Tell Us Dammit: Popular Games You Don't Like

This is your chance to be that annoying person who hates everything. Has there ever been a super popular game that you've looked at and thought to yourself, "why does everyone like this?"

Because I'm a grumpy old man, this tends to happen to me quite frequently. Dragon Age: Inquisition is probably the most recent example. I spent a dozen hours trying to 'get' Dragon Age: Inquisition. Eventually gave up.

But I'm also aware that some people hate the games I love. So many people don't 'get' Metal Gear Solid for example, or Halo, or Metroid Prime.



    LOL and DOTA

      Same, I don't get it, my friends are HUGE Dota players having clocked literally thousands of hours on steam each. I generally only play Battlefield 4 as my "everyday" game when I'm not playing through single player releases like Zelda or Dark Souls and even then I've only clocked 126 hours on BF4 since the PS4 launched. Imagine what you could have done with that Dota time not playing video games? Pretty sure I could have finished my masters degree in the 1200 hours one of my friends has spent in Dota :P

      Agree. I do not see the appeal at all.

      Not going to try and change your mind but I figure there's no harm in presenting a case for MOBAs.

      First and foremost, they've very mechanically satisfying games and there's a lot of positive feedback tied into the gameplay. The little quips heroes say when you get a deny, the sound of gold when you get a last hit, landing that hook and killing the bastard that's been dominating your team for the last twenty minutes? All fantastic little moments that help make the game enjoyable.

      Secondly, team work. These games are so very heavily dependent on team work that it's not funny. The reputation that they have for having to play with and against assholes come from this as well, so it's a double-edged sword. Yet when you manage to get your team co-ordinated for just long enough to pull off a crazy come from behind team fight, it really makes it feel worthwhile.

      Finally, you get a good sense of personal progress. You know when you're getting better and starting to make big plays, not falling for rookie mistakes and that sort of thing.

      Really, the reason they're enjoyable is pretty similar to the constant flow of numbers that show up on your screen while playing CoD or the loot dropping in Diablo (although it's true for quite a lot of games). It's just that the positive feedback loop in Dota feels just right for me.

        I agree with you.

        The issue is though that it takes at least 150 hours before anything starts to click e.g. learning a character build and items, laning correctly, warding correctly, understanding at a VERY basic level how other heroes work, what they excel at etc etc.

        Before then, it's not a fun experience. I slogged through it desperate to see the appeal. And I did eventually.

        I also don't think the average game time of 45 minutes helps, it's difficult for a lot of people to dedicate that time and be totally uninterrupted.

          Totally reasonable, although I think that 150 hours number can vary pretty wildly depending on the player.

            Yep, I'm sure some people could 'get it' in less time.

        When I think about these games Left 4 Dead comes to mind. In that game, success is also dependent on teamwork, but the mechanics are designed to reward high-level players for cooperating with any lower-level players that might be on their team, and indeed it becomes almost impossible to succeed without doing so. With these games the opposite seems to be true, the incentive is to avoid playing with less skilled or less experienced teammates altogether. I'd rather just have another round of Versus.

          God, I love everything Zombies, and could just never get into Left 4 Dead. I hated that game and I wanted to love it so badly.

      I get the appeal but they've been out way too long for new players to get into. Strictly has to be played with friends.

        I think it's due to the fact that MOBAs as a whole are possibly the youngest genre of games. They aren't quite strategy, RPG or arcade games, but fall somewhere in the middle. Because of this, anyone that starts playing Dota, LOL, HotS or any variant starts basically from scratch.

        Compare it to a new first-person shooter; let's say Destiny. Sure, there are some things unique to the game that take a while to get used to, and obviously some players are better than others, but the core mechanics (moving, shooting, using skills, etc.) are all familiar to gamers that have played other FPS games.

        A fairer comparison would be to take people that have never played any games before... start one of them on Starcraft, start one on Dota, and see how long it takes for them to get good. I think the number of hours would be fairly similar... if I think of all the hours I have put into strategy games as a whole, or FPS's as a whole, my several thousand hours poured into Dota 1 & 2 don't seem quite so bad.

