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    Morning. Just wanted to repost as not everyone frequents weekend TAY.

    I bought my first 'expensive' Transformers figure on Saturday - the Jetfire/Skyfire Thrilling 30th anniversary - it cost me $89 and OMG it is the greatest Transformers toy I have ever owned.

    I must admit though, most of the new Transformers toys are very shithouse. Half of them (the Mashers line for instance) don't even transform! What is up with that? When I was a kid, Transformers toys came with a damn instruction manual. Some of these new ones don't deserve the title of Transformers.

    Which leads me to; anyone own an awesome Transformer toy? Old or new, I'd love a cool story.

      I never had a Transformer toy, I remember as clear as day being invited to Teagan Hunters 6th birthday part with pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey. I was so close to having the parcel, but the music 'stopped' when it got to the person next to me. They got an Optimus Prime action figure, I was so damn close.

      This was the closest I ever got to owning a Transformer :(

        Holy crap! How great were kids parties in the eighties/nineties?

        Optimus Prime action figures in Pass the Parcel? Madness! :D

        Aren't you an adult? Can't you just like, go buy one?

          Haha, here's the thing. When you're a kid you want toys that your parents can't afford and you desperately want to rip them out of the packaging when you do get them.

          Then you get old and can afford all the toys you want but don't buy them so desperately. And when you do, sometimes you don't even take them out of the packaging because of their 'resale value' still boxed. That might be just me, anyway.

          I suppose I am, unfortunately collectibles don't hold the appeal for me I had when I was a child though.

      I had a few, although my favourite wasn't any of the cool ones. No, my favourite was Cosmos, the flying saucer. I also had friends who had Metroplex and Omega Supreme. I have 3 Transformers at the moment, Starscream, Movie Bumblebee and Movie Barricade. Would love a few more though.

        Oh nuts, I was totally looking up Starscream variants over the weekend. You don't have the Masterpiece one?

          Just a little figure that I picked up from Target. I wish I had some of the good figures, but they're out of my price range.

      Masterpiece is the way to go if you want rad, well-made transformers. I've got Starscream, Soundwave (w/Laserbeak) and Wheeljack in Masterpiece form.

      Also have 3 of 5 of a set of third party Combaticons which are all fairly good, though not quite Masterpiece quality.

      I did, when I was younger. Optimus prime, with the trailer cannon thing, back when they weren't afraid to give kids a hunk of folding metal :P Got it as a hand-me-down from an older cousin. Although, for a truck, it seemed highly susceptible to getting clogged with sand and dirt, to the point it nearly lost it's transforming ability. Also lost quite a few of the pieces, somehow... (how does one "misplace" a trailer of that size? :P) I believe it got cleaned up a bit, oiled a little to loosen the joints, and sold in a garage sale in '96.

      I remember having the 2 in one transformer things, don't even remember what they were.
      I had a deception set where a 4wd jeep thing and a helicopter combined to form the robot.

      Man, we used to own a BOATLOAD of Transformers. We went from the hardcore solid metal ones (we had metal Optimus as the crowning glory of the collection, but there were some old-school metal+rubber decepticon jets in there as well, Ultra-Magnus, and the constructicons), to the next-gen plastics, and on to the re-coloured re-makes. (Which we were less pleased with. No, I'm sorry, Constructicons are purple and green, not yellow.) Getting all the cassettes for Soundwave was a particular high point. At one point they actually came with read-along-to-books-on-tape packs.

      The collection grew to be pretty massive, though I always regretted not having Rodimus Prime, Shockwave, and the complete Dinobot collection. No matter.

      One day I reconnected with an old school chum and we got to talking. He talked about how his big passion, his hobby, was collecting Transformers. Some he was collecting to on-sell to other collectors, but mostly he was building his own collection. Knowing that we had a tonne of scrap metal and plastic sitting in a half-dozen big crates, I offered him to take what he wanted.

      You should've seen the look on his face. I didn't think it was possible for an adult human to ever be that happy or excited.

      We fell out of touch again but bumped into each other again just a couple years ago, where I met his kids and missus. I asked if the Transformers ended up going to a good home and he laughed and said, "Yeah... mine!" And the missus looked to me and half-glared, "So you're the one that gave him all those bloody things. He still talks about that!" So, potentially relationship-wrecking, but well-loved. I think that's the best thing that could've happened for those toys, because the only use it would've seen with me or my brothers is being looked at by accident every decade or two and fuel for bittersweet nostalgia for a while.

    Morning all!

    I finished Swapper (PS+ game) last night. Great game, great mechanics, amazing visuals, interesting ideas and clever puzzles. (cc @dc, because I know he played it). I made sure that I never left a room until I'd figured out the puzzle - some of them took quite some time. I'm pretty sure I got them all.
    Edit: holy crap. This game was crafted in clay, apparently. Amazing.

