Tell Us Dammit: Games You Want Remade

I'm currently playing Grim Fandango on the PlayStation Vita, and it's great! Great to replay a game I loved, great to go back and reminisce, drown in nostalgia, etc. What other games deserve the Grim Fandango treatment?

Because for me, Grim Fandango is the perfect example of a game that should have been re-released: a cult classic, difficult to find, difficult to play. A game that people remember fondly but was under-appreciated in its time. Those are the kind of games that are worth remaking.

A couple of others I'd like to see get the same treatment? NiGHTS, Jet Force Gemini, Morrowind, Metroid Prime, System Shock 2, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. Those are a few of the games I'd like to see get similar treatment.

How about you? Let us know in the comments below.


    Xwing vs Tie Fighter Series with Rift Support
    Necromancer (Atari 800 game)
    Koronis Rift, with Rift support of course!

      Satellite Reign is a spiritual successor to Syndicate if you haven't heard of it; with the lead designer having worked on Syndicate Wars previously. It's on Steam Early Access (though it sounds still too buggy to try yet).

    oh man, I could write pages on this. but I will keep it small.

    Guardian Legend - NES
    Star Tropics - NES
    Final Lap Twin - TG-16
    Blackthorne - SNES
    Crystalis - NES
    Megaman Soccer - SNES

    well I could through in several more TG-16 games in there too, but that will work for now.

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    I'd say NWN2 and all its expansions, the game was actually really good if you didn't encounter any game ending bugs, smooth them all out and it would be a nice remake.

    I'd love to have Mega Man Legends 1-2 smoothed out and re-released.

      Oh and Blast Corps. Although Blast Corps would probably be better as a sequel.

        All great choices ,10 Thumbs Up!

    I used to think that I'd love to see Bungie go back and modernize Pathways into Darkness as it could be an incredible game if redone right, but after Destiny I'm not sure they're capable of it. Also doesn't help that next to no one involved with that game is still working there.

      Jason Jones is back at Bungie now. Him and Alex Seropian were the original Bungie programmers. On that note, I'd love to see a HD remake of Marathon. Considering most of the best plot ideas from it were re-used in the Halo series.

        Jason was always at Bungie. Bungie would cease to exist without him there, I feel. I also think that his involvement in Destiny is a lot of the reason why the moment-to-moment gameplay is so good.

        Halo basically is the HD remake of Marathon in a lot of ways. I'd love to see that get a proper treatment too, but I feel like PiD would benefit a lot more from a modernization. You'd end up with basically a survival horror game. Beef up those conversations with the dead guys, better integrate the time limit and whatnot and you'd have a pretty interesting game. The seed of something excellent is there.

    Vagrant Story and Little Big Adventure are the two main games I would like to see remakes of as long as the core game and gameplay was kept. I really don't want Twinsen turning into a grizzled, buff man running around shooting people while ducking from cover to cover.

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      Vagrant Story is perfect on the Vita, great options on the for control scheme and graphics too.

    That kung fu game from the psx. Not Tai Fu, the one were you travel around China learning other forms of Chinese boxing.

    Mashed please please please please

      one of my favourite multiplayer games ever. especially on the Wharf level, 4 players, with revenge attacks enabled. absolute carnage. definitely worth getting on steam.

      Did you play much of Wrecked on the Xbox 360/ PS3?

      I didn’t like it as much as Mashed, but it was still pretty good.
      I’d freaking kill for a Mashed remake with the same physics (and maybe a few bonus tracks).

        I did buy that and felt it couldn't compare. You couldn't drive backwards when you spin out to keep you in the game, that was so important in Mashed

    Anything that's not very playable thanks to age.
    So stuff like:

    Shin Megami Tensei 1,2 & If... from the SNES
    Dragon Quest 1,2&3 from the NES

    But also, games that have quite a bit of extra contenet that I never get around to at home would be great ported to the Vita so I can grind away on my daily commute.
    Stuff like:
    Final Fantasy XII
    Digital Devil Saga

    And a new hi def port of Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast would be nice or even just Outrun 3.

      Snowboard Kids 1&2
      and Mischief Makers

      Both classic N64 titles!!

        Shadow of the Empire with rejigged modern controls, that game is ACE!

    Second FOA!

