, and suddenly I find I’m sucked right in. This by the way is the third time I’ve restarted.

    Combat is still shithouse and I can’t find a group that feels effective, and I really really really hate the limited potions thing, but I’ve made it to Skyhold and now there’s a proper baddie and stuff and I feel much more interested in the game. It’s very deeply flawed in a lot of areas but this time I’m feeling confident I may actually finish it. I clocked 12 hours up yesterday. :O

    • I’m right near the end but not sure I want to finish it. Most of the remaining side quests I want to finish up are locked behind 15 hour Wartable missions so basically I’m turning the game on, assigning missions and turning it off, leading to resentment and doubt I want to play it again.

      Whoever designed the Wartable needs to be shot in the sensitive bits.

      • Yeah, the war table thing was clearly designed by someone at EA that wanted it to be part of some shitty phone app or something.

      • I did them all & still have heaps of those other missions to go.

        I just used to do the quick ones while I played & left the long ones go while I slept & worked.

    • Just don’t play the game on Nightmare difficulty. Without a proper tactical camera some battles are more about luck then they are about skill.

        • I found the only fights I struggled with was when I went into a higher level area.

          I would leave & come back later.

          It’s why I left the Hinterlands so early, just happened to wander into death early on.

          • This time around I went to the Hinterlands long enough to get to level 6 or so and have about 8 power, then I advanced the plot.

            I kind of like the questing in the hinterlands though.

          • I don’t mind it, but too generic fantasy looking though .

            I wish there was more Fade & some proper Deep Roads.
            far too few Dwarves in this game.

          • Agreed. Just spent some time killing Darkspawn in the Storm Coast area and they’re much more fun to fight than all the demons that just rush you. I really liked the Deep Roads stuff in the first two games too.

  • Ended up watching Dumb & Dumber To last night, well it was pretty horrible to say the least.. The Rotten Tomato score of 23% reflects it well I guess.

  • Valiant Hearts Chapter 2

    Yeah, no, I’m still not liking this game.

    The characters could have been killed off later, and it would have been better since I would have known them. Now it just feels like “oh, some characters I just met died, why does that affct me?”
    I’m sure i’s going to affct Emile, but at the moment, I don’t care abou these characters. Had they waited until the final chapter, it would hve ben more powerful. But it’s just not at what is efectively the start of the game (even though it’s the halfway point of the game).

    But I think what I really dislike is the puzzles. The puzzles themselves are quite easy, but the lack of communication in what to do makes them hard. Often I know what I’m meant to do, but the game doesn’t communicate how I can do that effectively enough. Often it seems like actually “solving” the puzzles relies on a combination of pressing buttons in the hope something new shows up (e.g. pressing L1 and hoping somethin appears that the dog can pick up, like a piece of bread) or a reliance on timing when to place something (putting a sock in the washin area when the backs are turned. It really breaks immersion when I have to find a guide online so I can find out where someting is, or how I gain access to solve a puzzle.

    The game’s hint system is useless as well, I’ve often done all three hints, but the fourth step is the one I really need.

    I know I probably sound dumb talking abou the lack of communication, but I don’t know how else to express it. In Professor Layton (for example), the puzzles are often hard, but the instructions for it are set out in a way so that you only need logic to solve it.
    On the other hand, in Valiant Hearts the puzzles are easy, but are expressed so poorly that it is a lot harder to solve.

    It’s more frustrating because I feel like this game is a shell (if you’ll pardon the pun) of a greater game. This game had so much potential for storytelling and the puzzles are great, but it’s made bad because of it’s lack of communication.

    And I started playing chapter 3, part 1, which looks like a ridiculously drawn out puzzle.
    1. I need to get inside the building.
    2. To get inside the building the dog needs meat.
    3. To get meat, I have to get somthing else from a guy.
    4. To get that something else from a guy, I need to get something from a different building.
    5. I need something from a different building again to get something within the first different building.
    6. [to be done in real life] Gets up and turns PS3 Off.

  • Said this on Twitter, but is anyone keen for some strategy game goodness this evening? AOE2? Crusader Kings? EU IV? Civ V multi?


    Just looking at this receipt for Godfreys where I bought a steam cleaner & steam mop the other day for mum, and the name they put on the receipt is no where close to my real name. It is pretty hilarious the name on there though ‘Amas Chesler’ sounds like an 80’s action hero name or even a porn name ha.

  • @greenius I’ve shaken out a lot of the MH3U cobwebs now! Been doing a bit of derping around online – what’s your goal for multi? Getting past the level cap?

    • Yep! I’ve been curious as to what HR rank I really am since I’ve done a fair few non-key G Rank quests. I also haven’t played in years so I’m assuming I’d be pretty terrible, so bear with me 😛

      • Like riding a bike, only took me a few rounds to get back into it.
        Just remember the nastiest key G quest will be deviljho. People will die, there will be failure. It’s a really nasty one at G rank, good to save it to the last of the key quests.

    • I don’t think so. DaS2 felt much less fair about things than DaS.

      Just look at Sens’ Fortress, probably the most unfair bit of DaS. Well, aside from maybe those goddamned sniper bowmen dudes. You can see literally everything coming if you’re paying attention and deal with it. Sure, the first few times you’re probably feeling overwhelmed and don’t realise it but it’s all there.

      Dark Souls 2’s approach to everything was just “fuck it, stick some more enemies around.” Not only was it less fair, it was less interesting and that is a far greater crime.

      • I can blow through the entirety of Dark Souls with my eyes closed but those bowmen still make me want to punch a puppy.

      • Sens’ Fortress was brilliant because it was a microcosm of the whole Souls gameplay.
        Initially it is brutal and unfair and you hate it and rage and don’t understand.
        But eventually you realise it is not unfair, there’s no random BS. It all comes down to knowledge and patience and paying attention. And once you have that skill and knowledge, once you “get it”, you can then speed run through the place without a single death.

