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    Up early today!


      Hello! This last week I've been up at around 6am every day. It is a nightmare.

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        Hello! This last week I've been up at around 6am every day. It is a 5 month old baby.

    The roads are good again. So much so that my morning drive only took me 40 minutes like it's supposed to, instead of over an hour. Got into the city so early I decided to detour via Broadway on the way to work, and found the Kmart there a*actually* had a copy of Captain Toad.

    I guess work's good for something then :P

      Well enjoy it for this week until everybody is back next week and things are horrible again

    Hi all! I've been playing quite a bit of Diablo III.

    Last night, I killed Diablo. Act IV only took me a bit over an hour to clear completely.

    I've been using the same weapon since Act II of the game. I know that's really unusual, but I just can't find anything to beat this particular legendary weapon. Its base damage is starting to get a little low (around 200 or so), but with every strike, it sends out this wave of energy that does 700% damage to any foe in its path. I've tailored my passive abilities to take advantage of this, and it devastates mobs of enemies - totally unbeatable.

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      That sounds like a pretty rad weapon. Also act 4 is pretty short, 5 is good tho.

      Bump up the difficulty if it's a complete faceroll. You get more XP, Gold and better loot.

        Yep, was playing with Pantaloons yesterday and we started 1 shotting things on hard so we upped it to expert. Still face rolling everything though...

        I have - as soon as I got that weapon. It's as high as I can get it without completing the game first, and has been since Act II. :P

      Act IV was pretty short, the game seems to get progressively shorter each act because Act I felt really drawn out by comparison. Having a crazy good weapon that obliterated any resistance would certainly have helped!

    First day back at work today. WTF am I doing here?! :(

      I've only had the public holidays off. It feels like I was here at work just yesterday. Ugh.

        I hadn't actually had a holiday since October 2013, so having a week and a half off felt like 6 months :)

    Back to the grind today come on Kotaku give us some good articles to make the day go faster.

    It's one of those days with everyone back at work then? Why did I waste another Christmas break doing nothing? I have lots more 'nothing' to do dammit

      Ain't that the truth. So much nothing left to be done yet I'm stuck doing work 'nothing' which is no fun at all.


    Friend 1: Are we there yet?
    Saturday: It's like a 3 hour trip to the mountains, can you be patient-
    Friend 1: ARE WE THERE YET?!

    Friend 1: Man, crazy that we get barely any snow down in the mainland compared to up here.
    *We start driving into heavy snowfall*
    Friend 2: What the fuck is this?!

    Saturday: How much for a goddamn one-day ski pass?
    Saturday: How much for renting a snowboard?!
    Repeat ad infinitum.

    Saturday: Uuuuhhhh.. I hate Tony Abbott?

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      Postscript: Cannot remove italic tags on last story. Also, I thought about saying "I hate Julia Gillard" first but I'm pretty sure you guys hate all your politicians so I'm sure it didn't matter.

      Today I was walking up a path on refrozen slush and started sliding down and I thought to myself "This is how I die, by slipping on ice" and I guess that's sort of like snowboarding?

        Fuck no, that's far too extreme a activity. You daredevil, you.

      You're complaining about Canadian snowsports costs? Man, it's so cheap there compared to here.

      Worse than Japan and most of Europe, but still.

        I'm afraid to ask how much.

        ... Nah, I'll ask. How much?

          From memory it's like 80-100 buckaroonies for a day pass.

            Oh god, please tell me that's for a smaller ski resort.

            cc @saturday

            Nope, was a good $100-150+ last year. And then accomm/transport/flights/rentals are also super-expensive. Canada is slightly cheaper in the skilioft prices.

    Hi all! Hope everyone had a good christmas/new years - I spent two weeks up north with the folks. Christmas day was great, if a little wet. Played mahjong with my mum, ate lots of good food, had a few too many espresso martinis. Got a proper display case for my pen collection, an EB gift voucher, and my first guitar amp. \o/ Had to wait until I got home last night to try the amp out, but it's awesome to be able to play without Rocksmith in the way (finally).

