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    Didn't do a lot this weekend, but I'm watching UFC today, and really looking forward to it. Pretty awesome card.

      I finally watched Cormier V Jones...not gonna lie pretty poor event overall in my books

    Morning all! Hope your weekends were good!

    Here's some Bloodborne news to kick off your week, along with a reminder that it's only 64 days away.

    New video on the official Chinese Playstation Channel showcases controls and mechanics

    Looks great, obviously, but one thing I couldn't help but notice: the sound bites for enemies sound incredibly repetitive. "I'll [indistinct] your brains!" seems to be the catch-cry of all the enemies...

    We also get to see the health-regen system in action.

    Have you pre-ordered your copy? I haven't yet - still waiting for more places to offer it so I can compare prices.

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      I've now got a grand total of $10 deposited on my CE preorder. I'll make a decision close to release about whether I get it or not since I don't see me owning a PS4 within the next 6 months.

      Is there actually something worthwhile pre-ordering for? I have been almost universally disappointed in pre-order rewards in the past, don't bother any more.

        Nah. But there are special editions - like the Nightmare Edition - which theoretically could be limited in stock.

        I disapprove of the idea preordering as a concept itself, regardless of the preorder incentives. You are making a judgement over whether a game will be good based on tightly controlled marketing.

          I think the only legit purpose of a preorder is when it actually serves its originally intended function - to secure yourself a copy on launch day, in the case of limited supply/high demand. There's plenty of times when you're able to make a snap decision on whether you'll want a game regardless of how the marketing tries to steer things.

      So hype for this, have my CE on preorder (the ink well and quill look really cool, and supposedly work). Game play looks like the standard Souls affair (awesome) with the the apparent absence of turtling, which is great because even though it was less viable in DS2 it was still a ridiculously strong stratergy which made me lose interest in the meta. The repetitive sound isnt surprising, the other Souls games are the same, it's just not as remarkable seeing as its all grunts and snarls.

    Morning All - How was everyones weekend?

    My weekend was full of bloating and indigestion, and agony.
    as a way to remedy that I have now been placed on a lactose free diet /o\
    hopefully things get better and it's only temporary\o/

    But cheese, oh god cheese /o\ *cries*


      Cutting out certain foods from my diet is one of my greatest fears. (Yeah. Clearly I need better fears.) Much sympathy.

      It's not that bad - Stick to asian style meals and you won't miss the dairy

    The last couple of nights, I've done quite a bit of work on Undad, and neglected the PS4. Eventually, though, it'll pull me back into its orbit.

    I've finished Second Son, and nearly finished the First Light DLC content, so I'm going to let you decide what I play next. [Polls close when we reach Page 2 of TAY]

    Here are the options:

    * Lords of the Fallen (votes: 2) (votes against: 0)
    * Middle Earth - Shadow of Mordor (votes: 4) (votes against: 1)
    * Murdered: Soul Suspect (votes: 1) (votes against: 1)
    * Watch Dogs (votes for: 1) (votes against: 2)
    * Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii-U) (votes: 2) (votes against: 0)

    My list of games completed in 2015:
    * The Last of Us
    * Diablo III
    * Swapper
    * Octodad
    * Infamous: Second Son
    Not bad for a year only 19 days old...

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      I bought Second Son on Friday. Enjoying it so far, playing a good karma run first.

        It's a very cool game. I really enjoyed it throughout. Didn't overstay its welcome, either.

      I played Watch Dogs immediately after playing Second Son and I think the proximity negatively influenced my opinions. I would recommend something else.

      My thoughts:

      Lords of the Fallen - Solid but not great
      Shadow of Mordor - I do not understand the love this game got. I hated it.
      Murdered Soul Suspect - Very very mediocre.
      Watch Dogs - Just... Terrible.
      Mario Galaxy 2 - Assuming it's as great as it was.

      So, uh, yeah. I can't really help you there..

      Maybe Lords of the Fallen? Just remember it's not Souls.

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        Lords is pretty damn solid.
        On the downsides, there are some annoying (non-breaking) bugs, less-polished layouts, greater margin for error, the art isn't as refined, it's missing most of the atmosphere of grandeur and sense of scale that souls cleverly managed to pull off, and there's no do-over on choosing your magic type.