    • People what use big wurds when them no understand

      They just mean ” I preferred this one” but cover it up with pseudo”I’m a REAL critic” bullshit

    • That whole article reads like a parody piece :\

      The game is almost completely opposite to some of the things said.
      The most balanced.
      Dark Souls was far more balanced.

      It is also the least fair of any of the entries!
      So much poison EVERYWHERE, mobs of surprise enemies EVERYWHERE, and ridiculous enemies (stupid exploding zombies).

      And that part about the enemies having more character than the lead characters in other games?
      The enemies were so uninspired and dull!
      That’s the biggest dissapointment with Dark Souls 2.
      It felt so lifeless and dull.

  • The Witcher 2 is a pretty cool guy! He swords and doesn’t afraid of anything.

    Good game too! I liked it. Looking forward to Witcher 3 now!

    The more I look at it, the more I’m okay with just staying PC/WiiU this gen (maybe grabbing a PS4 in a few years if it gets some more good exclusives) – I’ll have to get a better desk if I’m going to be spending more time at it though.

    • Man, I feel bad for The Witcher 2. I was really enjoying it, but it just somehow migrated onto the pile, and the odds of me finishing it before The Witcher 3 drop are slim.

      At best.

    • Funny. Barely anyone even remembers what Arby and the Chief even is, but that ‘doesn’t afraid of anything’ quote pops up all the time.

      • While they did use it in the show, I don’t think Arby and the Chief was the origin of that meme. I’m pretty sure it started on 4chan, probably as a parody of people who think Link is called Zelda, etc.

  • Just did a quick back of the envelope calculation but in the last day Valve have made about $14,000 of people buying and selling holiday trading cards

  • Holy shit. Reading through the customer complaints on the company Intranet and I thought I had it bad.

    One guy got a spare car key made, a month later his son wrote the car off and he’s losing the plot because Minit wouldn’t cut a new key for the replacement car for free for him.

    Another one stating he declined the reseal and pressure test of his watch because it was too expensive. Now the watch is full of water and the company owes him a new one.

    The fuck is wrong with people?

    • At the moment my job involves answering phones for companies that are closed for Christmas/New Years. Them: “But what am I supposed to do?” Me: “Call back on Monday…” Them: *RAGE!*

  • Also, I’ve managed to ‘earn’ $2.50 in Steam credit today from selling all of those digital cards that you get for playing games.

    …people will buy anything, huh? 😛

  • Grr, I should’ve gotten Injustice when I had the chance… :\
    EDIT: Nevermind, sold some Steam Cards, got it for USD 8.43. 😀

    • Good game. Haven’t been able to play online, constant drop outs but even the single player makes it worth while

  • Went out for dinner with mates to the Bavarian Bier Cafe tonight. That was a satisfying meal, fresh pretzels, a litre stein of beer, schnitzel & chips, finished with a black forest cake for dessert. Good times.

  • Games I Finished in 2014: (spoilered for length)
    -Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 1


    • Wolfenstein: The New Order
      Walking Dead season 2
      The Wolf Among Us
      South Park: The Stick of Truth

      I think that’s it. I also replayed and finished the free copy of Limbo Microsoft gave me for the Xbox One for being a loyal Xbox supporter, but I finished that on 360 when it first came out so I don’t know if that counts.

  • The Walking Dead Season 1, Episode 1:

    That was pretty intense! I know I’m late to this bandwagon, but I’m glad I jumped on 🙂
    I’m glad I picked it up when the whole season was done though. No waiting for the next instalment for me! 🙂

    Ok, Decisions I made…
    – Apparently I chose to lie to Hershel, but honestly, I was trying to tell the truth! I blame vague dialogue trees for that one… (46%)
    – I saved Duck first. Shawn had expressed his sympathies earlier when he said he saw a guy shoot a kid, so between the two of them I thought Shawn would have wanted me to save Duck first. (30%)
    – I sided with Kenny in the argument, but tried my best to stay level headed and calm. How was i supposed to let him throw a family out, after all? (54%)
    – I gave Irene the gun. She was suffering, and didn’t want to turn, and I didn’t want to leave her to turn or to shoot her either. It was out of mercy… (47%)
    – I saved Carley. Doug had already saved Carley once, and I thought he’d want me to save her. I also don’t think he’d forgive me for letting her die… (48%)
    In each save someone situation, I was thinking how best to save them both.

    I just want to be a good father 🙁

    • Hahaha, oh man, you’ve got a journey ahead of you.

      I got the weird dialogue tree with Hershel too. Things are much tighter in almost every respect in all future episodes.

      Vague (obvious) spoiler alert regarding your last spoilered statement:
      You never can.

      • I thought I was telling the truth!
        I was on my way out of Atlanta, and it was with a police officer!
        I didn’t actively lie! I thought I’d be given the chance to explain in detail if need be, but that chance never came, and instead I got called a liar 🙁

        In regards to edit:
        I figured it’s a one-or-the-other scenario, but I’m still thinking about who best to save first, and likely hood of saving both.
        I wanted to save Duck first, and thought that by saving him I’d be able to move the tractor off Shawn as well.
        Similarly with Carley, I figured saving her first would allow her to shoot the zombies off of Doug.
        I also wanted to save her first too though.

    • Very similar to my choices. I chose to save the guy that wasn’t Duck, as I thought it was more important to stay friendly with Hershel. Upon looking at the screenshot of choices I made, it appears I refused to give Irene the gun.

    • vague dialogue ending in the wrong words outta my own mouth is the only time I did a reset

      Otherwise I stuck with my choices

      • Not going to do any redos until after I’ve finished it in its entirety (Season 1 and 2).
        It’s my bed, I have to lay in it, intentionally or unintentionally made as it may be 🙁

        • I play that way too, just not when I misled.