    Boxing day was spent having a second Christmas lunch with our friends, which was good. Went to my parents' friend's birthday get-together on the 1st, and met this guy that reminded me so much of that drug-addled doctor from Far Cry 3... only minus the drugs, I guess. Naturally enthusiastic about everything, especially food; a great bloke.

    The rest of the holiday was pretty much spent relaxing, reading (Brent Weeks' new(-ish) series is rather good), playing Pokemon OR (just got the last badge - looking at the next steps is a bit daunting, tbh) and a bit of Hearthstone (still working to unlock all the basic decks - maybe halfway there), and continuing our game of mahjong (I'd had a bunch of small wins over the course of the few days, so was sitting about 4k points ahead, and the last game mum pulled off a win as East in the final game with four doubles, giving her about 4900 points - gg, mum, gg)... Good times.

    Got home at about 8:30 last night, and realised I was 30 minutes late for Xur. What did he have? Oh. Oh. There, but for my poor foresight when booking the flights months ago, goes my Gjallarhorn upgrade. :'(

      You only need a Paladin deck, don't worry about the others! ;)

        CCG. C!!!! :P

        I actually enjoy playing against the AI - it makes me feel like I know what I'm doing :P. That, and I'm having a heap of fun just playing mage - "Oh, you have me down to 3 health? You, however, have no taunt - fireball to face, fireball to face, send minions at face, *grin*." :D

          It's a really cool game, if I wasn't a Destiny addict I would play it more. With the Goblins and Gnomes expansion the Paladin deck is pretty OP in early rush/aggression decks which was my playstyle before it came out.

          The mage was the first I started with as well.. you will learn!

            Well, yea, I can see myself playing a little bit, but still very much addicted to Destiny myself. If only Bungie reduced the daily load so I had time for other things... might have to stop bothering with the daily stories for all three characters, as it's not like I need ascendant mats anymore, and have nothing I really want to upgrade enough to warrant the XP (that 9k XP bounty aside) :P. Maybe I'll start to focus on specific repping specific factions...

            My time with the paladin was indeed fun - got all the basic cards for it, built a deck with what I had (including my first and only legendary, Grommash Hellscream :P), and went roughly 50/50 against the expert AI. Very much still learning, but I'm a little worried whether I'll have the time to keep it up now I'm back from holidays. The android version runs like arse on my old 2012 Nexus 7, and hits an endless loading screen when I try to play against the AI... maybe I'll be able to spend more time on it when they bring out the phone ports, during my commutes.

              What sorcery is this where you can use a Warrior exclusive legendary in a Paladin deck!?

              Sorry, I know way too much about Hearthstone...

                Oops :P Mighta been Was probably using it in another deck - I was swapping around pretty frequently while getting each to 10. I do remember Pally being pretty fun, tho :P

                Last edited 09/01/15 11:02 am

    Brisbane folk, making reservations in an hour. I've tagged enough so won't again today, but you got an hour if you haven't RSVPed yet. XD

    Edit: It is done. Made booking, but they'll call back with confirmation.

    Last edited 05/01/15 10:46 am

      Oh yeah, I totally don't know Brisbane at all. What area should I be looking at and would be a good place to stay?

        Uh, I'm gonna let someone else answer where to stay, because I'm a hermit with no experience on this front. But all bday plans will be in the CBD so as long as you can get somewhere central like Queen St it should be easy to navigate. (Or get someone to find you.)

        Last edited 05/01/15 9:39 am

          The Meriton (either one I think) was reasonably cheap from memory for new apartments in the city. My family stayed there for a couple of days and it was quite nice. Not knowing budget though, hard to answer :-P

          Last edited 05/01/15 9:47 am

            +1 for The Meriton, I stay there for work and is very close to the CBD and a short cab ride to The Valley :P

            I misread that, and I thought you were telling him to sleep on the grass at Metricon Stadium.

        @dc 's house!

          Gooky's Sydney residence is probably closer to Brisbane than my house. :P

          I know a tool shed you can sleep in, though. It's not mine.

        All depends on when you'll be here and for how long I guess? I'm always happy to offer my couch for a night or two if needed, but depends on what you've got on and when as to whether it might suit you or not!

      Is it too late? I've only just logged on to TAY! That's what I get for working. :(

        Made reservation, but with an extra space. Want it?