    I'm wondering if there are multiple ways to finish some of these puzzles, because in some ways, I kind of feel like I cheesed my way through them in a very clumsy way. Or maybe some of those puzzles just didn't have any elegant solutions.
    Was unprepared for a moral choice at the end, and swapped with the rescue worker almost by accident. Feel bad about it, but had no way to go back and take it back.

    I've been working pretty hard on Undad too. Issue 4 is taking off, with more than 50 pages scripted and six pages of artwork completed. It's gonna be a big issue, probably around 80 pages... mainly because I like making things harder for myself. Still aiming for May deadline.

    Dreading the grind of the work week, and hope you are the same.


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      I've always wanted to play Swapper, and I have it on Steam. The question I have is that, from the Vita version, does it look like it is a graphically amazing, as my computer is rather horrible, and can't run anything that looks even remotely nice.

        It's a very pretty game (played on PS4), but my impression is that most of that is style and design, rather than something with graphically-intensive effects and sprites.

        Specs you need for PC:
        I don't know what kind of machine you've got, but the required specs are relatively modest.

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      Great, great game.

      I totally threw my Swapper off the cliff at the end. D:

        I wish I'd done that. I watched the other ending on YouTube, and I think it's the better ending.

          I did the same as you initially out of reflex, but just quit to main menu and the save point was just before it again. :)

            You're both monsters.

              I quit before the cutscene even triggered. SHANE'S THE MONSTER!

    I can't believe I ignored my whole weekend to watch Awesome Games Done Quick. I donated about 100 bucks and freaked out when they didn't kill the animals and save the frames.

    One thing that kept bothering me though is how loosely everybody used the term 'casual'.

      One thing that kept bothering me though is how loosely everybody used the term 'casual'.
      What do you mean?

        They kept implying that anybody who doesn't speedrun videogames are 'casuals'.

          I think everybody who plays videogames thinks people show aren't as dedicated as themselves are casuals.
          Only play single player = casual
          Don't follow news on new releases = casual
          Only play on PC = casual
          Only play on colsole = casual
          Only play portable or mobile games = casual
          Play through the main quests but don't complete secondaries = casual
          Complete main and secondary but don't 100% collectables = casual

            What do you mean you can't play blindfolded?

            Complete main and secondary, 100% collectables - didn't complete on 'Nightmare' difficulty = casual as fuck.

    Morning. How was your weekend? I spent it playing ACIII and Captain Toad. ACIII is worse than expected, while Captain Toad is fabulous.

      Got ACIII for Christmas, I am dreading playing it from all the feedback now :(

        I liked it!
        I mean, it's still one of the worst AssCreed games, but I really enjoyed it.

        Honestly, I think Revelations was worse. ACIII's worst sin (IMO) is that it just wasn't all that interesting. Everything picked up again with Black Flag, though!

          So Rogue is the entry level pirate game I'm looking for?

            I don't know - haven't played Rogue yet!
            From all accounts, it is a very good game, though!

              Rogue is very good - though if you haven't played ACIV I would play that first

        It's not terrible, but it is very video gamey and a bit cheesey. I'm still going to finish it, and it does have a better story than Unity

          My biggest issue with ACIII was that your character conveniently Forrest Gumps his way into every major historical event of the era - the Boston Tea Party, the Signing of the Declaration of Independence, Valley Forge, Bunker Hill, etc. Granted I think this was to try to lampshade his hypocrisy because he claims to be acting independently while clearly taking the side of the colonists but it's pretty over the top.

          In general I really liked how it played. I loved the homestead building though the frontier was a bit of a pain to traverse since I didn't discover until the game was over that there were shops I could visit to unlock additional fast travel points. The game also gives you a dungeon-crawling minigame but you don't think it's important - it unlocks fast travel points around the cities, which again, would have been very useful to know.

          Otherwise, I really enjoyed it. It's a clear winner over Revelations and I personally didn't care for the first game very much so my order is something like:

          Brotherhood > Black Flag > AC2 > AC3 > AC1 > Revelations

          Haven't played Unity or Rogue yet but if Rogue is anything like AC3 (and I am of the understanding that it is, being set primarily in North America and the connector between the Black Flag & AC3 storylines) I will probably like it a lot. I intend to borrow Unity from a friend but don't have high hopes for it.

            Rogue is much more like ACIV but with New York - it's really great. I didn't know that about the shops for fast travel points, thanks for the heads up!

              I recommend you lookup how to find them online, they don't appear on the map until you walk up and enter them - even though I must have walked through those little unmarked towns a dozen times I didn't have any travel points unlocked except the forts I'd "liberated", which are mostly around the perimeter of the map, whereas the shops are scattered around the middle.

              There's also an achievement for trading with "all" the stores in the frontier, so discovering them is necessary to do that in order to send trade goods to them.

        I enjoyed it myself although Connor was a bit of a cardboard cut out.