          I don’t accidentally scream at someone instead of being friendly irl, it’s a interface problem.

          One of the (many) reasons I disliked LA Noire so much.

  • D= get home > check Facebook > 12 notifications, oh god have I done?! Turns out a mate tagged me in a status reminiscing about the old Stone Sour forum, which I rarely visited, if anything I miss the old Pure Pwnage forums. Only good thing I got from the Stone Sour forum was I met now one of my best mates, and her & I bond more over Slipknot than we ever have over Stone Sour.. Since they were always the go to band when Slipknot was in down time lol..

  • So I’m only about 2 months late, but I finally got around to seeing Interstellar, and I loved it. Ended up having to drive a few suburbs over to a cinema that was still showing it, but the bonus was that it was near my friend’s place, so she decided to come too 😀

  • I finally bit the bullet and bought Binary Domain. I’ve been following this game since before it was released. The divided reviews between “tired Gears clone” and “best Japanese shooter since Vanquish” kind of put me off. Every Steam sale, I’ve waited for it to become massively discounted. $10 often feels too much to pay during a Steam sale. However, I said screw it and finally bought it. To ensure I play the thing, I’m downloading it right now and playing it tomorrow. I’m going to play this game, dammit.

    • I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

      Even the story, I was calling out so many predictable cliches that when the real plot twist came along I couldn’t figure out which cliche they were going to go with. But the one they chose was so unpredictable and so incredibly stupid that I actually admired them for having the balls to go through with it.

    • $10 often feels too much to pay during a Steam sale.

      Any other time I’m fine with $10, that’s cheap for pretty much any of the games I play, but during Steam sales it feels like I’m getting ripped off if I’m paying more than $3 for anything.

  • So I’ve been playing this war of mine. I’m enjoying it but I don’t like stealing from people. I try to do the right thing and I keep getting Katia killed. I keep trying to upgrade the garden bed, but my people starve before I have the chance to upgrade it. It’s quite difficult trying to juggle everything. I still fed the homeless man though.

  • So Christmas was shit (as expected).

    Can’t wait till February when school goes back and everything can finally go back to normal.

    Also, my laptop crashed the other night, after what sounded like the hard drive making noises, so I’ll need to pick up and install a new HDD, sorry @greenius there’ll be no co-op Tomb Raider till I get it fixed, which will hopefully be by the weekend.

    Also also, trying to register my copies of Smash Bros. (3DS and Wii U) to get my bonus soundtrack, but I get almost to the end of the survey, click next and it won’t go any further, keeps saying the link is broken.


    *shakes fist*

    Edit: Now it’s letting me proceed, but it’s asking me to join Club Nintendo when I’m already logged in FFS!

  • Okey, hey. I have a spare Far Cry 4 code for PC laying about I got for buying a SSD recently. I’ve no use for it, and I keep forgetting to put up a posting for it online, and you lot aren’t complete arseholes, so I’m willing to sell it on the cheap, $20 (preferably in steam credit, I can do other options.) A caveat is that you need to activate it using a bit of VPN trickery as the activation is region-locked- but however, a bit of research shows that you need only to get past the activation, once it’s in your origin account you’ll be ready to play it whenever, wherever.

    So, uh, yeah. Anybody feel jumping through this one, if not slightly annoying hoop?

  • What are everyone’s plans for New Year’s Eve? I am getting the feeling that this year is going to be a quiet one for us – maybe some 9pm fireworks. I’m actually looking forward more to getting up in the morning and doing the New Year’s Day parkrun.

    • I got invited to a friend’s place, but since I got no sleep last night, skipped work due to being incapable of getting up, and have 2 weeks of unpaid leave starting next week, I shall be going to bed early to make sure I can get to work.

      God I live an exciting life.

      • I start at 8am tomorrow so I’m having lunch with some friends, then it’s home to bed.

        We can both be exciting!

        • I’ve just realised that I don’t even know if my work’s open tomorrow (being a medical centre, we have weird hours with holidays and stuff), so I may have backed out of my plans purely out of stupidity.

    • Crying,

      actually you know what it’s New Years I should do something different to what I do every night.


    • Same with me, my buddy who organizes a party each year is in Sydney. So I think I might walk my partner round to the lake and hopefully see the fireworks with a chocolate picnic lol.

    • Going to a friends house to drink/probably go to wherever the fireworks are. Then tomorrow promptly going back to Hobart 😀

    • Nothing. 🙂 Maybe a few beers in the backyard, but we’ve really not felt like doing anything this summer.

  • Happy last day of 2014 everyone.

    I finally finished DA:I’s main story a few days ago. Only took me 90 hours to get there. So, Dragon Age Inquisition ending spoilers:
    I both liked and disliked the ending. I never really cared much about Corypheus as a villain, and the final confrontation with him felt a bit meh since he basically just turns up and challanges you to an arena match. That said, the arena was pretty cool visually and the fight itself wasn’t too bad. Slightly disappointed that they spoiled the whole Morrigan as a dragon verse the other dragon thing in the trailers for the game though. I enjoyed the after bit more, with everyone having a party. Also the post credit Solas scene was great. I’d guessed his identity during the credits, but didn’t actually think there’d be a confirmation so soon.
    Leading up to the game Solas was probably the companion I’d paid the least attention to, but then when I started playing the game he quickly became my favourite companion. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do with him in the future.

  • So my friend thought that when I told him I was all good for NYE (having had a potential clash to find out about before getting back to him, which eventuated to nothing), he thought it meant I’d gone and sorted myself out with other plans. And now there are no plans 😛

    Guess I can just spend the night flying in space or something.