      I agree with this but sadly I play smite so I suppose it falls under the genre

    Team Fortress 2. I just don't get it at all, I've tried to like it just something gets in the way. I like most shooters too, UT, quake, CS, Halo, COD (*gasp*). Just not TF

      The solution to your problem is more hats.

      TF2 is class-based teamwork. None of those games you mentioned have classes (inbox COD, no), and CS is the only one with a slight teamwork focus.

        Halo is incredibly teamwork orientated, a good team beats a group of amazing individual players every time, I see your point though. I have nothing against class based shooters, I really liked Battlefield 2, Bad Company 2 and Battlefront 2. No class shooter since those have really gripped me though.

    Gears of War. Played through the whole thing in co-op with some friends, I don't even know why. Found the entire thing to be wholly unenjoyable. And so so ugly.

    Oh, Bioshock too. Reading up on it before it came out it sounded so cool. Eventually got the chance to pick it up, and nup. Didn't like it, gave up after a couple of hours.

    This is what I get for investigating "the other side" :P

      GoW and Bioshock? =O

      I should know better from the taste of someone who likes Summer better than Winter ;)

        Some like it red hot.

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      Agree with Bioshock. I dont know if it was because I tried to get into it too late or what but I just didn't like it that much. And thus haven't bothered playing the sequels.

      GOW on the other hand is awesome... mostly.

        Bioshock would have had a much bigger impact at launch than coming to it years later. The world, the fact it was a different and very fleshed out location was a big deal. Others have done it since but it was a huge change when first done.

          I played it early on & it just didn't live up to the trailer imho

          I didn't think it was total shit, just below expectations.

            Wasn't a fan of bishops either, despite the new tricks in the combat the level design felt very old fashioned like hexen , heretic or doom(system shock1+2 felt a little unfair). once the novelty of the combat wore off which didn't take long I got bored felt like I'd done it all before. And I love the cold

      Yeah I thought Gears was garbage. Well made technically (well 3 was) but it was just bleh to me.
      Same with Bioshock Infinite. The gameplay and repeated arenas between corridors just bored me to tears.

    Being an #oldman there's quite a fewOff the top of my head:

    Call of Duty
    Modern Mario Kart
    Smash Bros

      Halo. For real.

      The first one wasn't bad in a silly sci-fi story kind of way, but the gameplay has always been a boring core loop of hide, sponge damage while emptying clips, hide, repeat.

      The art style is garbage looking boxes and neon when inside and fine but nothing special outside.

      Then there's the checkpointing system that checkpoints you at stupid times, and the constant instadeath bullshit that went on in that prequel one with the team who all die Noble Deaths in a stupidly ham-fisted metaphor.

      Ugh. Halo.

      4 was ok I guess and so was ODST. It's a real shame because i like the lore and the universe. The games just aren't anything to write home about. What I hate about them isn't so much how bad they are (I've played a hell of a lot worse), but how uninteresting they are and how utterly overhyped the whole thing is.

        I just tried the first one. Straight shooters aren't my bag.

          Straight shooters aren't your bag, hey?
          I'm in with a shot! :D

        Seconded. It's a mediocre space shooter with fisher-price toy guns. I mean, it's perfectly serviceable and has a high budget so it's got a lot of polish, but it's just so... pedestrian. It has potential but simply does nothing except choose the path of least resistance and what is "safe". It also makes out like it has some amazing plot, but it's a poorly written C-grade space opera at best.

        People praising the first game... seriously, it's the same game that you play twice. First you play it forwards, then you play it backwards and it adds lots of space zombies in.

        That said, Halo does deserve credit for a few things:
        1) Getting FPS right using a controller. Give me mouse and kb anyday, but Bungie got the controls right.
        2) The main music theme. It rocks.
        3) Red vs Blue and Rooster Teeth.

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    I really can't stand the Assassin's Creed series - even when they were firing on all cylinders and releasing what were, apparently, great games.
    I've genuinely tried. And even though the 200-words-or-less description of the game's intent and gameplay appeals to me, I can't play more than two hours without getting bored.