        On the up-side, it's less punishing (yes, this is both pro and con), there's some major UI improvements, the narrative is (slightly) better-told (if not as original), and the combo modifier for holding onto your exp/souls and not spending it is pretty fun.

      Ignore Freeze, he has the brain-worms. Shadow of Mordor is poetry in game form and thoroughly deserves the GOTY awards it won from various no-name sites.

        And Murdered: Soul Suspect is a diamond in the rough. So much rough.

          From what I've read about it, it would have been better if it was a pure adventure game rather than what it ended up being.

        I especially loved the part where you engage two lone orcs with none other around and 20 minutes later you've killed 30 of them and surrounded by another 10 and 2 captains.

          So good, right? And after you kill enough of them in rapid succession they all run away screaming and you're left chasing after them screaming, "MORE, I NEED MORE."

          ...Although sometimes the captain is one you want to keep alive and you gotta leg it.

      As much as I think Galaxy 2 is inferior to Galaxy 1, I have to vote for that because it's still a fantastic game (and I haven't played any of the others)

      Just don't forget that you need the sensor bar plugged in and a wiimote/nunchuk to play it.

        I've already started it. I played the level where
        you get Yoshi to spit spiky guys at the boss Lakitu. So much frustration with camera and controls. Rest of it has been good so far, though.

          Is it a straight Wii port or has the resolution been upgraded? I'm really struggling to go back and play standard def games. (I will get to Little King's Story though, @mrtaco. XD)

            I understand it's a straight Wii port. I'm playing it on a miniscule TV though, so it makes no difference to me.

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      Super Mario Galaxy 2 is brilliant - so is Middle Earth. Watch Dogs was fine, just boring and samey. Haven;t played the other two sorry

      How do you find the time? I don't do a comic & I finished 1 game this year because I did 90% of it last.

      Do you sleep?

        Five hours of sleep most nights. I honestly dunno how I find the time.

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          I do minimum 7 & spend over 2 hours traveling.

            Yeah, I spent about two hours travelling per day as well, maybe a little more.

              You are an awake God!


      Gotta be Galaxy 2, for sure.

        Don't worry, it's already my go-to game for daytime gaming, whenever my kids might interrupt, and will remain so.

    Thank you and damn you to the people helping me look at soundtracks last night for pointing me to cdjapan.
    I'm about to give in and buy over $300 worth of stuff.

    Anyone know what the difference is between Express Mail Service (EMS) and SAL Parcel post? Express mail services is only $5 more so I should probably go with that if it's better.

      EMS is express post via airmail. It's insured and tracked and when it gets to Australia it will be delivered by Australia Post as if it were registered parcel post (i.e. you will have to sign for it or it'll get carded). From Japan it's usually 4-5 days via EMS.

      SAL is standard surface post via ship I think. It's not insured and not tracked and treated like normal post. From Japan it's usually 12-15 days via SAL.

      Given the choice I always pick EMS unless the difference in cost is significant. At the low end, it is, but there's a certain weight point where SAL becomes more expensive than EMS, around 3kg I think.


    Edit: But nearly didn't, and is very sore. I'm waiting on photographer friends pic's to come through before writing everything up.

    I am very sore.

    Have I mentioned I'm sore?

    I'm sore.

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      Sore in the sternum region? D:

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    Morning folks how are we all?

    Had a relatively busy weekend, which is good and bad (didn't get time to assemble my LEGO AT-AT I got for Christmas :() but on the plus side I:

    Had a great lunch with family, pulled pork was involved and it was glorious.

    Went and saw Big Hero 6... Great movie, way better then I expected! Dealt with some pretty heavy themes for what I was expecting...

    And Sunday we went to the 1 Day International (cricket) against India... I can't watch cricket religiously when it's on TV, but it was pretty great being there...

    How about everyone else?

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    Good weekend. I saw Birdman and Big Hero 6 at the cinema. Had a face-to-face conversation with my parents which was very helpful. Just been riding this wave of happiness, actually.

    Things are good.

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    A weekend of not much at all other than flea bombing the house. Finally got my warlock up to level 32 in Destiny and making steady progress with GTA V again. First person GTA is a whole different experience.

    Many thanks again to @beeawwb . Top bloke

    Now for a brand new week and as ever, it starts off with a bout of tiredness

    I mentioned this on the weekend, but I genuinely think this would be amazing for you Sydney folks to construct a meat around:

    That is all.