  • Binary Domain is fun so far. The fact that you have to configure options through an external launcher is as infuriating as always. The exposition appears to have been delivered in the wrong order though, and two of the exposition dumps pretty much said very similar things. We know that Yoji Amada is the bad guy, you said that already.

    It’s adorably cheesy, though. NO FUTUUURREE!

  • Thanks so much to my SanTAY who got me seriously the best presents I could ask for in a Pikachu and D.K amiibos. I’m sitting here with them now thinking how I can justify these living on top of the entertainment unit to my girlfriend who’s 20 minutes away :p

    Guys, how have you convinced your significant other a pop culture phenomenon is fine to have in your room?

    • Never really had that problem. We both like collecting stuff – so our problem is just that there is not enough space for All The Things.

    • Eh, don’t stress about it too much.

      Tell her you want to have them on display, same way you’d hang a bit of art. If she isn’t really getting it explain it with the art metaphor again. Like a piece of art some people like to look at them and others don’t. You do. So they stay.

      • Ahhhh I really like this, I led with Freezes ‘Amiibos go, you go’ and think I need a subtler approach moving forward :p

    • Looks very cool… But I’d be waiting for that one to hit retail. Looks like it’d be super handy over the longer term.

      I’ve tried using those bluetooth OBD transmitters before (to check ‘engine light’ codes) and getting it paired with my phone was a really hit and miss.

  • Bought the New 3DS XL today, and added some folks, these ones to be exact (warning: long)

    @35 @mythamphetamine @alexpants @andre @ashuramgs2sub @batgirl @batguy @batto @bdkiaf @beardymcmuttonchops @beavwa @becaroonie @bendaman @benj @benny @bish @blaghman @cakesmith @cj @coldcamv @dkzeitgeist @dire_wolf @distantdrop @doc_what @evilmonkey @fled @freezespreston @freya @gemini @gorzilla @grandmasterb-funk @greenius @gutsoup @hindenlagen @hugo_the_hungarian_barbarian @jimu @jocon @joshy206 @liondrive @kermitron @mawt @mcgarnical @Knacks @d370n8 @negativezero @nomad @novacascade @phoenix @pixel_the_ferret_viking @platinum-urchin @popdart5 @powalen @redartifice @rize @rocketman @sarcasmfairy @saturday @scree @sernobulus @shane @steve-o_the_deve-o @strange @sughly @thecracks @tofu @wilbur @ynefel @zetrox2k

    If you could add me with the friend code 4098-5334-9430, that’d be great.


    I finally reached HR8+ with the help of @beavwa last night and this morning. Since I broke the cap, my HR immediately jumped up to HR51 :D! Now that I finally know what my HR rank is, I can rest easy… (except for the fact that it’s gone and given me the Monster Hunting bug again D:)

    I don’t think I’ll brother playing it again since I know MH4U is just around the corner… but can MH4U just be released like tomorrow? Please? 😀

    Finished off the Halo 2 Anniversary campaign today and that makes 62 games completed for this year :D. It’s more than what I had last year but I don’t think I’ll aim to beat it next year since it’ll be my first year of full time work :P. I reckon I’ll just try to get at least 52 again 😀 (which was my original goal for this year)

  • One more time for the new page, new year.

    $20 Far Cry 4 Code for PC- region-locked to US but can be easily bypassed with a VPN; it’s a one time activation via a website, then it’s fully accessible anywhere afterwards. Paypal/Steam Credit accepted.

    I’m pretty sure buying this won’t solve all your problems and fulfill your dreams, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to try.

    • Everyone should play Far Cry 4, it will solve all your problems and fulfill all your dreams, that’s a @saturday guarantee.

      Seriously though, that game is all kinds of good. If you don’t have it you should get it!

  • The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 2.

    Overall, I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first episode. It was still really good, but didn’t have as much of an impact. It was good to see more character development though.
    I even started to like Larry!
    Though Kenny is becoming a bit of a dick :\

    Decisions I made…
    – I chopped off David’s leg. I tried the chain first, but couldn’t see any other way, and didn’t want to leave him to the walkers. (43%)
    – I didn’t shoot Jolene. It sounded like she knew something about the farm, and having Danny shoot her only confirmed those suspicions. (60%)
    – I didn’t help kill Larry. I’m trying to be a good father to Clem, so don’t want to kill anyone in front of her. I also thought he might survive a heart attack. Right when I started to like him too… (50%)
    – I didn’t kill either of the brothers. Trying to avoid killing in front of Clem, and I knew they would be eaten by walkers anyway.
    Seemed more fitting having them eaten. (61%)
    – Clem didn’t want to take anything from the car, so I supported her. She’s a good kid. I’m raising her right. (48%)

    • If you haven’t already, check out The Wolf Among Us! I finished the first Episode yesterday and I’m really liking it. It’s the same sort of gameplay as the Walking Dead Games but in a much different setting 😀

    • There seems to be a bit of difference in what players of the PC version chose.
      Decisions made:
      -Chopped of David’s leg. I tried the chain first. (84%)
      -Didn’t shoot Jolene. (87%)
      -Did not help kill Larry (68%)
      -Killed the first brother when I made my escape, (I reacted purely on instinct for that one) but I left the other one alive. I felt bad about killing him in front of Clementine afterwards. (82%)
      -I stole food from the car, as I assumed the guy was already dead. (55%)

      • The lights to the car were still on, little Phlanispo!
        Also, there were no screams or anything.
        They’re definitely still alive.
        Plus I’m being g a good influence to Clem.

  • Yeah, no, my sister is definitely 14. She got a phone call form my mother reminding her that she isn’t allowed to have a new year’s eve party, which resulted in her screaming into the phone. She hung up while screaming about how she hated her. Then she called up her friends and started complaining very loudly. Then she started crying while screaming. Now I think she’s called up my mother again to shout at her. Now I think she’s calling someone a slut.

    It’s such a beautiful time to be a parent.