    Trying to think of games I played a ton back in the day that don't have sequels that essentially serve as remakes or aren't already underway/done. FOA is probably the main one I care about now that DOTT has been announced and Majoras mask is almost here. Playing Jedi Outcast at the moment and it could use some updating but is it worthy?... not sure.

    GOLDEN EYE 64!
    AND ANY MARIO PARTY that is pre 8 or 9, where all the characters move around the board together, that is just shit Nintendo, SHIT! give me back individual playboard movement.

      They did have individual movement in 8, but we all know MP 4 and 5 are where it's at!

        yeah, it must be 9. i bought it recently not knowing, to play it on my Wii U, was sorely disappointed.
        i really enjoyed them all from 1 to 7, i havnt played 8, i might have to go grab it and piss 9 off.

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      I agree with Goldeneye. I think the remake of Perfect Dark on XBLA was an impeccable example of how more remakes should be done from that era ... that it looks and plays EXACTLY like the original in every way (the look and layout is left completely untouched), and that only the resolution is increased with better textures, and that the framerate is a locked 60fps.

      I can't believe that a Goldeneye remake was in the works, and that it wasn't finished because Nintendo, Microsoft, and Activision couldn't reach an agreement (or so I read once upon a time). It seems like such a waste of a good opportunity. If they managed to make a Goldeneye remake that was handled the same way that Perfect Dark was, then I would have played the living daylights out of it (Goldeneye still holds some of the best gaming memories of all time for me).

      This is what we could've had:

    Crash Bandicoot 1, 2 & 3

    FFVII of course.

      If Crash worked on Vita, I'd snatch it up in a second!

    Super Mario Sunshine! I can actually see it happening, too.

    Or even better... a sequel!

      Well seeing as Splatoon borrows a lot of Mario Sunshine tech, this is in the realm of possibility.
      I'd be happy with Sunshine HD, but a sequel would be amazing!

        Trust Nintendo to be borrowing tech from a game 3 generations old!

        The funniest part is that the best use of tech in Mario Sunshine involved jetpack movement using the pressurised triggers…. which the WiiU’s overpriced gimmick controller doesn’t have.

        It was a pretty cool game though, it’d be great to see a sequel with some really cutting edge water physics and a controller with features from this millennium (ie. not the WiiU).

    Gotta agree with Jet Force Gemini
    Also a remastered Cradh Bandicoot collection would sell like hot cakes

    Would love to play other hard to get Lucasarts games like Full Throttle and the Dig

    Why, Interstate 76 of course...

    Seriously though, could be very cool if done right and that 70s groove maintained....

    Am I showing my age??

      I actually thought I was the only one that remembered this game.... It was like a cross between Rock 'n Roll Racing and GTA.

      Actually come to think of it.... Remake Rock 'n Roll Racing!

        Legally pretty gray, but this 'homage' has kept me entertained for many, MANY hours. It's free too :)

          Check out BlazeRush as well - it's currently in a pretty good bundlestars bundle - it's an isometric tile-track racer like RRR, but controls more like Renegade Ops and has MicroMachines style knockout modes - also doesn't have all the legal issues of being a blatant ripoff ;p

            A blatant rip-off that is just as fun, mind :P

            It's not like Blizzard were gonna do anything with the game anyways - although, they did release a rom of the game with most of the licensed music removed as a knee-jerk reaction to the whole thing.

            BlazeRush looks pretty awesome - will have to check that one out - cheers! :)

        interstae 76 and Rock n Roll Racing!!! hells yes.

          While we're at it, why not remake Super Offroad. I loved those isometric racers.

          Ooh, RC Pro AM and Cobra Triangle.

      So this. Would love to play through I76 again.

      I still listen to the Interstate '76 soundtrack regularly.

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    Majora's Mask.

    But, like... properly. On console.

      I don't understand, really.


          No, I mean ; what's wrong with a handheld version?

          Personally, I wish all ports & remastered were on handheld. Handheld is where I fuck around & comfort game.
          When I get home & play on the big telly, I want that big experience.

            What's wrong with it is the bad taste the OoT remake left in my mouth.

            While OoT got a visual upgrade that was nice enough, all I've seen on this one looks worse than that. And if they do the same thing again where the sounds are all identical to the 64, then that's shit.