        I'm in Sydney in June for Supanova. This must happen. This is one of those gotta-try-it-once-just-to-laugh-about-it-in-my-memoirs experiences that I will never have in Canberra.

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          Says 2 nights only in February, sadly. I doubt the Sydneyers would even be able to get in then if it's going to be that limited.

            Huh. Oh well. *cancels Sydney appearance*

    Hola Tay

    Busy weekend. Went to a mate's on Friday, he'd had an awful week.

    Played board games.

    Gave blood Saturday morning, then played Magic Saturday night for the prerelease for the new set. Pulled some pretty neat cards, and went Ok in my matches. I love the FLGS I go to, great atmosphere and the owner is a swell guy.

    Sunday went to a board game day. Played Tiny Epic Kingdoms and Marvel Legendary that were new to me, both kinda cool. Probably will append Tiny Epic Kingdoms to the Kickstarter for Tiny Epic Galaxies.

    A Monday morning question: what do you look for in a friendly local game store? What puts you off a store?

      What I look for: Low prices!
      What puts me off: High prices!

      Nice, knowledgeable staff are a bonus, but never will be a dealbreaker for me.

        See, I used to go to another game store, and I got sick of going in there and hearing every neckbeard hanging around's opinion on the RPG I was playing.

        The fact that one of those neckbeards was on the staff was not great.

        I didn't give a fig what the prices were, I just hated going in there.

          Ah right, well you made the classic rookie mistake of talking to people (or listening to them anyway).

          Head down, credit card already out. The only way to make a purchase in a neckbeard store. :P

          Was that one down an arcade between Hindley St and Central Station?

            Yep, Game Quest. It's since been replaced by the current one, which is the one I go to.

            There's also infinity, which I used to be able to take or leave but since hearing the vibe that both my ex gf and another female friend have got from the place I now definitely leave.

              Yeah, I used to hang out at Game Quest quite a lot back when I lived inAdelaide. Got my fixes of Magic and D&D etc. The climate could certainly be exclusionary / unwelcoming though, I remember that it took me ages before I was comfortable getting involved.

                To be fair, the staff at game quest were fine, though I don't think they were great businessmen. We did go in for d&d game days when they were on.

                  Spot on, I think. Chris? / Josh? were fine but there was a lot about running a business that they seemed to be phoning in. Still, I had a lot of fun once I got "in" to things, I think at one point I was spending 4 or 5 nights a week there with various activities.

      What clan did you pick? I was going to go Sultai for something completely different from the red deck I normally play, but didn't end up making the pre-release :( Some pretty nifty looking cards in the new set though.

        I was in Sultai, In 2 headed giant which runs long it worked pretty well.

        We drew two games and lost the third, happy with that

    Morning. How was everybody's weekend. Not much gaming for me, though I did play some Super Mario Galaxy 2. Computer is in the repair store today, they reckon it might be the PSU. In that case it might just be the power supply in my unit that sucks, not the computer.

    First time TAY poster.

    Weekend was pretty jam packed. Gym early Saturday morning, then to a mate's place where we played a few tabletop games; Age of War and Dead of Winter. I hadn't played Age of War before but have played a few games with similar elements, the most notable being Elder Sign. Dead of Winter I had played once before. We were very unsuccessful and I now have a 0-3 record in that game. We then went shopping for suits for an upcoming wedding and had dinner at a Korean BBQ restaurant; bulgogi and kimchi FTW!

    On Sunday morning I went to Brickvention (a Lego convention). It's the first one I've been to for the better part of two decades and it was pretty cool without being amazing. Probably a bit harsh because some creations were spectacular but nothing really blew me away. Then caught up with a friend for lunch, hit the gym again and, later in the evening, watched The Theory of Everything. Eddie Redmayne totally deserved the Golden Globe and has that Oscar in the bag.

      The weekend had it all. Suits. Movies. Gym. Lego. Truly, you've lived.

        I didn't really think about the broad range of activities until I was writing the post but yeh, it was a pretty well rounded weekend! Sadly, it was rather the exception to the rule :P

      Went to brickvention last year, lots of fun. Had young kids along so there excitement was contagious. Also kept us occupied keeping track of them.
      Then again I'm easily impresses, anything taller than me I find amazing

    @negativezero @transientmind @jocon @novacascade

    60 days!

