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    Good Morning Starshine, the Earth says "hello".




          I was going to start playing it later today.

          Also hi!

            That reminds me, I need to play more of AssUnit, since I haven't touched it since the patch dropped. Cheers NotoriousauR.

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            Yes! There's a glitch that breaks the second mission sometimes. So, good luck with that!

              Well I played up to the third mission, and it's okay, I suppose. Just more of the same. But man running around on rooftops is fun!


    What's everyone doing on their day off?

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      Going for a bbq at Lilydale Falls with a bunch of bikers. Beautiful day for it.

      I'm waiting for the new episode of TopGear to download. Yep I know I'm a bad person but we'll what do they expect? It isn't available on Stan (only up to season 20) and BBC iPlayer is..."inaccessible" here so screw them I'm going piratin'!

      Also I may play some more Forza 4 later.

      Taking care of Baymax.
      I found a kitten last night, and I have called him Baymax.

      Potentially going to a mates, to continue the tradition of Australia day at hers with the Hottest 100, not that I care about that, I just like hanging with mates lol.

    We should all play iSketch again sometime soon! (if it still exists)

    Good morning, TAY!

    I spent a lot of time yesterday setting up my new computer for web dev stuff. I barely do anything outside of work anymore so I had to start from scratch... and it took ages. BUT! I'm all set up with my programs and such now. Set up a version control as well for the first time. Maybe I'll put some of my game saves under version control :P Especially the Telltale stuff as a backup.

    Also, I finished Catherine yesterday! Pretty good game. Some of those puzzles were hard though. I'll have to play it again one day and go for an alternate ending. Think maybe I'll go grab a copy of The Last of Us to try and finish before Majoras Mask/Monster Hunter come out. Also before this PS3 dies on me too :P

      What difficulty did you play on? I played it on easy and even then it was hair tearingly frustrating at multiple times. I blame that game for my receding hairline.

        Yeah, easy as well. I'd heard the puzzles were hard and I was really only in it for the story.

      what stuff do you use for web dev out of curiousity?

        I just went around and got a bunch of free/open-source stuff because I'm a cheapo. We use a lot of the same stuff at work so it all works out!

        FileZilla for FTP stuff
        HeidiSQL for database stuff
        Photoshop CS2 (the one that's legally free) for image stuff
        Brackets for editing (not sure if I like it or not yet - might switch back to Aptana which we use at work)
        IIS Manager for IIS stuff so I can work offline
        Hosts File Editor because editing the hosts file manually is annoying - makes switching from local and live pretty easy
        TortoiseSVN for version control

        Um... I think that's it! Oh, and the "Website IP" extension for Chrome so I can easily check if I'm looking at the live or my local version of a site.

        If you've got any different recommendations I'd love to hear them!

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          Cool list! I generally use Git for version control, but that's just because i love using command line stuff.

          Brackets sounds interesting for an editor, I've been meaning to check it out. At the moment I use Sublime+emmet, but that was after I used Atom which got a bit too buggy and slow for my liking.

            My boss has an irrational dislike of anything Git-related for some reason :P I really should've tried that out before installing TortoiseSVN, I've never actually used it. Ah well!

            Emmet looks fantastic though! I'll definitely look into that if Brackets doesn't work out.

              My boss has an irrational dislike of anything Git-related for some reason :PBut he still keeps you around anyway *ba-dum*



    Nothing happened.

      I believe this is actually a quote of the entire history of Canada.

    Wait a new TAY on a public holiday, well I never...

    Ugh, shouldn't have drank as much as I did last night.. I'm not hungover just feel seedy, then again it's already 30°C & 70% humidity and it's only 10.30 >.

    Saints Row IV is kinda ... not fun. I've only really started the game and done a few main and optional missions and just haven't found anything that is really fun. The games become less buggy so that's a good thing ... i guess.

      Now do you believe me Nob? :P

        I tried saints 3, didn't think much of it. People said 4 was so much more amazing then 3.

        *shrugs* it's about the same.