  • Ok, gonna crash my friend’s gathering. Even if they are playing *shudder* Monopoly.

    Happy New Year, TAY.

  • I’m trying to think of a movie to watch for New Year’s Eve, and all I can come up with is Patema Inverted.

  • Happy New Year everyone. I’m at home, alone. I celebrated by taking down my 2014 calendar and putting up my 2015 calendar. I feel like Ned Flanders at the moment.

    tryin to celebrate with out ne, the nerve…

  • Happy New Year TAY!

    A lot of hate for 2014 on the Internet. People need to focus on the positive instead of the negative! Sure 2014 wasn’t my best year but I still enjoyed it and am glad I got to spend most of it with you awesome folks. It may have had some hiccups along the way. I lost my job and Dark Souls 2 was released but I also think my life is going to turn around from this point. Going to uni, going to move out, hell, maybe I will get enough self confidence to give online dating a try.

    What I’m trying to say is 2014 may not have been my best year it certainly paved way to a big chapter in my life. Perhaps a few years time I will look back on 2014 and say “that’s the year where everything changed and how I ended up here” and hopefully I will say it with joy.

    Anyway, thank you 2014 and thank you TAYbies for an awesome year but let’s make this one even awesome…er?

  • Install nit new year, so you can all cars your fans!
    Your all a good bunch, I just hate being behind.op

  • Good bivmud? Pffft, you’re the best bunch!
    I have positions in my family, if you guts want th gen?

  • The fuck. Seriously. What the hell?
    Through some convincing, my sister convinced my mum to let her have one friend over for the night. Or at least, my sister told me that she’d convinced my mum. At around 7pm, she said that she would be spending the night in the gazebo outside with some sleeping bags. She said it was really important to her that she can spend the night with her friend, and that it would ruin it if I ever went outside. If I had any common sense, this should have been a warning sign.

    Five minutes ago, my mother calls to wish me a happy new year. She asks for me to check on my sister. So I go outside. A lamp is on in the gazebo. Oh, so they must be awake. I go to see them anyway. Except they aren’t there. The lamp is on and some blankets are casting shadows to make you think that people are in there. I check her room. She isn’t there. I check the gate. Where previously it was locked and secure, the padlock is resting on the recycling bin.

    She did a runner to go to a party. I thought this was just a trope of 90’s Touchstone movies, not something people actually did.

      • Too late. Her mother knows. However, mum doesn’t know some other thing that my sister did a month ago. Besides, my sister isn’t the type who indulges in bribery, as she’d just belittle the claim. And I’m not the type to indulge in blackmail, as my sense of moral conviction or whatever is too high.

    • She came back. Since I had the gate and the door locked, she had to jump the fence and crawl through the doggie door to get in.* I was waiting for her on the other side of the doggie door. She isn’t the least bit apologetic. She swears she was only gone for two hours, and she was just riding her bike, despite the fact that all the bikes were at home the whole time.

      She is angry and surprised that I told mum about this. She declared that I would never speak to her again, and stormed off. You know the worst part about this? Her friend that tagged along is a good kid. She just follows whatever crap my sister does. Although I sound like a shrill parent when I saw this, but my sister is a bad influence on her.

      *She breaks into the house like this all the time. She doesn’t believe in carrying keys, and prefers to break into the house. I wonder what that says about her.

  • It’s you am nr, tonihig, ]¥ touches nhfuk *
    I think it’s about. Blogs I’m drunk, and I’ve been kicked in the head tonight s:3

  • Happy be tueae l, agusn! I love you Ll, for rwaksueae, nit fir okay okay.
    I wish I was brscet tihkifg 🙁

  • So, new years resolutions?

    Last years was to learn to cook new things, which I’m fairly happy with how I went. I didn’t keep a tally or anything but I learnt a few good things that have made their way into my regular rotation. (original goal was one new thing every week, but that turned out to be a bit too demanding. Not to mention expensive)

    I’m really not sure what I want to set for this year though. I guess the only real thing that I’m lacking right now is any sort of love-life 😛 Maybe I should work something out for that this year.

    • After having such a good time at PAX Aus as Link, I’m dedicating myself to do more cosplay in 2015.

      • You know, I was highly considering putting together a Pit cosplay for this PAX. Would’ve been really cool.

        But I’m hoping to do this gym leader thing again so figured it’s probably best to do something for that instead. Maybe next year 😛

    • I don’t tend to set resolutions, but this year I’m definitely aiming to be more active. I got a bit derailed with my fitness in the last couple of months, so I need to get it back on track. New Christmas fitbit is helping 🙂

      I’m also starting the #100happydays challenge today.

    • I hope to be increasingly bitter and insular in my views and grow evermore confused about young people’s culture.

    • Not exactly resolutions, but I really, really, re-e-eally need to do this whole “weight loss” thing, and I think I need some public way of tracking progress, because I am just god awful at staying motivated.

      I also have three stories (well, one of them’s just a mechanic that I like) that I would like to tell this year in some form or another.

      Also, maybe ask out a girl or something.

      Hahahaha, like that’s going to happen.

  • Marathoning three seasons of Legend of Korra seems like a really good udea right now…

  • So it’s the year 2015 now!

    Everyone happy with what they finished gaming wise?

    Here’s my list!

    – Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag
    – Freedom Fall
    – The Banner Saga
    – Enslaved: Odyssey of the West
    – Super Mario 3D World
    – Broken Age (Act 1)
    – Guacamelee!
    – The Witcher 2
    – Disgaea D2
    – Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
    – Metal Slug 3
    – Fire Emblem: Awakening
    – Shadowrun Returns (Original Campaign)
    – Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall
    – Toukiden: The Age of Demons
    – Hotline Miami
    – Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine
    – Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
    – Deponia
    – Chaos on Deponia*
    – Child of Light
    – Goodbye Deponia
    – Transistor
    – Mario Kart 8
    – Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
    – Octodad – Dadliest Catch
    – Shadow Warrior
    – Shovel Knight
    – Battleblock Theatre (Normal: All A++)
    – Tomb Raider (100%)
    – Infamous: Second Sun (Heroic Route)
    – Risen 2
    – Destiny (“Finished”)
    – Hyrule Warriors (Legend Mode)
    – Shadows of Modor
    – Costume Quest 1 (with DLC)
    – Binding of Issac “Finished”
    – Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition
    – Dragon Age: Inqusition

    • I have no idea what I finished last year, apart from Might and Magic X and Risen 3. Enjoyed the hell out of both games though! 🙂

    • I think;
      -The Last of Us
      -Infamous: Second Son (Infamous side of things)
      -GTA V (PS4 twice)
      -The Wolf Among Us
      -The Stick of Truth

      I think that’s everything..

      I started but never finished;
      -Assassin’s Creed IV
      -Trial’s Fusion
      -Tomb Raider
      -The Walking Dead Season 2

    • Broken Age
      The Wolf Among Us
      The Walking Dead 2
      Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
      inFamous: Second Son
      Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect
      Murdered: Soul Suspect
      Mario Kart 8
      Wolfenstein: The New Order
      South Park: The Stick of Truth
      Valiant Hearts: The Great War
      The Last of Us Remastered
      Diablo 3
      The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
      Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments
      Costume Quest 2
      Alien: Isolation
      Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers
      Dreamfall Chapters: Book One
      Tales from the Borderlands – Ep 1
      Dragon Age: Inquisition
      Game of Thrones – Ep 1

    • 18 in total for me but that includes small and DLC
      Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
      The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
      Batman: Arkham City – Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC
      The Stanley Parable (2013)
      Call of Juarez: Gunslinger
      Metro: Last Light
      Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ultimate Edition
      Tomb Raider (2013)
      Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
      Rogue Legacy
      Costume Quest 2
      Road Redemption
      Sparkle 2 Evo
      SteamWorld Dig
      Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

      And at the same time added to my steam profile was
      Tiny Brains
      Drunken Robot Pornography
      Imagine Me
      Ittle Dew
      Talisman Digital Edition
      Defy Gravity
      The Wolf Among Us
      Valiant Hearts: The Great War / Soldats Inconnus : Mémoires de la Grande Guerre
      Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)
      Shadow Warrior
      Shadow Puppeteer
      Screencheat – Deluxe Edition DLC
      Screencheat – Humble Bonus
      Screencheat – Humble Holidays 2014 Bonus
      Screencheat Prepurchase
      Desktop Dungeons Special Edition
      Batman Arkham Origins
      Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey
      A Bird Story
      Massive Chalice Beta
      Full Mojo Rampage
      Euro Truck Simulator 2
      Grid 2
      Blackguards – Standard Edition
      Always Sometimes Monsters
      Tesla Effect
      Violett + OST
      Card City Nights
      Teleglitch: Base Game
      Sid Meiers Railroads
      Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies
      Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol
      Civilization IV Complete Edition
      Sid Meier’s Civilization III: Complete
      Race The Sun
      Neighbours from Hell Compilation
      Saints Row IV Game of the Century Edition
      Sparkle 2 Evo: Soundtrack Edition
      Assassin’s Creed Liberation Release
      Road Redemption
      Huntsman: The Orphanage
      Hero of the Kingdom
      The Sun at Night
      Pool Nation
      Defense Grid 2 Special Edition
      Wasteland 2
      Prison Architect Standard
      Papers, Please
      Gone Home + Original Soundtrack
      SteamWorld Dig
      Costume Quest 2
      Pinball FX2 – Doctor Strange Table
      Pinball FX2 – Civil War Table
      Pinball FX2 – Marvel Pinball Vengeance and Virtue Pack
      State of Decay – Lifeline
      State of Decay – Breakdown
      State of Decay
      Awesomenauts – Starstorm Expansion
      Awesomenauts – Costume Party DLC Bundle
      Legends of Eisenwald
      LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
      Pinball FX2 – Excalibur Table
      Pinball FX2 – Star Wars™ Pinball: Heroes Within
      The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
      Space Hulk Gift
      Rogue Legacy
      Darksiders II – Death Rides
      Darksiders 2 – Argul’s Tomb
      FORCED Gift
      PAYDAY 2
      Payday 2: Armored Transport
      Bioshock Infinite Season Pass ROW
      Pinball FX2 – 249121
      Urban Trials
      Velvet Assassin
      ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West Premium Edition ROW
      Orion Dino Horde Gift
      Sniper Elite V2
      Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition
      Dead Island: Epidemic Beta Gift
      ibb & obb – Gift Luxurious Friends Forever
      Shadowrun Returns
      Tabletop Simulator
      Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – Teeth of Naros
      Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – Legend of Dead Kel
      Ethan: Meteor Hunter
      Kerbal Space Program
      Age of Empires II 4-Pack Gifts
      Super Sanctum TD
      Amnesia Fortnight 2014
      Amnesia Fortnight New
      Starseed Pilgrim
      Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians
      Guacamelee! Gold Edition
      Dust: An Elysian Tail
      Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut
      Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
      Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten
      Sanctum 2 Complete Pack
      Broken Age – Backer Key
      The Banner Saga Preorder