    Question, what sort of spending money were you guys looking at taking? We realised we have no idea on what sort of prices to budget for. Was thinking about $5k for the two of us. Excessive or not even close?

      No idea. I was thinking even $1500 would probably be excessive for me? I really can't imagine what I'd spend it all on. I figure I'll mostly be spending my money on food and seeing things, and a hundred dollars a day on food and bus fares/entry fees sounds like a lot. I really don't intend to go scooping up tonnes of electronics, souvenirs, clothes, etc. Maybe some expensive hookers, but that's about it. I might ask Ark what kinds of things he reckons I might wanna buy and add that amount specifically, but I can't think of anything in particular. Maybe a new tablet, at best, but our cell networks are incompatible.

        I had no other expenditure plans besides a few figures but I always panic about running out of money with a few days left.

        Plan for extra on the excessive hookers side of things.

      I will look after that cash for you, Freezey. *shifty eyes*

      Depends on how many used panties you're going to buy, really.

      Dunno. A grand or so? Not sure what stuff will cost really.
      I'm not big on stuff so I won't be buying heaps.

      I'm going to be looking only for a few specific things, not going crazy since I already import all the figures etc. I want, so just mainly need money for food. I was more around the $2k mark, planning-wise, but might throw a bit more in the kitty in case I see something I really have to have.

      2 adults, 1 kid - 8 days in Japan (Tokyo/Kyoto) we spent $2000 on food, drink, evening trip to Disneyland (plus memorabilia that night cost about $400) and 2 figures for me.

      I actually dumped all my coin/notes on the counter at duty free on the way out, split the cost with what was left on my travel card and I think our travel cards have 1800 yen on them now. So we actually spent... $1982...

    Late to work this morning.

    I slept in.

    Why did I sleep in?
    Because my neurotic cat decided at 4am to have an existential crisis about whether to be in the bedroom door (which we keep shut because it's the only room with air-con) and spent two hours loudly complaining let her in, she cries to get out, let her out, she cries to get in. FOR TWO HOURS. So when my alarm(s) started going off at 6:15am, I either slept through them or automatically turned them off in my sleep.

    Changes of explaining this to my boss?



    In other news, had a busy weekend. Saturday: went to TGI Friday's for a birthday dinner for my wife. It was alright but a bit overpriced for what you get in my opinion. Their Jack Daniel's glaze is extremely sweet to the point it kind of hurt my teeth. Did karaoke afterwards, I actually participated for the first time in over ten years. Couple of friends came back and crashed at our place, didn't wind up leaving until 7pm Sunday night.

    So glad we have a long weekend this week. I'm only just back from leave and already fgeeling wiped out.

      Kermitron's boss: "Look, I understand all that. I've got a gerbil that does the same thing. But hell, at 4am, you could have just left the door open."

      Last edited 19/01/15 9:49 am

      Cats are well versed in subtle torture techniques.

      There's a joke here about being in and out with the pussy for two hours and being really tired now but I'm sure it's too uncouth for me to make.

    Hi everybody, how's things?
    Had a decent weekend aside from mowing in 35 degrees with 85% humidity.
    Tried the Evolve beta, it seems like it'll be pretty good fun, I wasn't sure how they'd make a whole game outta the concept but was impressed with what I saw. Playing as the monster is pretty great and the humans are tiny like really really tiny. The beta showed off 3 different monsters and hinted at more in the final release and they seemed pretty diverse, one is tanky with lots of area damaging moves, one is more speed and stealth (has a move that lets you abduct a human and separate them from the group) and the other can freaking fly and rains hell from the air . Playing as a human is pretty cool but pretty terrifying when a 3 story monster is attacking you, the humans have 4 classes Medic, Trapper, Support and Assault with 3 variations for each class and they have different loadouts (my favorite going on appearance only is the broad rimmed hat wearing, mutton chop & moustache clad Australian trapper). The arenas seem pretty huge and you spend a bit of time tracking the monster (3 story monsters can hide pretty well). There seemed to be a bunch of different game modes including a dynamic campaign. Will try play a few more games tonight.

      Cool, do you know how long it lasts for? I'm almost finished downloading it.