          Haha, I liked SR3 enough to play through at least twice. SRIV however, I played maybe the first half then just left it, I eventually finished it but didn't really care after that.

          I think that because it'ls relying on such a gimmick of over the top stupidity it gets to the point where i'm all "eh, i'll go back and have fun in GTA instead"

      Ahh, so now you're experiencing what I went through in Saints Row 2 through 4. Finally, someone to join in my pile of misery.

        It's just like the time I tried The Last of Us and couldn't get past it's sub-par gameplay.

          Why do you say these hurtful things? :'(

            I'm a terrible person, I'm sure we've been through this before.

              I didn't want to believe it. I couldn't.

    @powalen Apparently JB have had a restock of amiibos, my friend picked up a Link just yesterday as have a couple of others.

      Interesting! I'll have to have a look at lunch tomorrow.

      Honestly I don't even really care anymore though :P

        I need to pick myself up a Marth Amiibo.

          Me too. We'll probably never get them though

    Ugh.. I have a problem, I went and created a spreadsheet of all the movies that JB have that I want I ended up with 89 movies & 13 TV shows.. It doesn't help I already have about 120 movies on disc :|

      Get a VPN for Netflix maybe?

      Dependng on what you're after they would have some of it available.

      If you want them on disc though, then that is a problem. Don't buy too many at the same time then?

        Not really into Netflix, I have a meh data cap & my line speed isn't anything great, it struggles with 480P sometimes on YouTube bleh.

        Oh I won't, most likely my local JB won't have half of them ever in stock haha.

    I've been playing Persona 4, and I have no idea how to play it. I've just put 4 hours in (just completed the first dungeon) and I don't know how I'm supposed to be attacking...

    Am I supposed to attack with my katana? Or my Persona? Or both? At the moment I've been attacking mainly, then occassionally using my Persona's attack. It doesn't help that my Persona is underlevelled compared to the other's in-game.

    And what cards am I supposed to get? Key cards? As many new Persona's as I can?

    All my indecision aside, this is a great game. It's like an ineractive story, but where the game parts excel just as much as the other bits. The dungeon crawling reminds me a lot of Mystery Dungeon, and that's never a bad thing. I love exploring every floor though, whereas in Mystery Dungeon I couldn't wait to progress to the next floor.

    In the mobile area I've been playing this game called "Dragon Island", imagine pokémon crossed with the 4 types from Avatar: The Last Airbender and then the map of any generic RPG and that's this game. It's a lot of fun, although I've really only just started.

    And in other news I did a blog post about why Star Trek should get a new game now, since all the space sims are making a comeback (written because I'm watching The Original Series now because I got the reboot movies for Christmas) . Commanding the Enterprise would be perfect for that. I pointed out that No Man's Sky is basically the idea of Star Trek on a smaller scale (in regards to exploring new planets and whatnot), or that a TellTale Star Trek game has the possibility to be awesome, especially since in the episodes I've seen, Kirk has made some major decisions regarding his crew anyway.

    What other Movie/TV IPs deserve a good game already?

      Each character has an equipped physical weapon, split up into Bash, Pierce and Slash types. Personas give you skills/magic, split into elements, Fire, Ice, Electricity, Wind, Light, Dark.
      Ideally you hit the enemy with what they're weak to, out of those 3 physical types or 6 element types, SP willing.
      I think those creepy tongue balls at the start of the game are weak to fire, off the top of my head.

      You're randomly given Persona cards after battle, and you fuse them together in the Velvet to create more powerful Personas. You can fuse them whenever you want, whether it's as soon as you get them, or after a few levels after they've learned a few skills. Just try to level up and fuse Personas frequently since Personas are only really useful for a few levels, unless you're at the late game.

      On my first run I just picked a cool Persona early on and stuck with it until I maxed it out. Early on it doesn't really matter, but eventually when you've got a full team you want to start making sure you can use the four main types of attack (Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind) because there are enemies that are immune to all but one type of attack. You'll want someone who can heal too, but aside from that it's not super complex. Admittedly I would time it up so I could just grind in the dungeons on my way home from work, so I out leveled a lot of the fights.
      i think the best way to play it is to accept that you don't know how half the stuff works and then just pick things up as they come. You'll almost certainly screw yourself over a little but unless you're reading a spoiler filled 100% run guide you're going to miss things and make mistakes.