      Good to hear about Toad! I picked it up for $48 on Thursday, but don't have time to play!

    Hola Tay

    Caught up with friends on Friday, who moved to Canberra a year or two ago bit were back for a wedding. Played the Resistance, which is always fun.

    Other than that quiet weekend, went back to Arkham Origins after more than a year away to finish off the riddler trophies and also played more of The Witcher 2 which I am determined to finish before 3 comes out.

    A Monday morning question: which game has sat unfinished for you the longest before finishing it?

      Super Metroid - still unfinished but I am sooo close now..

      Chrono Trigger for sure.

      First owned (SNES): 1997ish
      First finished (DS version): 2014

        How'd you get it on SNES in Australia? Jelly.

          From memory, we had one of those converters that allowed us to play NTSC games on our SNES.

            We hired that a few times. We played Ultra Man & some mad max knock off

      Well, Twilight Princess is still sitting there unfinished. Pretty sure the last I played it was Jan25 2007. There could very well be others though.

      When I think about it a really strange one for me was Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, I never owned the game so I had to keep going back to the video store each time I'd saved enough pocket money to keep playing it. I don't remember their ever being a save feature so I would have to start from scratch every damn time.

      I played it in 1998 and hired it about 5 times between then and 2000 before I finished it.

      Wait, of course! One that fully fits the question!

      First owned: Uh. Early/mid 90s.
      First beaten: Pretty sure it was the start of 2010, when we got the floorboards put in and I was stuck sharing a room with my sister because mine was full of furniture. She sure got sick of the music for...
      Game: Battletoads

      Weirdly, considering your post, mine is the Witcher 1.
      Bought it back before everyone knew about it (yeah, I'm a Witcher Hipster, I got it before it was kewl). Got to the (first?) city. Put it down.
      Haven't come back to it.
      I'm fairly certain that's about 6 years.

        That's never been finished? I have a looooooong list of those.

      Going to go with Super Mario Bros. 3 - played it years and years ago on a friend's NES, maybe 1993?
      I know a bunch of friends and I got together at one point to try running it (no warps) some time around 2003 but we failed and gave up at world 6.
      Recently ran through the whole thing, start to finish, no warps, with Aleph back in October. First time for me on that. So that'd be 20+ years for that one?

        I'm not sure I've done it with no warps. Pretty sure there was a level or two in world 6 and 7 (possibly 5 as well?) that I just could never seem to finish, I'd always run out of time.

        Never done SMB without warp pipes either, I don't think I've even *seen* world 6 or 7 >_>

          I remember distinctly in The Big Playthrough of '03 when we couldn't get past the big invincibility run across pirahna plants in world 6. Thought this run would also stop there but we made it.

      Not counting games I am YET to finish, F.E.A.R.

      I bought an Xbox 360 in late 2006 and got F.E.A.R. on sale a few months later, let's say early 2007. I think it launched with the 360 in 2005? Anyway, I got about 3/4 of the way through and set it aside. My wife never finished it either but we later bought F.E.A.R. 2 (which she finished and I swore I would play one day, when I finished F.E.A.R.) and we later bought F.3.A.R. which we both finished within a week of purchase. I later went back and finished F.E.A.R. 1 & 2 during shameless gaming month (July) 2011.

      Probably Sonic 2, was the only mainline Mega Drive Sonic I didn't own & could never beat that last prick.

      I didn't complete it til I was 20 & first played when I was around 9.

      If I ever finish Sonic 1 without cheats, then that.

      Honestly not sure. After a while I move on from stuff and never take them off my backlog. Nier might be the oldest thing? Picked it up not long after it launched, never got to it until last year.

      I don't know about sat but from start to finish my longest was bioshock.
      I think I played it for 4 consecutive calendar years

      Crash Team Racing
      First played: 2003
      Completed: 2011

      Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
      First played: 2003
      Completed: 2012-ish

      Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
      First played: 2004
      Completed: 2012-ish

      Castlevania: Belmont's Revenge
      First played: 2003
      Completed: TBA (I made a concerted effort this year, but I can't beat the final boss)

    Good morning mark. Can you help out a query for me please? Went to play Zen pinball on xbone over the weekend and saw my two south Park tables have been removed. Bit pissed, as I paid for them. Any idea why they got removed?? Licence issues perhaps?? Thanks!!!!

      He doesn't check here really. Some Zen Pinball players are around though. Contact MS maybe?

        Will do. I wanted to hear some south Park noises...

    Mum vs. Dragon Age 2 update

    I was right, she got stuck as hell on the Arishok fight. Also somehow she never got Isabela so that wasn't an option. I was up visiting the parents on the weekend and she apparently spent all Saturday night (after I went to bed) trying to kill him and eventually was so frustrated she ragequit.

    So I killed him for her on Sunday, and now she's ploughing through Act 3.