        19/01/2015 at 8 PM PST, I think that means 3pm tomorrow for us, not 100%. It only went up at 9am ish yesterday EST.

        I will live vicariously through you m9

          We can discuss over some zombie killing parkour soon. :)

            gonna jump on so many zombies heads, I'm pretty keen to try out the invasion stuff too, being that creepy fast zombie looks awesome, curious to see what its skill tree will look like.

      Hey buddy! That's all I got!

        Hey dude, how are your 30s treating you? have you gone grey or bald, become incontinent or got alzheimer's yet?

          *shakes fist, hears cracking sound in wrist*

          30 is good. Five days in and I've left the house three times. THIS IS A NEW RECORD.

      Every game I played on the PS4 Alpha consisted of both parties endlessly running for twenty minutes, with the monster getting its meals to-go and hunters completely ignoring the other wildlife in a futile attempt to catch up, then a ten minute battle of attrition at some ill-defined objective, with winning depending on whether the monster targets the medic or not.

      I think things'll probably tighten up if people start learning what they're actually meant to be doing (eg: trapper), and my personal preference would be to reduce EVERYONE'S mobility so you're forced to interact with the fauna more (because seriously, if you're medic, it really is just a fucking jog for ages until you actually need to do something), but at the end of the day, I'm thinking this is going to be a repetitive activity. Much like all the other MP-only shooters or MOBAs I ignore.

      I expect that people who enjoy those kind of games, or like CoD/BF-multi/TF2/CS:GO/whatever will love this. It's kinda pretty in the rare occasions you can actually fucking see anything in the dark. But for me? Less fun than co-op Left 4 Dead, for my money.

        I only had 2 rounds and I think the people I was with knew what they were doing, I was assault and just followed the group, led me straight to the monster within 5 minutes both rounds. I think it'll be great if you can find a group to play with regularly, but like you say it seems repetitive and if multiplayer games like this aren't your thing it'd be best to avoid it. Also it probably shouldn't cost as much as it will IMO.

        Oh man, the dark sucks.

        The few rounds I played were the complete opposite.

        We'd track the monster within 5 mins and then take it down with little resistance.

        I reckon it'd be way more fun with a party of five (hurr) but I think you're right, seems like it won't be as fun as L4D.

    Reposting from Old TAY. Previous installment here.

    NegativeZero's Anime Impressions, January Season 2015, Part 2 of Probably 2
    Watching the new season so you don't have to

    Kamisama Hajimemashita S2
    Aka Kami-sama Kiss. This is actually the second season. I watched all of the first one and greatly enjoyed it. It's a shoujo (girl's show) in which a random high school girl, Nanami. Basically her Dad's a deadbeat piece of shit that ran up gambling debts and then ran off somewhere and abandoned her. The local deity of the land, Mikage, encounters her and decides to pass his power to her, making her the god of the area, and she has to take over running the local temple and dealing with Tomoe, a fox spirit and super handsome guy with a shady past who serves her as a familiar. Yes, this is basically a knockoff of Fruits Basket. Yes, if you've seen that, this has the same sort of heart to it. I really like it. The whole is better than the sum of its parts. Nice art, great character designs, and generally appealing lead character. Was really happy to see this get a continuation. 8/10

    Seiken Tsukai no World Break
    So, in our last installment, I concluded that Absolute Duo was a steaming turd and the worst show so far. Just as well I said 'so far', because this shit handily beats it in the race to the bottom. Generic action fantasy show, in which everyone has some kind of 'past life' and they channel that to get magical powers or some shit. Also the main dude in a past life was apparently badass. And also in love with his sister. And her reincarnation happens to be in his class. Also so does another chick. The bulk of the episode is basically the two of them taking turns to glomp him and then some subplot with an ugly dude that bullies one of them and then gets his ass kicked by Potato-kun. Bad animation, bad art, bad plot, bad everything. Straight up bad. And I know bad anime. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe... 2/10 avoid