      They are overall quite boring games. I couldn't tell you the stories from pretty much any of them. I do have fun playing them but its almost forced fun... Although the only reason I played Black Flag was 'Pirate Sim' and even then it got grating doing the same stuff all the time. I don't think I will play another one. Unity doesn't appeal to me at all.

      Agreed. AC4: Black Flag was the only one I've ever really liked and finished, and it was pretty much Pirate Sim with some AC stuff around the edges that you could pretty safely ignore.

    Dota 2. That's all.

    This will eventually get me lynched I'm sure, but:

    Dark Souls et al.

    It insists upon itself....
    ...(and I couldn't warm up to the combat interface).

      With you on darksouls. Just because it's hard doesn't make it good.

        It's not good because it's hard though, there are many games that are hard that aren't as perfectly designed as Dark Souls.

        There's a funny thing with Dark Souls, new players usually start off by not liking the game or finding it too frustrating. Then, after a while, for some of them something clicks in their mind, they gain some humanity, reverse their hollowing and kindle the bonfires of their imagination, and suddenly they realise they are playing the greatest game that has ever existed. PRAISE THE SUN!

          Pretty much this. Although I did love it at first sight simply due to the atmosphere.

          I would have enjoyed Dark Souls if the pc port wasn't a abomination and if the trash didn't respawn.

          It's this silly praise that I hate. The game looks good.

      NO! Bad chazsheperd! :P Will you give Bloodborne a try? this but about the Souls series

      Couldn't agree more. I play video games to relieve stress and escape as well as be challenged (to a degree). Dark souls just gets me angry and frustrated...adding to the stress. I wouldn't have imagined it being anything more than a niche game for players who enjoy being punished, but it seems like everyone refers to it as an example of what modern games should be...

      Agree on Dark Souls. Tried both entries, just seemed sluggish, repetitive, and goddamn if that ain't some of the most ugly graphics and interface I've seen. Also I thought the animations were pretty mediocre. But ultimately the worst thing about was it was boring.

    Going to make some enemies with these ones:

    Uncharted series
    Halo series
    Mario Kart 8
    Gears of War series

      You're tearing me apart, Beavwa!

        All of these at least had the benefit of me buying them and trying... Not just hating on things I haven't played.

        I fully expect that others may write Monster Hunter, Pokémon, Minecraft, Tales JRPGs - that's my opposite end of the spectrum list of my favourites.

          I mainly loved the co-op nature of Halo and Gears, playing with my brother and/or friends. Good times.
          Now it's all about the Monster Hunter multi. Well, kind of. When we have time. And haven't decided to play boardgames instead.

        So... how's the sex life?

        (please tell me that was a 'The Room' reference, otherwise I am just coming across as a pervert)

          To be honest, the only part of The Room that I've seen is that part haha.

      I'll agree with you on halo and gears of war, both were painfully generic. MK8 imo Is worse than mario kart wii. I can't hate uncharted tho, I love a good indiana jones game.

        Uncharted makes the list because I just can't control it. As much my own personal failing - I've tried many times and just get frustrated at being unable to exert the necessary level of control.

          Same, just kept dying, gave up.

      I liked this because I am now your enemy. /o\

        It was more a prediction towards my own expectation of getting at least one downvote for sharing my opinion.
        Which one in particular do we differ the most on? Uncharted?

          Never played Uncharted! Never owned a Playstation...but I enjoy the other 3. Halo above the rest...but loads of people have said they dislike Halo here. So I now have loads of enemies.

            As a long time mustard racer I have both the complete inability to aim with a controller and a fleeting experience with a quite terrible PC port. You can understand my position.
            The first of those two reasons is why I haven't even entertained the thought of destiny either.

            ...At least the one positive Halo experience I've had is watching Red vs Blue. I can be thankful for that.

    Pokemon (every game is the same shit. Change up the damn story)
    anything with instant fail sneak missions.

      I love pokemon but I've gotta agree with you that they are all pretty similar!