    Morning all. Not been doing much lately. Just waiting to hear back from the universities about my possible future, and playing Assassin's Creed 4 to pass the time. I purchased the Freedom cry DLC, so I hope it's good, cause with my shitty ATAR, I could be here awhile.

    Morning all!

    So... Application of stupidity in Pokémon - After about 50 of my 1 in 20 chance encounters (yes, probably took about 1000 encounters to do it, and I caught 2 shinies during THAT process since it took so long), the 1 in 20 chance of a hidden ability still didn't come through. I ended up giving up and trading for one. Now I have hundreds as the hatching grind has begun.


        Still haven't entirely locked down what the next 3 will be after this. Plus, I realised on the weekend that I might need 2 teams if I want to try for the gym leader thing this year, since challengers could have XY or ORAS...

          Those games work together though, why two teams?

            If I want to run something like mega sableye, that won't work with XY - could be easier to have a team on an XY cart and a team on an ORAS cart to avoid stuffing around and chopping and changing things.

    PSA: Today is International Kiss A Ginger Day.

      My beard has a few stray red hairs. Wonder if this counts? Will try it on the wife later.

      Well I'd better go into hiding then....
      Or maybe I should set up a booth??

      Sounds like a holiday invented by lovelorn gingers

      Shocking DC confessions. I know society tells me I should make fun of gingers, but I find them secretly hot. D:

        Gingers = no soul
        Robots = no soul
        Gingers = Robots?
        My whole life has been a lie

    Heyo, hope weekends were swell all round.

    Mine was okay. Helped out co-worker with stuffs. Cleaned the house. Went to golf driving range, bought some cheap shoes! Rode bike twice, once with friend. Bike rides are rad. Cheesed Crota's end, failed 30sec from end of Hard Mode Atheon because of bugs. Overall fun tiems.

    Last edited 12/01/15 9:54 am

      I did the first raid with some US friends on the weekend, across 2 nights, but we got stuck on Atheon. all the US guys have done it before so I don't know what the problem was but we always seemed to have half the team down after the second trip through the timestream so when Atheon warped us the third time there was no one to get the gates open. I just don't know what to do about the explosing harpies (supplicants?). Considering we were doing normal difficulty and we're all level 30/31 I can't believe we were struggling so hard.

        You know the two plates that you activate? If you jump on the pillars in the middle of them the supplicants can't blow you up. Can still shoot you though. Unsure what the problem was with half your team dying. Were they dying outside or inside portal?

          I think part of the issue was the people on the sync plate not keeping the gate clear of supplicants from the outside, so the team returning would get self-destructed. Obviously standing on the pillar, which none of us thought to do, would help with line of sight. It also seemed that despite my wife and I being the "newbies" we were the only ones holding the sync plates, while the other two solely defending the conflux from minotaurs, which doesn't seem like a two-person job. One time we got warped together and no one opened the gate for us at all!

          We only took half a dozen shots at Atheon before our US buddies had to retire for the evening - if I'm really lucky I might have another shot tonight before the weekly reset.

            PS4 mate? Always happy to help where I can. Username - bigharro99

              Sadly, Xbone.

              Seems all the usual TAYbies are on PS4 else I'm sure I'd have got this done by now. :(


                All the best of luck sir.

    Thanks so much to those who ventured to my birthday thing on Saturday. Was great seeing you. Hope you all had a decent night. (Though I think I might need to moderate how much I drink from time-to-time. I'm always the first one written off. :P)

    Last edited 12/01/15 10:03 am

      Also, I love this Brisbane TAYbies + Friends photo! <3

        DC is the only one wearing a colour :P Birthday boy always drawing attention to himself, jeez.

          Or I got attacked by deBlob on the way. He goes where Gooky goes. as a foreigner from a foreign land who doesn't socialise with you guys much outside of here...who is who? (I recognise some of the Bris peoples from my meat up there)

          Top row, left to right: Sughly, Beardy, Gooky, DC, Mrs. Freeze, Transientmind, Mrs. Beardy, Mrs. Dan, Strange.
          Bottom row, left to right: Nobs, Freeze, DC's friend Ben, Dan!

            Mucho Gracias and I'm happy you had an awesome birthday!

      You have an odd definition of written off.

        Everyone else seemed completely sober to me.

          Have we discussed the relative sobriety scale?

          When you are sober, and a friend is sober, you both usually consider the other person to be sober. When you're seven drinks in, and the other is five (assuming you both react to alcohol in the same way and at the same rate), they seem sober to you, because of relative positioning.

          The thing is, that as you get drunker (which is usually about drink 15 for me, presumably less for most people) your margin of error for analysing drunkenness becomes much wider, so that the drunk can appear sober, and vice versa.

            So... everybody was embarrassingly drunk and we can never go to the Bier Cafe again? :D

      Yeah, what Freeze said. What are you even talking about? :P You were fine.

    Operation: Make DC Accept A Gift was pulled off with nary a hitch. Great success.