            I love Majora's Mask, and I was hoping as hard as I could for MMHD, not MM3D. All the dark gloominess and colours of the game being pumped through the Wii U with all its awesome shaders and everything they've got going on on there. MM *is* a big experience, and deserves that kind of love and care that could only have come from a console-based remake, not this shitty fart-out of a retextured port.

            Personally I wish ports and "remastered" editions didn't exist :P Ok maybe chuck them up on digital services so they remain available instead of being limited to whatever old stock is floating around out there. But if you're going to remake a game, ACTUALLY remake it.

              I couldn't disagree more, I found the tiny changes to music & sound effects in Star Fox 64 3D offensive (and they forgot to include Lylat as a language).

              Perfect Dark Arcade & OoT were the perfect remasters to me.

              I was really worried when they said they would remaster the music in FFX but that was done quite well.

              Each to their own though :-)

                Yeah there were some minor annoyances there in the music, I can't remember which but some musical lines in some of the tracks were rebalanced to be quieter than they used to be, so that particular melody didn't stand out any more. The main thing that bugged me with that was there was no more PAL slowdown, so everything sounded too fast and high-pitched. Oh and some of the small dialogue changes/omissions. But still, I was otherwise really happy with that. It looked fantastic, and was a game that we'd hadn't seen since the original release (unless it got a VC release? I can't remember since I never really paid attention). Whereas OoT we already got on the 64, then twice on the GameCube then again on the Wii's VC. I didn't need a fourth copy of the same damn game.

                  I went into OoT with the same feeling, having bought many copies myself.
                  The only reason I own it is because I received it as a birthday gift, but it turned out I loved it.

                  I never thought about the speed factor in StarFox, maybe thats why Im so much more shit at it now.
                  I had real trouble getting the medal for even the first level on 3DS whereas on 64 I was on the way to obtaining them all. Until my god damn cart erased itself for no good reason.

                  I think the difference here is that although Id be keen on the odd actual remake, I really enjoy remasters for making some hard to get back into playable again.

                  Im really keen on Majora's because even though I own a copy on GameCube, I wont be getting it out of storage any time soon to play, whereas plonk in on 3DS and I can play it whenever I want.

                  Ive got a decent collection of PSX games on my Vita now which covers a lot of my retro gaming needs, I really wish 3DS virtual console did SNES, GBA, & DS.

                  Sure, I could install an emulator on my craptop right now, but if I had access to it while stuck on the train, I'd be more likely to replay Super Metroid.

                  @jimu I never thought about the speed factor in StarFox, maybe thats why Im so much more shit at it now.I blame the circle pad.

                  64 control stick, I can point to a thing and keep it there. Circle pad, I just kinda drift past it then try and go back and overshoot and go back ad infinitum.

              I think there's little to no chance of getting a HD remaster of the 3D Zelda games. Wind Waker was the exception because the cel shading didn't require much work. They went above and beyond but it was still less work than what Ocarina of Time would require. I mean you're basically talking about rebuilding every single art asset from scratch. Even the relatively small Majora's Mask has a ton of empty space that just doesn't cut it visually anymore.

                Oh, I know there's no chance. Especially now. But I still want it :P

                The thing that stings the most is the whole soundtrack deal. Once you hit the secondary credits, with the orchestrated track... that was just a cock slap to the face, saying "hey look what we could have done but didn't. Fuck you."

            Depends on the game. I'd rather play a 3D Zelda on the TV but I prefer a lot of the classic styles on handheld. I can't really stomach JRPGs on the TV, but on the Vita they're awesome. I feel like something along the lines of Secret of Mana would be way better on a Vita or the 3DS but Resident Evil 2 would be a console deal.
            I guess it also depends on the depth they're going to. I find straight ports play better on handhelds where the age doesn't show as badly but when they rebuild the game from scratch as a modern game that's just borrowing the plot and core concepts from the original that's console territory.

              Dunno what it is, but I havent enjoyed a Zelda on console since Wind Waker on Cube.
              Throw one on 3DS and *MAGIC* I have a ball.

    The two games that I really would like remade and could be remade are Final Fantasy XII and Dragon Quest VIII.