          Yes please. Sorry for the lateness in response, I tend to only do my TAYing at work which means when I'm on leave I'm doing anything but checking in.

      I have absolutely no idea what this is all about. Except for the fact that I'm three days late :P

    Whelp, here's the big day where I find out I'm fired. Wish me luck!

    Last edited 05/01/15 9:24 am

      I like the edit. Gotta end in positivity!

      And so in honour of that I give you a multiple choice ending!

      A) Don't forget to steal all the office supplies!
      B) Sorry to hear that, I hope it works out for you.

        The only thing I'm planning on stealing is my own crap, the camera... and the display boat.

          Rig the display boat so you can give the finger to everybody and then drive through a wall/window with said boat into the glorious sunset.

    Happy Monday, and Back to Work Day for some of us. Hoping to scrounge a copy of Captain Toad Treasure Tracker today as well, EB sold out at Marrickville...

    Hey all. Long time no talk, I know. Sorry for my absence since whenever I last TAYed but I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and New Year's.

    I like that I'm on a two week break starting today, so I get to laugh at all you suckers returning to work.

    Last edited 05/01/15 10:10 am

    HIghperformances weekend:

    Saturday: Swimming in a pool and Shadows of Mordor
    Sunday: 80km bike ride, bee sting in my mouth and Shadows of Mordor

    Turns out I'm not allergic to bees! \o/

      Sounds like a mostly good weekend. Except for the assassination attempt. D:

        Someone asked me why I had a bee in my mouth in the first instance.

        Why wouldn't you? It was a Bee Plus for looks =D

          Just bee yourself man, just bee yourself.

    Ha, boss showed me some Nintendo hanafuda cards he picked up on his trip. Wants to play a game during lunch.

    Heeelp. I was the first one in the office today and the air conditioner hasn't been on for weeks and it's 35 degrees in here and I don't know how to work the buttons to turn it on and ahhhhhh I'm mellltiiing.

      I'm already getting an a/c headache from it being too cold in here. Bleh.

      Just do what my Dad does with his TV remote. Press every single goddamn button until it does what you want it to.

    I have been playing this war of mine and I have learnt something about my self. I am useless in a war. I cannot bring myself to take anything that belongs to anyone else. I also can't refuse people who ask for help. I don't fight back. I am just terrible.
    So yeah, do not expect me to be a help if a civil war breaks out =P

      *takes Scree's name off list*

      I don't think I could bring myself to even play that game, I'd probably end up leading with an iron fist and everyone ends up leaving cuz I'm too hard on them :P

      God, it's such a good game, right? Depressing as hell. When your best isn't good enough... I was similar in that I didn't turn anyone away who needed help... but we learned some very different things, I think. Namely: before food, water, shelter, sleep, your top priority should be weapons. Because weapons get you all those other things. And yes, you may need to rob the helpless when your buddy is severely wounded and you don't have enough medical supplies, but hey, those people were old and going to die anyway oh god I'm sorry why aren't they there anymore how do I atone what have I done?

        Yeah, I only make weapons to defend myself, nothing else. I can't hurt other people because I am a terrible person

    Applying for something later this month that's industry related and I'm a little excited about it. It's been a long time since I've had to hype up my uni degree on a CV, though. TELEVISION DEGREE QUALIFIES ME FOR EVERYTHING! *flails arms* :P

    Last edited 05/01/15 1:36 pm

      We, with the way the Australian Government is going, they really wish your TV degree will still be viable. They're working extra hard to make sure it will be by charging Aussies through the ass to watch Game of Thrones.

    Hey, TAY.
    My neck hurts, and I think we've exceeded our download quota for the month.
    Won't reset until Sunday.
    Also, I've resolved to cut back on my game purchasing this year, so I can put my money towards more useful things.
    Also, 4th test starts tomorrow, and I've been watching a bit of the tennis in the meantime.
    Hope the rest of you are staying safe and enjoying yourselves! :D

      every time I hear the music for that Tennis commercial before it all began for this year it reminds me of: "Don't cry for me, I'm already dead" - Barney

      Last edited 05/01/15 10:45 am

      I've been watching a bit of the tennis in the meantime.