      I was ambushed. AMBUSHED.

      Thanks, buddy! <3 Played it for a bit yesterday, but was a little hung over for something complex so ended up sitting in silent contemplation instead. :P

        That's kind of how I felt when I attempted to restart it. Although I hadn't been drinking :P

    I spent my week of annual leave doing nothing but playing Destiny. I don't necessarily consider this a bad thing, but I wish I'd devoted at least a LITTLE time to my unfinished (mostly Wadjet Eye) adventure games that I've been accumulating.

    Good morning all. Hope we're good. Didn't do much on the weekend aside from Rome Total War 2 (where everyone hates me) and tabletop RPGs (where fewer people hate my character) but what else is new.

    Finally got around to seeing the first episode of Kantai Collection and I'm liking it. Certainly could have been a hell of a lot worse than what it ended up being and the premise is delightfully silly so far so I'll try and follow it.

      The admiral is fucking nuts. Seriously. He hasn't cleared out the area around the base yet (world 1!) but he has at least six of the game's battleships and five of the fleet carriers. And he sent a level 1 ship into an event map? Granted as part of a support expedition, but still...

        I'm waiting for when they start launching barrages of in-jokes and references eg. Akagi's humungous appetite, Mutsu being unlucky, etc. Glad to see they've already done that with Third Torpedo Squadron so I have high hopes for the writers playing with the premise.

        What did you think of the battle art style? I thought it was decently done however some scenes looked a little off.

          IIRC The battle sequences were all CG and 3DCG can look off when characters move a certain way. I thought it seemed fine, if a bit silly at times. Biggest gripe is that the Anchorage Hime just stood there and let herself get dead. The destroyers early on did more damage to the fleet than the boss!

          Also the boss didn't drop any new ships, so the biggest question in the game (are the Abyssal Fleet some kind of 'infected' shipgirls or not?) still goes unanswered. There's actually a lot of scope to take it in a pretty dark direction if they wanted....

    Hey everybody, very little gaming done on the weekend. Got myself a Tynamo in Black 2 that has levitate - which means it's only weak to ground moves, and is immune to all ground moves but mud slap. Eff yeah. I am scared that come breeding time I'm going to fall down the black hole of eugenics...

    Also played Pandemic (board game) with the wifey. I have never known a board game to ream me so quickly and consistently. Five games on introductory setting, we won one - and only because we hit a beautiful player role combination of Dispatcher and Researcher, allowing moving of pawns freely(ish) and swapping of city cards.

    If you haven't played Pandemic, get onto it. Such a good game. 4.5/5 stars, loses .5 because of the insane difficulty level.

      My sister's like "I usually win at Pandemic, seems easy for me," and then I'll go and play and the game seems to spawn an unceasing torrent of outbreaks regardless of how I shuffled the deck.

      Pandemic is good fun.

      Played on new years eve, we lost by drawing out the player deck. 2 more cards we would have won!

      Save the eugenics for gen 6 - they've made the process a lot easier and more transparent than previous games.

    Ugh. Stupid neighbours. Thanks to them I got maybe 5 hours sleep, I dunno. Probably shouldn't go to sleep at 3am but whatever, it's my choice damn it.

    DAMMIT I forgot to put my beanie back into my backpack.

    I miss Brisbane.

      Thanks for coming, man. Was great to meet you and you fit into the group perfectly. :D

      Dude it's summer.

        Not in this office it isn't.

          You didn't shut the vent yet, did you?

            Apparently the engineers were supposed to come by to be fixing it. They're still yet to appear.

            It's gotten worse though, I can now feel gusts coming from behind me. Can't even tell where it's coming from, it's just... there.

    Reposting from Old TAY:

    NegativeZero's Anime Impressions, January Season 2015, Part 1 of ?
    Watching the new season so you don't have to

    New season started. Have some impressions.

    Absolute Duo
    It's basically shit. Dude joins school devoted to training kids to fight and he's super strong but where everyone else has a magical weapon, he has a shield. And he ends up forced to pair up with a weird albino swedish chick who says 'ja' a lot. There's an outside chance this improves, but I doubt it. Animation not remarkable, character designs are a bit shit, plot seems trashy. Not worth your time. 4/10.

    Aldnoah.Zero S2
    Second season of Aldnoah. This was easily one of the best shows of 2014, and ended in a terrible cliffhanger. Great animation, excellent writing, amazing soundtrack. It's very much an intelligent deconstruction of Gundam, but it has a western Science Fiction / Space Opera tone to it mixed in as well. I'm very disappointed with how they navigated that cliffhanger, though I'm happy for the implications on the longer-term show in terms of lead characters. This is probably the best show this season so far. 9/10.