    Junketsu no Maria
    Feels like there's lots of fantasy stuff this season. This seems interesting. It's set in France during the hundred years war, and since it makes reference to Joan of Arc, presumably set after she was around. The main character, Maria, is a witch, and she seems to spend her time effectively stopping battles by stepping in and using magic to force both sides to retreat. The show goes out of its way to suggest that she's a lot more pure of intention most of the other witches we see seem to be, though there's some off-color jokes about being a virgin thrown in there from her demon familiar (who, naturally, is a succubus.) The art is nice, seems to have a decent budget and the actual art style seems kind of old-fashioned, with clean colors and a certain character style that brings to mind art of the late 80s to me. First episode wasn't amazing, but also not terrible and I feel like there's a lot of promise here. I'll be giving it a bit more of a look before deciding if it's a regular watch or not. 7/10

    Yoru no Yatterman
    Aka 'Yatterman Night'. I've never seen Yatterman. Recently Tatsunoko have been going through a lot of their popular old franchises and giving them a new take. A few years ago we got a new Gatchaman (Crowds) which I liked visually but couldn't get into the plot of. Yatterman as I understand it was a fairly standard superhero / super robot style show from the 70s, part of a larger continuum of shows, and I believe that this i the 40th anniversary of that larger franchise. I think the crux of Yatterman is that some dudes basically ruin the planet and Yatterman kicks their asses and becomes a hero. The main character's mother was apparently a bogan, because she named her daughter Leopard (wtf). Leopard is the main character. For some reason, Leopard, her mother and two dudes live in a sort of post-apocalyptic rural environment. They talk about the paradise across the water, where Yatterman rules, and Leopard's mother hopes that one day they can live there too. But it turns out that they are the descendants of the supposedly evil group that opposed Yatterman back in the day, and they and their descendants are forever banished. When Leopard's mother catches a terminal illness and Leopard, while seeking medicine for her mother is chased away violently by Yatterman, she realizes that maybe he was never a hero after all, and decides to be the hero that takes the evil Yatterman down. I really like the premise of this actually, the idea of flipping the table so that the original series' hero has basically become a villain and presumably his paradise a dystopia is interesting. However I suspect that this will fall short, because the original was a show for kids and full of ridculous shit. Also, Leopard's voice acting irritated me a bit, and it's only the first episode. Not sure if she's a good enough character to carry the show. Suspect not. Still, this has some potential. Will give it a couple more episodes. 6/10.

    Tantei Kageki Milky Holmes TD
    Don't ask me what TD stands for. Terminally Dumb? Milky Holmes is pretty dumb stuff. It's also kind of amusing in a hard-to-explain way. Not very good, but kind of aware that it's stupid. It's also basiclly a promotional vessel for basically an idol unit or something. I don't care. It's hard to really recommend this as it's crap, but I still like it a lot. The four girls of Milky Holmes are basically bad knockoffs of famous detectives (Holmes, Piorot, Nero Wolfe and Cordelia Grey) and they're all idiots. They bumble their way through various cases and somehow manage to track down various Gentlmen Thieves. It's stupid. It's really stupid. Why do I even like it? I don't know. One of the bad guys has extremely sharp pointy nipples that he uses as weapons. Yes, really. The plot in this case is that some idol chick's abilities - personified by cute little floaty people - has been stolen and she can't sing any more and Milky Holmes is on the case to bumble their way into accidentally finding them all and catching the thief. 5/10 don't watch this

    Sengoku Musou
    Anime adaption of the Tecmo-Koei Samurai Warriors games, which I've never played. Seems like Sanada Yukimura is the main character and the first episode opens with him helping Toyotomi Hideyoshi's forces conquer Odawara Castle, defeat the Hojo and finally unify Japan. Briefly. I know my Japanese history well enough / played Kessen so I know that Hideyoshi dies after that, the country allies behind two factions (Toyotomi and those loyal to the Emperor, who are progressives, and Tokugawa Ieyasu's forces, who are isolationists) and they'll fight a decisive battle at Sekigahara, and Tokugawa wins. So I already know the outcome of this. It suffers from the same thing a lot of Sengoku-era stuff suffers from - the cast is huge and you don't know who anyone is or what they do because they've all got similar names and most of the time the anime's not accurate anyway. This is a bit over the top but honestly I think it's playing the conflict a bit too straight. Not interesting. Sengoku stuff needs a twist, like the warlords are all cute girls (Sengoku Hime), or everything is insane and over the top (Sengoku Basara), or the warlords are all cute girls in another dimension (Sengoku Otome) or the warlords are all cute girls displaced into the modern world (Sengoku Collection), or Oda Nobunaga is a cute girl (Oda Nobuna's Ambition)... Honestly, I think for what this is trying to do, Sengoku Basara does it way better. It's a lot crazier. Date Masamune wields like six swords at once and his horse has handlebars like a motorbike. Come on. That's way better. This is just boring. 5/10, dropping it. Also the Crunchyroll subtitles are fucking awful, eg several times referring to Hojo Ujimasa, the Daimyou of the Hojo clan, as 'Hoho'. He's not fucking Santa Claus and this isn't hard to get right! The Hojo were only one of the most important clans in the history of the country...