      The heat, it does terrible things to a man

      Was meant to be there, but the rescheduling and new job's leave policies mean that I can't :(

      It looks like it's going to get washed out a lot anyway. Might be a blessing in disguise that I'm missing out.

    Hilarious reading reviews and experiences from people who have gone to Japan and are genuinely angry that everyone speaks Japanese over there. And 90% of the time it's Americans assuming the whole country purely exists to cater to Yank tourists.

      Those monsters. they probably prefer dubs too.

        I know it's a joke, but I have often wondered why the Western market is so eager to support an industry which only uses a total of like... five voice actors for dubbing anything and everything.

          Are we talking about anime or video games?

            Hah. Well, Nolan North and Troy Baker are pretty damn prolific in games, but I was thinking mostly of anime. It really does seem like only the same half-dozen actors doing ALL the dub work.
            (Edit: Crispin Freeman and Steven Blum in particular.)

            Last edited 05/01/15 11:07 am

              You can blame the Japanese for that. They're the ones who make the choices. Every change in One Piece was done by the original creator.

              To be fair, anime is like that to some extent in Japanese too. Takehito Koyasu for example feels like he's in more than half of the anime produced since about 1995.

              And there's an emerging problematic trend in the industry over the last 3-4 years as well, where they keep 'discovering' flavour-of-the-month 'idol' female seiyuu who are of really average quality but they push them really hard ahead of the more talented or experienced actresses because it's often cheaper and the companies involved with the production have more incentive to push them.

              Steve Blum is awesome and everywhere!

          Don't understand it myself. Dubs just break the characterisation and tone of the whole thing, as well as being generally terrible.

            I'm very much in the "it depends on the production" camp here.

            Things like Dragonball Z Abridged take it to the extreme but it works. Others places that take a Woolseyism approach tend to be alright too.

            When you don't speak the original language, you can lose a lot of nuance that subtitles really don't handle well. You can also ignore some of the more irritating or less well done aspects because you just aren't hearing them the same way you would if you heard them in a language you speak.

            I think the whole debate is silly.

            There are a scarce handful I've seen where the dub cast does a better job than the original cast, but you could probably count those on a single, badly-mutilated hand.

            Probably Unpopular Devil's Advocate Theory for kicks and giggles: The reason we prefer subs to dubs is because in our native language we can tell how hackneyed and contrived the dialogue and delivery is, but when it's in a foreign language, we can't tell if the tone is being delivered terribly or not.


              Or, what @trjn already said a minute earlier... JINX!

                That's probably a fair call. But for me dubs just sound off, the voices and language just does not match the characters and their animations.
                When watching subbed stuff I tune out the subs in the same way as when I read a book I don't really see the words half the time, it just merges into a scene in my head.
                So it's like I am listening to it in Japanese but understand it.

              There's a lot of truth to this. I think it's pretty easy to tell when you're hearing a bad performance if you've heard the language a bit, but very hard to pick out a mediocre or over-acted one.

            That's something that's always stood out to me with anime dubs too. It's almost like they're deliberately made to sound bad. You can take some people who are very talented voice actors - Troy Baker for example does a fair bit of anime too - and they'll sound great in most video games. But give them an anime dub role and they sound like amateurs. Someone once described the approach to me as "reading the ingredients on the label of a can of soup and being really excited about it". Accurate.

            I think some of the issue is that they've got to fit the translation into the mouth movements, and also that Japanese has a thing where they say people's names with a whole mountain of pathos and everything, and that just sounds daft in English. I can't remember what it was, might have been an 8-4 podcast where they were talking about it, but their example was the final scene in Terminator 2. If that had been anime, there'd have been a lot of shots of Arnold and John Conner staring at each other as he lowers himself into the furnace and a lot of "TERMINATOR!!!" ... "JOHN!!!!" going on. It doesn't translate well. But they're kind of saddled with that baggage when doing an anime dub. There's other language conventions that don't translate very well either.

            Also a lot of anime acting is mediocre, overacted or just plain shit in Japanese too. And even really good actors and actresses will struggle with a crap script or bad direction. Not just in anime either, look at the caliber of actors that put in wooden performances in the Star Wars prequels for example.