    Saenai Heroine ni Sodatekata
    "How To Create a Boring Heroine" is the translated title, and it's appropriate because fuck me this was boring. Dude and his harem of girls that all compete over who's going to fall on his dick first are making a shitty galge to sell at comiket. Literally the only thing going for it is it has pretty nice art (original character designs by Misaki Kurehito, same guy as Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete from last season). 4/10 and dropped.

    Unlimited Fafnir
    So, there's these monsters, right? And they fucked everything up with magic. And then there were girls that were born that also had the same magic. But they were all girls. And so they put them all in one special school for them. And then there's a dude that somehow has the same powers because of a mysterious plot contriviance. So now he has to be a student there too. The only boy in a girl's school. Pretty original. Pretty shit but not as bad as Absolute Duo, just utterly mediocre and I've seen this concept executed better. May watch more but I doubt it. 5/10

    Assassination Classroom
    Everyone seemed to be really hyped up about this online, but I don't get it. It's just... stupid, really. Setup is that an insanely powerful monster thing (that looks like Onsokumaru had sex with an octopus) blew up the moon, and in a year he's going to do the same to the earth, but in the mean time he's going to teach a random class of misfits. And that class has to somehow kill him before they graduate. It's stupid, lacks interesting gags or interesting characters, poor line delivery and the premise is daft. Not a fan. Dropped. 5/10

    Death Parade
    Remember the Young Animator Training thingie a few years ago? It produced Little Witch Academia and launched Trigger as a studio. Well, one of the other films in that project, Death Billiards, has apparently been expanded into this thing. Basically a couple appear in a random bar and are told they have to play a game with the stakes being their lives. Turns out they're both dead and this is some kind of weird sorting procedure to figure out whether they go to heaven or hell. Anyway, it was crap. Dropping. 3/10

    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders - Egypt Chapter
    Direct continuation of the previous season. It's more Jojo, and that's always good. The only downside is that IMO Stardust Crusaders isn't as good as the original. The Ripple was a more interesting power thing than Stands are, plus the subs play it way too straight. The show's so fucking ridiculous and over the top that a good translation should reflect that. 8/10, on my regular watch list.

    Kantai Collection
    My excitement for this show was warranted. I really liked it. It's not amazing by any stretch and as a player of the game I have some major issues, but it captures the spirit of the game quite well. The setup is basically as stupid as it gets - the Abyssal Fleet has taken over the seas, and the only weapon against them is the 'Fleet Girls', girls who possess the spirits of warships the past. Special-type Destroyer Fubuki is the protagonist, a completely new recruit attached to a Torpedo squadron. Also the admiral running the base is fucking insane. Somehow he has a bunch of high-end carriers and battleships, but all his destroyers are base model. But he somehow hasn't cleared the first area yet, and is willing to send level 1 Fubuki out to fight a boss. Crazy. I expect this to get better once they've established the cast and gotten the whole lets-make-sure-we-use-quotes-from-the-in-game-characters thing out of their system. 8/10.

    3-minute show. Lolis drive a tank through a dude's house and claim they're there to protect him from assassins because his salary-man dad somehow became a mercenary in some far-off country. WTF? Also this is awful. 2/10 dropped hard.

    Yuri Kuma Arashi
    It's about lesbians. And bears that were infected with meteor dust from some far-off planet that made them go evil and attack humans. And the bears turn into people? And then two bears that are also lesbians go to a girls school and try and eat the human lesbians. And some invisible force destroyed the yuri garden. What the fuck is going on? This show is trippier than Utena. And the Utena comparison is valid, since it's Kunihiko Ikuhara (Utena, Sailor Moon R, Mawaru Penguindrum). It's all symbolism, probably. Maybe. 8/10.

    Koufuku Graffiti
    I was pretty interested in this, since Shaft's productions usually appeal to me. It's not Akiyuki Shinbo directing like most Shaft stuff though, and that shows. Technically very competent but the actual material's bland and the main character puts in an absolutely phoned-in performance. She sounds like she basically spent the whole show on valium. I'm not sure exactly what the show is even about. Girl who lives alone wants to have people live with her so she can cook delicious food for them? It's got some mildly suggestive eating scenes I guess. Mouth close-ups. Not bad, but not good either. Aggressively mediocre. 6/10, probably dropped.

    Shinmai Maou no Testament
    At least it's not as bad as Absolute Duo, but this is pretty average. Dude's dad suddenly announces he's remarrying and dude is getting two 'sisters'. Turns out they're actually the daughters of a deposed demon lord or something and they're on the run from assassins. But that's okay because Main Dude is a HERO. Literally. He's some kind of magical hero dude from a hidden village of them. And his Dad's pissing off overseas, leaving him to look after the ladies. It's okay I guess, I've watched far worse shows regularly. There's enough good this season that I'll probably drop it though. 6/10.