    The [email protected]: Cinderella Girls
    Interesting that this is running this season. When you talk about free to play game franchises that are huge among otaku right now, it's Kantai Collection, and the two Idolmaster card collecting games, Cinderella Girls and Million Live. Idolmaster itself is a big franchise too, with multiple games that I may or may not own all of, and a really top-shelf anime produced a couple of years ago that I may or may not have imported all the blurays for. The original show I heartily recommend. It basically follows 765 Productions (Na-mu-go, get it?) as the troupe of fifteen idols live their lives, improve their craft, and become the top idol group in the country. It's a rare show where all the characters are likeable, though obviously they've been designed that way, and there's definitely a character in there who will appeal to anyone (Mainly Yayoi, personally, but Haruka and Iori are both fairly appealing). I was actually kind of nervous coming into this. The Cinderella Girls are a whole new group, part of a cynical cash-in on the franchise by Mobage. They've sold tons of CDs and stuff with these characters already, but none have properly turned up in anything beyond phone games yet. I didn't know what to expect. The Producer this time seems a lot less good than the original series, and so far there's only two characters, but Uzuki is adorable and I've found Rin fairly appealing since I saw her design originally a few years ago, so that seems fine. Production values are high and it has a style consistent with the original. I'd also be stunned if fan favourites don't turn up here and there as side characters, since they should be basically big names in the business at this point. I expect this will follow a similar arc to the original as well. Also don't think you need to see the Idolmaster anime to watch this, it should be stand-alone. Going to be a regular watch for me. 8/10

    Last edited 19/01/15 10:24 am

      I really loved the first series of Kamisama Kiss and felt it ended way too soon, so I'm really glad to see a second season. I will have to refresh my memory with a skim through the last ep of season one, though.

      Also, I'm loving the moniker potato-kun. It perfectly fits so many 'protagonists' (ie: intended viewer stand-ins) perfectly.

        I can't claim ownership of the Potato-kun thing but it is fairly appropriate. Not sure where I first heard it - I think it might have been in reference to the dude with the massive egg-shaped head in Bamboo Blade years ago, but I feel like the moniker might be older than that.

          Ah, I was associating it with 'all the personality of a potato', rather than a physical appearance thing.

            No, that's what it refers to.

            Also to the fact that potatoes are there to provide structure to a dish but rarely are the main event, they're too bland. They're good at soaking up sauces and acting as a contrast to the more flavorful ingredients and can end up with better taste as a result of the other elements they're added to. :P

    Sitting here listening to the Super Mario Galaxy OST while working... BEST WORK MUSIC!
    What music do you like to listen to while working?

      When writing: the Stargazers album is best.
      When at work: anything. I'm watching Dad's Army on Youtube right now :P

        Oooohh Stargazers is pretty great too actually... Props for Dad's army bit I think me watching YouTube might be stretching my liberties a bit too far :P

      None. Because if I listen to music then it means I'm not working :P

        What's "working"? I thought it was enough to just show up?

        Last edited 19/01/15 10:38 am

          Haha, well lately it's started to feel like that around here...

      Terra's theme from Final Fantasy VI is my go-to study music.

    Heeeeeeey everybody,

    Sorry I've been absent for quite a while. New job is taking a lot out of me, and the next couple weeks are going to be even more stressful as my boss is on leave so I'm filling in for his role as well as my new role and tasks from my old role. I've got so many roles I should open a bakery.

    *crickets chirping* I said I should open a bakery.

    *taps mic* Is this thing on?

    Luckily, I finally got a *New* 3DS XL which means.... RUNE FACTORY 4! RUNE FACTORY 4! IT'S ABOUT TIME I GOT TO PLAY RUNE FACTORY 4!