    • oo! I like the month thing. I think I’ll do that for this year 😀

      1. Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag and Aveline DLC
      2. Attack of the Friday Monsters
      3. Bayonetta 2
      4. Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise
      5. BioShock Infinite
      6. BIT.TRIP Presents Runner 2
      7. Bravely Default
      8. Broken Age Act 1
      9. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
      10. Child of Light
      11. Costume Quest
      12. Dark Souls
      13. Dark Souls II
      14. Destiny
      15. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
      16. Dragon’s Crown
      17. Fantasy Life
      18. FEZ
      19. Final Fantasy X HD
      20. Final Fantasy X-2 HD
      21. Fire Emblem: Awakening
      22. Flower
      23. Gears of War: Judgment
      24. Guacamelee
      25. Gunman Clive
      26. Halo 2 Anniversary
      27. Halo Anniversary
      28. Hyrule Warriors
      29. inFAMOUS: Second Son
      30. Kid Icarus: Uprising
      31. La-Mulana
      32. LEGO MARVEL Super Heroes
      33. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
      34. Mario Kart 8
      35. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
      36. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
      37. Octodad: Dadliest Catch
      38. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
      39. Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright
      40. Psychonauts
      41. Pullblox World
      42. Resogun
      43. Risk of Rain
      44. Rogue Legacy
      45. Shovel Knight
      46. South Park: The Stick of Truth
      47. SteamWorld Dig
      48. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
      49. The Last of Us Remastered and Left Behind DLC
      50. The Night of the Rabbit
      51. The Stanley Parable
      52. The Walking Dead Season 2 (Episodes 2-5)
      53. The Witcher
      54. The Wolf Among Us (Episode 1-2)
      55. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call
      56. Tomb Raider
      57. Toukiden: Age of Demons
      58. Transistor
      59. Trials Fusion
      60. Valiant Hearts
      61. Year Walk
      62. Ys: Memories of Celceta

    • 500 hours of Pokémon Y
      250 hours of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
      Couple of hundred hours of Minecraft

      I didn’t do this whole finishing games thing very well.

  • First meal for 2015: an entire wheel of double brie.

    So much for the losing weight this year…

  • Jeez..

    Screaming child/children at one of the neighbours (not sure which) sounds like a whistling kettle, then again it could be an old fashioned whistling kettle and someone is making tea..

  • Finally got around to playing the second episode of The Wolf Among us. OMG! I love this series, so good. Kinda tempted to start reading the comics.

    Sympathized with Crane (Ugh, I regret that, what a creep)
    Forced the suspect to talk
    Let Snow join me to the Trip Trap
    Didn’t hit Georgie (but I broke his boombox, keg and sign)
    Didn’t hit beast while he was down.

  • Currently doing my first show of the new year, no requests though, unless you dial in 😛

  • This is pretty uncool. I posted a comment on the article about 50 naked dudes fighting and killing each other asking if the site would publish the same article if it featured women instead. Legit question. And it got deleted.

    • I saw that.
      Pretty stupid reason to delete a comment.
      Can’t you post it again though?

    • Heya @miketarno Your comment was “Would Kotaku publish a video of 50 naked women fighting and getting killed? I’m curious.” In my NYE hungover state, I read this as trolling, maybe I was wrong, maybe I wasn’t.

      But to answer your question. Depends on the context, and case-by-case basis. But maybe.

      • Happy new year dude. Nope wasn’t trolling. Legit question. I’ve been on here for quite some time and posted way worse things yet never had anything deleted. 🙂

      • I hadn’t even realised we were at the point where we deleted comments on Kotaku. Is it really that bad these days that we can’t let the upvote/system and discussion sort things out anymore?

        • Comment deletion has been a thing for quite a while. You might not notice it but it definitely happens from time to time.

          • Usually for really messed up comments and personal attacks, very seldom on the basis of someone disagreeing with the article posted or questioning it’s validity.

          • I had Mark swoop in an delete insensitive comments I made not realising what I was doing.
            saved my oblivious arse multiple times

  • I understand everything that @liondrive has said on TAY and Twitter. Clear as rain


    Edit: Sooooo my new years! At around 7 we went and got pizzas and went to the park with the awesome flying fox that omg it’s the best thing in Launceston. I overdid it and pretty much passed out. Lost my vision and hearing and everything. That’s how you pass out on new years isn’t it? Had a massive headache so didn’t drink anything till like midnight when I started feeling better. We went out to see the fireworks and on the way there was a cat fight in the drive through at Maccas which was better to watch than the fireworks.

    Also we went to some independent bottleshop and a) they have like nothing, and b) it was INSANELY overpriced. $51 for a 700ml bottle of Bacardi?!?! It’s $15 or more cheaper at BWS! Found some Jack Daniels that was reasonably priced though so I guess it was okay. I wanted my old faithful though :l

  • Bah! Everything still hurts from the run I did a couple of days ago 😛

    I usually jog for a bit and then walk (for a lot longer…) before doing it all over again for a few km. I figured I’d try to run on this time and managed to get through about 2km straight without having to walk :D. I’m pretty happy with that since my area is super hilly but I’m definitely feeling it though :'(

    I haven’t been running for the past few weeks since my usual work running babe has been busy. Boo! I don’t usually set resolutions or goals or whatevs, but I guess I want to run more :D. Maybe learn how to swim too 😛 (NAH!)

    • Are there any big fun runs that you’d like to do this year? I did the Sydney City2Surf for the first time last year, and it was pretty good.

      This year I think the Mothers Day Classic and the Pub to Pub are on the cards. And maybe a colour run – they look like such fun, but they’re pretty expensive to enter.

      • Haven’t really looked into it :P. A group of us were supposed to do the colour run last year but most people dropped out so we never bothered signing up. Seemed really expensive like you said though D:

      • The colour run is an interesting one, from what I’m reading you’ve done some serious runs so it’ll feel pretty nice only doing 5km if you’re cruising.

        Having taken some students before to do the Colour Run you don’t want to go there and do a personal best 5km time because you”ll have swathes of people on the course. You’ll need to navigate as folks as they stop and pelt colour bombs at each other lol. The Pub to Pub looks tough with that 800m at the start, I hate the sand so running around with sandy feet for an extra 13km doesn’t do it for me!