    BONUS ROUND! Saw these last night after posting the above in Old TAY:

    Dog Days''
    Third season of this weird show. I'm not sure if I recommend it or not, honestly. The setup is that the main character, Sink, is some kind of obstacle course prodigy or something. He gets summoned to a fantasy world via magic to fight as the Hero of the country of Biscotti against their enemies. But it turns out that the 'war' is basically a friendly competition where no one can die. Also the country he's fighting for are dog people. By which I mean, they're all humans with dog ears and tails. And the 'enemy' country are cat people. Season 2 changed it up by adding an empire of squirrels and there was always a badass wolf chick and her foxgirl ninja subordinate. Character art is excellent, production values are high and the cast is absolutely amazing, with just about every high profile actor or actress in it, even a rare post-retirement appearance of Sakura Tange. The only real issue the show has is there's never much tension or conflict because everyone's friends and stuff, so it's basically all fluff. Maybe that'll be different this time, but somehow I doubt it. Still, I've watched two seasons and I'll watch this. 7/10

    The Rolling Girls
    This is actually the first full production from new studio Wit. They've done a bit of animation production before, most notably Attack on Titan, but never done their own project until now. This one's really hard to describe since I'm not sure what was going on. Seems like it's set in the far future and Japan's prefectures borders are decided by fights between super-powered people? I don't know. The main character's part of basically a support group for the local 'Best', Matcha Green, who fights in a mask and body suit straight out of a Sentai show like Power Rangers, and secretly is someone she knows. The big thing that this has so far is that the animation is fantastic. The action reminded me of Birdy the Mighty, heaps of movement and momentum, very fluid and weighty. Haven't seen any key animator lists yet but wouldn't be surprised if there's someone involved that worked on Birdy or something with similarly high-quality action animation. If the quality stays similar, I'm interested in seeing how this develops. 7/10

      Any of these have demons or Ninjas Scroll style ninjas?

        Define what you mean by 'demons'? Several do, but I'm thinking not what you mean.

          Like Wicked City, with the Gore etc.

            Found a shit tonne on YouTube over the holidays, so good. I missed so many.

            Modern anime doesn't have a lot of gore and violence any more. Or nudity, either. It all had to be massively toned down because of censorship on free to air TV, plus it helps drive home video sales if buyers know they will get to see tits.

            Still get some uncensored or less censored stuff but it tends to be only on satellite TV networks like AT-X.

            Terra Formars from last season was pretty gory, but all the TV broadcasts are censored, big areas get black fog and stuff so you can't tell what's going on. Crunchyroll put up the first 3 eps uncensored and promised the rest, but haven't delivered yet. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is full of gore but it gets the black fog treatment as well.

            I actually haven't seen Wicked City so I can't make that comparison. If you mean demon as in the western concept, then I don't think there's anything. There's a lot of supernatural beings in Japanese folklore that make it into anime that might get translated as being 'demons' though, and there's a few shows with that sort of content every season. I think you're going to be looking for something tonally different from a lot of those though.

              I can't remember the word. We seem to translate it as either devil or demon & it seems to cover more than just the bad ones.

              Stuff like Wicked City has good & bad 'demons' but mostly it's like a human taking on an invasion from the demon world or whatever. It has similarities to western stuff but is really it's own thing.

              All the Personae in Persona are referred to as demons in Shin Megami Tensei as they're not manifestations of your mind but actually monsters that you must negotiate a pact with. (Obviously Megaten has refuelled my desire for such things). I'm sure you know, the inspiration for them comes from global supernatural tales, so gods from religion & even characters from Shakespeare.

              What about the direct to DVD market? That all toned down too?

                The demons in Megaten are 'akuma', which translates most directly as Demon or 'evil spirit'. There's lots of other terms for the supernatural in Japanese though which can be translated that way sometimes.

                The catch-all is probably 'youkai'. Basically every non-deity supernatural being can be described that way, and the term is often translated as 'demon' even though it covers a lot of things which wouldn't be. Mononoke, vengeful spirits of the departed, are 'youkai'. But so are tengu, the crow-like monsters that live in the mountains and often dispense wisdom. Shapeshifting animals (Tanuki and Kitsune especially) are usually referred to as obake or bakemono, but that term usually gets translated as 'ghost' or 'spirit' rather than 'demon'. The oni are probably closest in visual depiction to the western demon, they're big, super strong angry dudes with horns and red (or blue) skin, carry clubs and wear leopard skins. In modern pop culture they're just as often just normal-looking people with crazy strength, little pointy horns and a penchant for leopard-print clothes, probably this is a result of Rumiko Takahashi's 'Urusei Yatsura' and its depiction of Lum (who is technically an alien, but is basically an Oni). Another common term is Ayakashi,

                On the content side, Direct to video (OVA/OAV) is a lot less common for brand new stuff. OVA content is usually special episodes, pilots for testing the waters, specials for filling gaps or pure fanservice, or sometimes just because they couldn't continue the show any other way. Some 'movies' are actually technically OVAs that get limited theatrical runs beforehand to muddy the terminology. It's a lot rarer to see original concepts in OVA, and a lot rarer to see stuff that wildly deviates from the level of content in TV series. Generally, the cost to produce TV anime has gone down a lot since the 90s, and home video sales have reduced in value, so there's less emphasis on OVA and more on doing more sequels to your stuff. Shows that in the 90s or early 00s would have gotten one season of 13 episodes now will often get three or four seasons. When I got into the hobby, a single-cour show getting a sequel was uncommon, and getting a third season was nearly unheard of. Two-cour shows almost never got full TV follow-ups. Nowadays it's pretty common. Hell, they're even starting to go back to stuff from the mid-00s and expand on them.