    Been at work since 6am... Woooo 'straya day \o/

      I thought you were Australian now?

      Letting me down, Pixel.

      Australia Day is such a non-holiday anyway :P

    Had a good time at Lilydale Falls today. Had a bbq and went for a walk. Stopped off at a place that was selling blueberries and bought a kilo for $16 and split it between my parents and I. 10/10 would do again.

    For Australia Day I figured I'd fall asleep on the couch and smash my phone, TV's 3D glasses and crack the back touch pad of the Vita in my sleep.

    Plan worked gloriously.

      Oh man, how'd you manage that, Freezey?

        Playing Vita and fell asleep. Had my phone on me and glasses were on top of the couch (not that I've ever used them). Must have rolled around a bit in my sleep :(

          Eeeeep. That sucks, man. :(

      That's umm, that's a bit shit, Freezy. I have nothing else to say, to be honest, that really, really sucks, but it's not like you can get angry at anyone else, right? :/

        Wait, it's not like the Vita is used for anything other than looking pretty on the shelf, and 3D is for nerds, and a cracked phone screen is a sign of being cool, so honestly, this is a blessing.

    K so, my friend wants me to come up to Melbourne for white night I think it was called, and said I should come up for a while so I was thinking of going for a fortnight from the 8th to 22nd/23rd.

    My only problem is that the Monster Hunter 3DS comes out on the 14th and I've fully paid for it at EB in Hobart. Anyone know if you can like pick it up in another state or anything?

      Online orders are handled through a separate system to in-store stuff (I found this out the hard way with my Ass Pirates pre-order, which wasn't delivered to the store I put in the thingy), but I've found EB's online customer service to be pretty good, so send them an email or use their online fieldy whatever it is thingy and ask if you can have it shifted to where you want, and hope for the best. This far out from release you've got decent odds, though the state difference might be a problem

      White night sounds like a new age gathering of the Klan...

      As for EB, you could go into your local store and explain your situation and ask if it's possible to transfer it to another store. My advice talk to either the manager or assistant manager about it though. It may be something like having to cancel the pre-order and have it redone though. It can be done, just depends if the manager is a dick or not.. My old manager used to do it, I think she's even done it for Freeze before.

      Hey, if you're worried about them not holding the stock for you so you have to wait for a second shipment ('cause we all know that happens sometimes, silly game stores) I can pick it up and hold onto it for you.

      Downsides: You don't get to play it in Melbourne and you have to meet me.

        I emailed EB and they said they won't transfer it, so I'll call EB Hobart and if they won't hold it I'll most likely take you up on that :D Thanks for the offer!!

    Slow TAY day huh.

    Any any other TAYbies do the Global Game Jam this weekend? Was great fun as always, the theme was a bit average.
    It's far too long until MH release :(

      Heh slow day indeed. Probably a few like me who assumed that being a public holiday, there would be no new TAY and have been refreshing the old one all day :\

    Finally finished my re-playthrough of Mass Effect, I did every side mission, went to every planet, etc... I went Fem-shep and Renegade, I actually think i enjoyed the game more going Renegade. About 1/2 way through the game I maxed my credits out at 9,999,999. I forgot how pointless money is in Mass Effect. Oh well, onto ME 2!

      I just can't bring myself to renegade. Shep is such a dick.

        I can't pick a side coz they both dicks, end up going middle of the road dick.


    What a terribly boring day.

      Should have drunkenly played AssUnit until you gave up because SOME OF THE MISSIONS ARE FUCKING BULLSHIT.

        I much prefered hunting around Empire space for a good place to set up shop.

        Thought I had one, but nah. Sux.

          Yeah, I really need to work out who I need to buddy up with. I'm chilling in Federation space ATM, but that's just because I only solo play, and I've found a high tech system with a good nav beacon.