      DQVIII is actually on iOS at a pricey $18 or so. Still, the amount of content you can get out of it would make it worth it. Only thing turning me right off getting it is the touch screen controls and weird portrait aspect (apparently can't be played widescreen aspect).

        I bought the iOS version but I don't really like the portrait aspect and the voices are removed from it.

        Can't handle those touch controls

      XII is high on my list. Incredibly underrated, imo. I remember a poll from Squenix not too long ago gauging people's interest in a FFXII HD remake too. Not sure what eventuated, but good to know it's at least on their mind.

    In less grumpy responses, I've said it a million times before but I'd love to see Metroid 2 get a Zero Mission style remake. That remains for me the gold standard of remakes.

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    ooh, and here is a throw back to Sega Saturn days:
    Guardian Heroes
    Virtual On
    Virtua Fighter
    Power Stone

      Add in SEGA Rally Championship to that, and I'd never need another remake again :)

        Sega Rally has aged terribly and doesn’t hold up well by today’s standards at all.

        That game lived and died by its hour or so of brilliant fun, add features and it’s not really nostalgia, just keep what’s there and you’ll be terribly underwhelmed.

        By the time you updated all the things that would need to be updated it wouldn’t be Sega Rally at all.

          Completely disagree. I've been playing SR weekly since it's release (I've still got it for my Saturn), and there's personality in the courses that just isn't there today. Every corner is memorable, and all four courses are utterly replayable. The game has kept me occupied for close to 15 years, and I still can't say I've mastered it and gotten everything I'm going to get out of it.

          The Daytona USA port on XBLA was stunning, and I still play that often. Sega Rally would be no different. Will have to agree to disagree on this one.

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            That Daytona port was “stunning” only in the sense that the terrible parallax scrolling (where the image of the horizon jolts around because it’s directly attached to the positioning of the car, which also jolts around) was seizure inducing.

            The Dreamcast version was pretty good mind you.

            Still, I’m glad that you still enjoy sliding around your 4 tracks in a damage-free, pop-up riddled (seriously you play the Saturn version?) environment, but I think that no matter how pretty you make it most people would be bored with that in half an hour in a post-Burnout/ Colin McRae Dirt world.

            I loved Sega Rally (and the sequel) at the time, but having gone back to the formula playing Sega Rally Online Arcade on the 360 in the last 3 years or so I think that for me at least, the formula is past it’s best. The best part of the nostalgia from those games is the music and sound effects. “GAME OVER YEEEEEEAH!”

              That scrolling in Daytona never bothered me - I can't say I've even noticed it.

              I must have a high tolerance to big pixels and such, because those damage-free, pop-up riddled environments don't affect the gameplay in the slightest. For me, anyways.

              I love the Saturn version - there's nothing wrong with it. I lost interest in Burnout & DiRT and identikit dude-bro, slick-ass 'arcade' racer no. 27. The last rally game worth a damned to me was CMR 2005. Sega Rally is pure arcade, and that's what I love about it. I don't actively seek out out realism or 'extreme' in a racing title. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. If it's fun, it's fun. The lack of variety in, and homogenization of the genre as a whole is something I find really off-putting. Games that are technically great, like the re-done Need For Speed Hot Pursuit/Most Wanted just can't seem to hold my interest. Everything just feels vanilla now.

              I know what your saying, and I'm sure I feel the same about certain games too, but yeah, I'm not most people. Doesn't mean that those of us without the typical modern tastes shouldn't be even a little catered to. I know, sales sales blargh.

              Regardless, we're getting Drift Stage, and (hopefully) The 90's Arcade Racer this year, so here's to the return of Arcade games with personality. It'll be nice to play a few racing games that are a labour of love, rather than the product of cold-hard figures, suits and share-holders.

                Well, I certainly respect your love for the oldies. Not sure how you can draw such a clear delineation between the Sega of the 90’s and the products of “cold-hard figures, suits and share-holders” though, don’t forget that both those Sega racers had gameplay designed from the ground up to steal a couple of bucks from you every 2 minutes or so! Outside of the F2P market I don’t think you could be MORE evil-corporationy!