                It's not to say original OVA stuff doesn't exist - it does - but it's much less common. Generally original concepts are being spun into single-cour TV anime, or they end up as movies or movie series. The recent Ghost in the Shell 'movie' series, Arise, for example. Technically it's 4 1-hour OVA episodes, but it's being advertised as a movie series. Ufotable's Kara no Kyoukai is 8 movie-length OVA episodes too. There's a strong argument that the -monogatari series has gone OVA recently too. It's nicely set up to work that way, since each arc is a self-contained story they can divide into 4-5 parts, and actually the streaming broadcasts have been editing them into one big episode since all the parts come out simultaneously. Shaft have said that's how they intend to do the rest of the story. I actually like this approach a lot.

                Since you want something Shin Megami Tensei related, are you aware that Persona 3 is getting a two-part movie adaptation? First part is out I think.

                  I am, haven't had good experiences with the Persona animes.

                  Persona itself has a very different focus than mainline SMT. I like them (the games) for different reasons. They do share many similarities in the dungeons & battles.

                  I'll stick with my YouTube

      Looking forward to seeing some more neg-reviews. Seem like a lot of warnings against things, and rightly so. We're not always 100% on the same page, but I'm pretty sure I know what you're talking about with this stuff. Feeling a little slim this season from previews, but I haven't legit seen anything yet.

      People raved about Barakamon which I genuinely did not get, and I ended up only watching Log Horizon 2 (which was a no-brainer) and Madan no Ou to Vanadis (which was a surprise).

        Barakamon was an average show that largely stood out because everything else was worse. I liked it but I wouldn't re-watch.

    Morning all, I hope everyone had a great weekend :) I had a great one myself. The pub crawl that I went on was a pretty cool guy and so was the party at the end of it. Managed to win a free drink card by being an epic dancer, either that or the host was too drunk to recognize the truth :D
    Anyway, ended up crashing at a mates apartment in the city at 4:30 Sunday morning after eating some weird chicken liver things in a random korean restaurant in the city. Good times.
    I still managed to go for a run later that day too. Woot!

    I've had this song in my head since seeing Into the Woods. i like it. *sways side to side*

    Last edited 12/01/15 11:12 am

    Morning all! Still addicted to Destiny, have all three classes at lvl 31. Not lucky enough like one of my other friends who does Vault of Glass and Crota like five times and gets every single armour piece whilst I do them 12 times and only get one. Random indeed.

    Hoping to get Shadow of Mordor at some stage but just love the big D (sans stupid Crucible).

    Can anyone answer this please? Tuesday's update by Bungie will amongst other things stop the cheese of Crota but will also increase the weapon damage for exotic weapons scored during the Vault of Glass making it relevant again. My question is will we have the chance to get updated legendary weapons such as my fav - Vision of Confluence? Or are they stuck at 300? It would be great to get an updated weapon or two and invite people back into the super enjoyable yet highly buggy VOG.

      I dont think there's plans to upgrade legendaries. Which is a shame, because I have one or two that I LOVE. Also, Bungie needs more timesinks I guess.

      They only mentioned exotics, so I'm guessing not. I don't particularly mind - I love my VoC and my Timepiece, but I can see some Crota's End weapons that would replace them (although some are HM only, unfortunately...). Fang of Ir Yut looks like it will be the likely replacement for VoC...

      Such a shame. I love my weapons from VoG too.
      And now I'm starting to realise how much work I've put into weapons for all three of my guardians and anticipate the next DLC with dread.
      If I have to start all over again for all my weapons to get 360+ damage I could be done. I'm a Destiny addict so if I'm willing to lay down imagine how many will as well. Not to count the hundreds of thousands who have already got frustrated and given up the grind............

    Yes! Got the bastard! That one fruit fly has been flying around my desk for weeks. How did he even get here... why did he stick around? The only food I ever have here is coffee...

      You might've just discovered a new species: The Coffee Fly.

        God, I hope not. "Bad fly, this is my coffee. Mine. Go get your own."

        My colleague has a fruit bowl on his desk a few metres away. Open plan offices suck. :(

      I think your coffee has actually been a protein shake all along. :(

      I.e. bug eggs

        It gets refreshed every day, tho, and empty cups are always put in the bin in the next room...

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