    I'm already loving this game. It's everything I enjoy about Rune Factory games. I think that's the thing with the Harvest Moon / Rune Factory series' - the best ones are those that don't mess with the tried and true formula too much.

    Summary: If you like Harvest Moon / Rune Factory - Get RF4. If you've played HM but not RF, it's Harvest Moon but with monsters, levelling up, and instead of buying cows / sheep / etc, you capture the appropriate monster and raise them on your farm and then maybe make them work for you watering the plants and stuff. SLAVE COWS. If you've never played a HM/RF game and want some basic RPG elements, plus trying to get the most efficiency out of farming, get RF4.


      You had me at slave cows.

        I befriended a "Wooly" who is going to supply me with fur to sell / make stuff, and will (eventually) tend to my crops. How did I get him to enter in to this life of servitude? I gave him a flower. That I grew myself. Now he loves me.

    @jocon @distantdrop

    WoW update stuff; if either of you still need abrogator stones hold off on doing LFR until after the guild raids. Basically LFR gives one stone per boss (if you're lucky you get a cluster); normal gives 2 stones per boss and mythic gives 4-8 stones per boss. Basically doing LFR or any difficulty below the highest one your guild can do halves your abrogator stone progress.

    Also red I'm going to be asking this off all multi-specc'd raiders; are you able to gear up one of your off specs in time for Blackrock? I don't envision swapping out healers but its always better to have that flexibility. Personally I've already started gearing up Resto on my sham.

      Yeah I've only been doing LFR imp and waiting to see if we miss any others.
      I'd offer to gear up a pally alt I will be making but that may take too long.

        Don't worry about rolling an alt; I need mail dps and if you don't stay as a hunter no one else in the raid is ever going to roll on ranged weaponry. At the moment you have free rolls on any bows/guns that drop.

      Wind Walker actually has the exact same stat weights as Mist Weaver, just a matter of swapping out off pieces.. rings,neck,trinks,cape and weapon.

      I'm currently have gear for BM, but I mostly did that so I would have a easy way of trapping those damn elite wolves for the barn.

      It makes more sense for a healer to have a DPS off spec but I really don't know what to choose.

        If you're geared for BM then keep that as your OS; as long as you feel comfortable taking on tanking mechanics for fights that is. I would rather have a backup tank than a back up melee dps!

    I did quite a lot of things this weekend - finished two books, finished my second Dragon Age: Inquisition playthrough, Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey as well as the Unfinished Swan. Started Dragon Age:Origins because why not play the series all out of order, right?

    AND I managed to leave the house yesterday to go to Midsumma where I got a wee bit sunburnt. Damn you Australian summer sun!

    Hi all, hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was spent in the least productive manner possible, because it's impossible to get motivated in a small apartment with no cooling beyond an ineffective pedestal fan, in 30+ degree weather. Played some Destiny each night to keep getting rep with Eris (hit rank 3 on Saturday - the midday shader looks pretty cool); tried playing some Civ BE, but couldn't get motivated.

    Played a lot of AC Unity (picked it up on PS4, cos I doubted my internet would ever handle another metered 40GB download for quite some time) and am actually enjoying it. There are a bunch of problems with it (app integration, uplay on PS4, framerate of about 20fps, controls occasionally not responding during combat; Arno deciding he doesn't want to fight after killing the second-last nearby melee enemy, and then getting shot to death; the fact that thus far there is a "signature" way to kill each target, and arbitrary side-goals in every mission) but the investigation missions (I hope they get a bit better - they warn you not to accuse the wrong guy, but so far the answer has been blindingly obvious) and the side-quests are pretty cool. I also spent about five hours just doing Nostradamus riddles...

    Spent a lot of my time in Destiny listening to Mock the Week reruns on youtube - my cheeks hurt from laughing so much, I'm amazed I could shoot straight XD. Also finally saw Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny for the first time yesterday. Such a great/terrible film. By which I mean, the only good thing about it was the music (ignoring the immature lyrics), which was enough to redeem the entire film. :P

    And, yay... got to work this morning, wishing the weather had gone back to 20 degrees and overcast two days earlier... and found 4000 emails (and counting - they're still downloading) telling me something fell over this morning. Mondays... ugh.

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