            Solo? Laaaaame :P

            I think there's something weird going on with high tech systems. Most of the ones I can find aren't producing half the things the system map lists them as exporting. Eg, superconductors. Also they're supposed to produce personal weapons, but the one I used to get them from doesn't sell them any more nor does the other system I also got them from.

            Mainly been searching for a high tech system to at least hang around near, since they're probably the rarest of the main four types to find. But then finding one that doesn't suck, and has decent systems nearby... I mean the ideal home base would be close to its star, have a black market and be stocked with most ship upgrades. Then have a decent range of systems around, which also don't have stations all the way out in the middle of nowhere thousands and thousands of light seconds away.

              Have I mentioned that I despise other people?

              That said, I now have an A ranked shield for my Sidewinder, so I should probably graduate to multi, since I can probably bail before anyone kills me. >.>

                You'd have to find them first. And then once you did, actually interact with them.

                I've only come across maybe a half a dozen commanders since launch, tops. And not a single one has even said hi. Ran into way more during beta, even got to have some fun battles.

                  My problem is that I do have a tendency to attack... well, anyone who has a bounty on them.

    Bought a monitor second-hand at the Sunday Market yesterday (when else?), $40 for a widescreen 1680*1050, works like a dream, too, couldn't be more pleased.

    On the other hand, I'm looking to buy a capture card to do the console twitching, no such luck at Harvey Norman, they told me to check the local computer store, so that'll be my Tuesday morning, any recommendations as to what I should get.

    I watched the final ep
    Every silly step
    Of a TV show called Galavaaaant

    Sure the gags could be broad
    but viewers never bored
    Of Gaaaaaaalaavant

    Fun! with cameos from some cool actors
    Surely it's better than yet more x factors

    Please! A second Season go
    Of this cool little show
    A TV Show called Gaaaaalaaaavaaaaaaant

    Drawing... *coughs* ...sometime... *splutters* ...yeah... *dies*

      And now you've experienced what happens every time I try to convince him to draw. Bloody Jerkius.

        We can just draw without that little green A-hole! :D
        Or at least someone give me a theme or something to draw :3

          A penis!

            Wait, no, we need something to make you uncomfortable...

            A horde of penii!

              You'll regret suggesting this.
              I already have an idea in mind...

                I wish I knew where my penny tablety whatever was.

    A Link Between Worlds soundtrack has been added to Club Ninty's page! Only 2000 stars too :D

      I think I have 1900, bugger.

        4950 for the UK one though. No idea how to get it though =P


    Stupid jerkface Nintendo told me that my Endless Ocean 2 card was expired. IT CAME OUT THE END OF FEBRUARY 2010 YOU JERKS, THERE'S STILL A MONTH LEFT

    Also holy shit I have like over 40 cards here to register. Thatsalottapoints.

    It can be done.
    *breathes sigh of relief*

      I'm going to enjoy your swearing when you hit the second act.

        I suspect I'm up to it now.

        I took down a Black Captain (ooh, racist), and a woman appeared and asked me to go with her to some other place. I didn't really want to, so I spent the next hour or so clearing out all the captains.

        Edit: by the way, am I supposed to be so OP right now? I've unlocked the final tier of upgrades, and have all but a couple of the non-story-locked upgrades purchased. Combat had a bit of challenge earlier, but now all I have to do is land five hits, and then I can spam my instakill special moves and clear out thirty orcs and a room full of captains at a time without any trouble.

        Last edited 27/01/15 7:28 am

          Yeah, that's pretty much where I ended up too. And the story abilities... man. You think you're OP now, wait til you're remote-control mind-controlling beasts and shit everywhere and setting them loose with runes set up so that focus just falls out of the skies and you're basically warping around not particularly caring what you do. End up just capturing all the captains and dominating the entire hierarchy because... pokemon?

    Michaelangelo is a party dude!

      Heroes in a half-shell... turtle power!

      Raphael is cool, but rude.
      (Gimme a break!)

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