                The racing market is big enough that it is most certainly “different strokes for different folks” but I think that’s kinda why those Sega games are so redundant now. There’s been a slow, natural evolution of the genre and it means that while they were the benchmark titles at the time, they’re essentially a noteworthy iteration of the games that came before and after them. Sliding around a damage free track protected by indivisible, impenetrable walls is a kind of gameplay that’s been so naturally replaced by dozens of other titles in the genre that it doesn’t need to be brought back. It’s not like either of those games stands out as one-of-a-kind or hasn’t even been replaced by sequels which people have largely ignored.

                There’s a reason why 99% of gamers barely even know that Sega Rally 3 ever existed, and why it went straight to Xbox Live as a downloadable title instead of getting a retail release.

                  You'll be able to say the same about any game released now. Give anything 10-15 years, and anything will be made redundant in the way that your saying. It doesn't make any of what went before less interesting and playable. As much as I love Skyrim, Smash Bros, Halo and Tomb Raider, I can still go back and play Robotron 2084, Diablo, Virtua Fighter and whatever else. I don't feel like I'm missing something that modern iterations have added to whatever genre and improved upon. I'm just digging into the GameCube library at the moment, and a lot of what I'm playing and discovering still blows my socks off.

                  And I agree with the arcade point, but it was still very different then - there were ways of getting games to play more fair, dip-switch setting and difficulty levels, that were more at the discretion of the arcade owners than the game makers - every oldie has a sweet-spot. A comparison to the free-to-play model is an interesting comparison, but one that is still pretty different. Gaming has branched out so far that it's inevitable that free-to-play does what it does. In the heyday of the Arcade, every single genre was still pretty much in its infancy and the fundamentals were still being written. Arcade hardware was still way ahead of whatever was available at home, and that successful arcade hardware helped drive advances in graphics tech on home systems. Home versions of Arcade games were still relatively brutal too, if we're going to play the cheap and difficult card. The vast majority of games were just that back then. Whether at home, or in the arcade, it doesn't matter. And it's not like you carried the arcade around with you, able to spend with your credit card/debit wherever you happened to be. Free-to-play has monetized even those basic fundamentals. Free-to-play isn't the driving force behind anything but getting more money. It doesn't effect the industry in the same way at all. It tends to stifle creativity, and again, waters everything down.

                  Anyhoo, names were made in the arcade, and immortalized at home. Obviously, I don't mean everything, but you know what I'm getting at. If SEGA Rally came out on the Playstation, how different would things have turned out?

                  On a different note, it's nice to be able to argue in a civilized manner here on Kotaku, anyways. I love getting into this kind of stuff with someone who knows what they're on about :D

    Pretty much everything on the PS1 - from A bugs life to Xenogears.... please :3

    Metroid prime doesn't need to be remade, it still looks and plays brilliantly (walking out into phendrana drifts...). It's even coming to the eshop this week as a part of the 13 buck trilogy. You NEED to buy that if you don't have the disc already!

    My vote goes to eternal darkness. It was brilliant, but a graphical update with proper lighting would really lift the atmosphere. It needs to reach a wider audience.

    Also, beyond good and evil.

    But on the whole, I'm getting sick of all of these remakes of fairly current games (RE remake... again?!). Unless it's a cult classic which has aged horribly or is rare as all hell, it probably needs to be left alone.

      Beyond Good & Evil has a HD remake on PS3, 360 & PC.

        I guess the continued vapourware status of the sequel pushed that out of my mind. I was looking at my gamecube collection and noted the number of commercial flops which were actually amazing games.

        Ok, scratch that one. Replace it with f zero gx.

          ANY F-Zero game, remake or new, would be accepted at this point. F-Zero GX was released in 2003, bloody 12 years ago! Yet Captain Falcon still manages to maintain a spot in Smash Brothers.

          Seriously Nintendo, give the franchise to Retro or something. We NEED an F-Zero game stat!

            There were also another two GBA F-Zeros in 2004 (though GP Legend seemed to come out everywhere but here, while Climax was Japan only). So slightly less as long as that.

            But yeah, I'm hanging out for a Retro-made F-Zero. Along with a Platinum-made Star Fox.

      I'd play the SHIT out of an Eternal Darkness remake. I blitzed through all three colours when I first got it (it was actually the game which sold me on a Gamecube) but haven't played it since.
      That final boss fight (the stakes, oh, the stakes!) has yet to be topped as far as I'm concerned.

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