        • The pub to pub is essentially a local run for me, I live only a suburb away from the start at dee why, and the thought of finishing with a beer at The Arms sounds brilliant. And by “run” I mean shuffling along slowly and lots of walking. I did the C2S in just under 2 hours, so I’m not fast 🙂

          The colour run would be just for fun 🙂 but first up this year is the Sun Run from Dee Why o Manly. Very scenic, a few steep bits.

  • Woo, starting the year out on page 6!

    …where is all the page 6? BOO!

    So new years was alright. Went to hang with Wingman an a few of the others, thankfully the Monopoly was winding up once I got there. We sat around talking for a bit, before eventually cracking out Smash and playing that through midnight and beyond. I totally cleaned up 😛 Even when they were trying to gang up on me. Then we got her boyfriend playing (he didn’t want to at first) and while I still ended up winning, I pointed out that if we were doing a timed match instead of stock he would have won instead. They still didn’t change it though. Oh well.

    Oh and also, there was “jaffa cake” vodka. And honest to god it tasted just like those little cupcakes you used to have for parties as a kid with all the cartoon characters printed on the rice paper. Except in liquid form. Amazing.

    Otherstuff: So the other day my sister and her boyfriend swung by the house to scavenge some lunch. I thought they’d already left to go on their trip to Tassie but apparently not, also I didn’t realise they were taking a friend along too, so she was there with them. She got talking with me, asking how climbing was going, eventually got talking about outdoor and was surprised to hear I’d never been, said that we should go sometime, she’ll get my number off my sister when they get back and organise something, or whatever, and yeah. Thought this was a little weird, like she’s a fairly friendly person usually but this seemed a bit different. Then remembered how a little while back it was mentioned that she was telling my sister how she (sister) had to introduce her (friend) to me or something – even though we’d actually met and talked at climbing a few times previously, she must’ve forgotten or something. A couple of months back actually, she was there one night and talking to someone else when she just clicked and went “oh you’re [your sister’s] brother!”. But yeah, all this had raised my suspicions but I didn’t say anything about it here because I figured it was just me being all paranoid and everything again.

    Fast forward to last night. Half past midnight and I got my first message for the new year – from an unknown number, reading “Happy New Years cutie! (Lucas) Hope all your dreams come true in 2015. Keen to climb mountains together. Love Tyreece”.

    Welp. I have no idea who Tyreece is, but I’m pretty sure he’s not the actual sender of that message.

    • Tyreece sounds like a catch!

      *popcorns up*

      When I was an eligible bachelor and got messages off of numbers I didn’t know, I used to call them from a private number and say I was from a water company and needed there name for a survey. Get’s them every time. (⌐■_■)

      • Really? Most people I know seem to ignore private numbers 😛

        Also did you actually have survey questions lined up or did you just get their name then hang up?

        • I was fluid with happened next, more or less it usually was: name, current water provider and a scale of 1-10 how happy are you with your current provider.

  • Oh yeah, we ended up digging out old toys and Wingman had a set of light-up astrojacks that were still working somehow. So we took them outside into the dark and spent like a good half hour out there playing with them, I got my phone out and set the exposure time to long and tried to see if we could get some cool pictures. Think we got a few 😛

  • @beardymcmuttonchops @beeawwb @cufcfan616 @dc @dkzeitgeist @freezespreston @gutsoup @jimu @lambomann007 @popdart5 @sernobulus @strange @sughly @transientmind @welbot @virus__ @janexo, @sunsoar77

    Hey guys. I’m having a birthday thing on January 10th. That’s a Saturday. It’ll be at night around the CBD/Valley/West End area. I’ll give you definite details soon. Just wanted to give you heads up early. Would be cool to see you folks! 🙂 (No stress or obligation, though.) Don’t worry, we won’t be doing that spend three weeks working out a place thing we often do either. I’ll choose something. 🙂

    • hmmm right in the middle of pay cycle. Will have to wait til closer to the day to know if I can make it or not, but I will update you at some point! 🙂

    • I’ll come along but needs to be an early one since the Mrs works EVERY Damn Sunday now.

      Which blue ray have you the least interest in, or maybe a JRPG? 😛

      • Hahaha! I’m sure 12 Monkeys is excellent. I just have poor free time planning skills! 😛

          • Nope! I will one day though…

            I’ve just got too many games at the moment :P! My plan is to finish up what I’ve started and clear up stuff before Bloodborne and Type-0 in March.

            Captain Toad will be shortish so that won’t be too bad then I’ll just work through whatever I’ve got on Xbone (I plan to play D4 from crazy Deadly Prem dude). Xillia 2 has been sitting unplayed in my PS3 for months since it’s such a dud! Don’t really want to just give up on it since I paid good monies for it, so I’ll force myself to get through it cause I don’t wanna out JRPG myself before March.

            Been wanting to play AA5 for ages too so I think I’ll finally start that soon. It worries me having downloaded 3DS software before doing a transfer, in case something was to go wrong I’d lose everything :O (I’mma buy a New 3DS for MH4U/Xenobladders)

          • I did a new memory card to fit SMTIV, scared the dickens out of me when it didn t work the first time.

            OH man, just sell Xillia, rip that bandaid clean OFF!


            Ive got a bunch of almost finished games. Stuck on hard bits or lost or whatever, sucks.

    • Would love to. =D

      It’s my daughters birthday that day so will probably have stuff on during the day but might be able to make it that night.

  • Playing a bit of Diablo III before having to cook dinner when suddenly a wild @shane appears. Eek!
    Oh crap, oh crap what do I do?!
    Oh, I know! I’ll just pretend he’s my normal follower and try and forget he’s there. 😛

    (But hey, it was kind of fun.)

    How does loot work in a multiplayer situation, by the way?

    • <