        Of all the anime I've watched (ie all of like... two series), I preferred the dubs. Subtitles are annoying, having to read the whole time.

        Ended up missing an ep or two and tried to download it, but they all had the weird-sounding Japanese voices and I just couldn't watch it. Everything was wrong.

          Ahh but that's what bugs me about dubs: they are Japanese characters in Japan, they should be speaking Japanese and sound Japanese. English just does not fit.

            Translation convention applies here. Anyhow, quite a lot of anime series are set in worlds that don't even have a Japan. I'm okay with Luke Skywalker speaking English for the sake of the story, there's no reason Eren Yaeger couldn't (although given the setting, German would be most appropriate).

            You're not wrong, you've just become used to it being a certain way. This is all about preference and that's exactly why I take the approach that it depends on the production.

            Yeah but I don't speak Japanese :P

            When I played Katawa Shoujo, the writing and all the characters' "voices" in my head were all in English and it didn't seem weird to me. For TV shows it doesn't seem like it should be any different.

          This is the normal arc people go through. You need to watch stuff subtitled for a bit to get to the point you're comfortable with that.

          When I got into anime, it was exclusively dubbed stuff. I would get annoyed if I couldn't find stuff in English. The tipping point for me swapping over to subtitled was two things. First, I got frustrated with slow release of Bubblegum Crisis 2040 and watched ahead in Japanese, then re-watched the 'proper' dubbed version and found there was a ton of stuff that the dub changed for the sake of it so I wasn't getting as 'pure' an experience (one example that I can still remember was some people talking about going on holiday to Australia getting dubbed to Hawaii). The bigger tipping point though was that I got into Rurouni Kenshin, and it wasn't available dubbed at all for ages, plus watching a show set in the 1800s in Japan in Japanese just felt right.

          Nowadays I suspect that the same thing will happen for a lot of people. Get in via dubbed stuff, but eventually you're going to want to follow the latest and greatest stuff or go into some more niche shows, and that means subtitles. Additionally a lot less stuff is being dubbed for home video releases since the bubble burst in the US around 2008 or so and sent most of the localization companies bust.

      Yeah, I don't know what their problem is, I mean the Japanese should know by now that the U.S. is the centre of the goddamn universe.

        Why else do all alien attacks happen to occur there and no where else on the planet?! HUH!?

          Well. Unless you watch anime, in which case the the apocalypse pretty much always has Japan as alternately Ground Zero or the Last Bastion of Civilization.

            Pfft, Independence Day is way more believable than some cartoon with their unrealistic eye sizes :P
            WELCOME TO URF!

      One of the numerous things I love about Japan is that you don't know exactly what's going on most of the time. Important things like airports and train stations have English signs and speakers, but the rest of the time it's just a blur of crazy characters and alien language. I actually find it relaxing.

      On another note, don't be 'murican in japan. They don't like 'em. E.g. no 'abercrombie' or other bullshit shirts, leave the slogans at home, make sure you have aussie accent, etc.

    Already feel like lunch. This is the worst.

    I have things I need to do today but all I want to do is play Diablo III or Dragon Age: Inquisition.
    I wonder if I have the self control to stop playing once I start? I'd like to think I can play for a little bit and get it out of my system so I can focus on work, but I'm pretty sure if I start, all of a sudden it will be dinner time and I'll wonder what happened to the day. :P

      Diablo III is really hard to stop playing. #helping

        And then there's Dragon Age:

        "Hey NPC! How was your day?"

        *commence seven hour quest*

        Last edited 05/01/15 11:10 am

          Haha, yeah I got caught by that the other day. I was all "Okay, I'll just do this one little quest and then I'll stop." "Whoops. Not such a little quest after all!". :D

      I keep meaning to get back to Diablo, think I got to the end of act I and stopped. Still gotta go back and finish Far Cry 4, Shadow Of Mordor, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Lords Of The Fallen, Borderlands:TPS, Destiny etc etc.

      I think I actually finished a whole 2 games last year, inFamous: Second Son, and Skylanders: Trap Team.

      Really need to pull my finger out this year and complete more games and try not to buy more before I've finished the ones I've got.

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