        Every game is the same but it's such a great gameplay formula that it works on me over and over again. Not enough games these days focus on the gameplay instead of the story or visuals imo.

    The Last of Us.
    bought it. Put about 3 hours to it, then returned it.

      I finished it and I still don't get it. It had terrible mechanics, awful pacing, was chock-a-block with filler content and had a predictable and unrealistic plot. I really don't understand how people think this was a GoTY contender in any way.

    Any moba

    Not huge on Dark Souls either. I prefer to keep punishment to the bedroom, not in my video games!

    Most of the time I'm apathetic towards popular games, but there are some I just cannot fathom the appeal or merits of like:
    * Bioware games
    * King games
    * The Bioshock series
    * The Uncharted series

    The Legend of Zelda series. Maybe it's because after playing Alundra they just all fail in comparison.

      Alundra is great. Didn't turn me if the good zeldas though.

    Everything Multiplayer

      With you on Everything Multiplayer - I'm a fairly anti-social gamer. The caveat is local multiplayer when someone's playing with you - like portal co-op or a cheaky go of mortal kombat

        Agreed. Different when you are with the other person/people.
        Maybe I should have said Online Multiplayer, so as to include MMO's and such.

        Last edited 15/01/15 12:03 pm

    Metal Gear Solid and any moba.
    Want to love Metal Gear but just cannot. Oh and also the Dark Souls series.
    I keep buying them when they come out hoping it will grab me, it never does :(

      Well you can just geeeeerrrt ooooouuuurrrt!!!!

    - Destiny
    - TF2
    - Football Manager
    - Sid Meier's Civilization V
    - PAYDAY 2

    Last edited 15/01/15 11:34 am

      I dig Payday 2, but it's one of those multiplayer titles where the quality of the game becomes extremely variable depending on who you're playing it with.

    Bioshock Infinite. Bad shooting and just follow the markers to the next checkpoint.
    Dragon Age: Inquisition. Too much to do and too little inclination.
    GTA V: Repeat a mission (effin cranes at the docks), shame on me. Repeat a mission three times, traded in.

      All the Bioshock games felt like that to me, I really struggled to get through them, and really only finished them for the amazing art and environments, and to get some narrative closure. The shooting in Infinite in particular is so poorly executed, and to make matters worse it dropped a lot of the combat mechanics that made the original bearable.

      Shame you traded it in. If you fail a mission enough times then you have the option to skip it, which I thought was a smart addition from Rockstar. An amazing game for just stuffing around in as well.

    Dark Souls, Assassins Creed, Shadow of Mordor, Pokemon, pretty much anything multiplayer (except co-op)

    Assassin's Creed
    Call of Duty
    99% of sports games
    Racing games
    Dating Sims
    Modern Tomb Raider

      This except I really enjoyed the new Tomb Raider.

    MMO games
    COD, Battlefield games
    Halo, Destiny games
    Bayonetta and MG:Revenvnenevnvnvnvnvneenenenengences!
    Sports games

      Did you play revengence? I love that sort of thing normally but the demo put me off.

      Felt wrong as a MG even though it was a spin off

        I played it. Wanted to keep going, but I cannot get the hang of Platinum Games combat. Found it impossible to progress and quit in frustration. Same with Bayonetta actually.

        Last edited 16/01/15 12:37 am

          Ahhhh, Platinum, that'd be it. I like their games in theory.

    I got bored of online multiplayer 5-6 years back, and brown on grey on brown on grey shooters around the same time.
    I never got into WoW; as a KotOR lover, I tried to get into TOR, but nope. DOTA is clearly the other big multiplayer game that I just can't get into.
    Any of the major shooters over the last few years - the last ones I got into were modern warfare 2 and bad company 2.
    Metro 2033, GoW, The Witcher are all games I put a couple of hours into and then put down.
    GTA IV - finished both Vice City and San Andreas, but couldn't get into IV.
    The big one is the Halo series, I think.

    Final Fantasy
    Wii/Wii U gaming in general.
    COD Modern Warfare series

    Any PCgame where you click a mouse to move a character - Diablo and it's ilk - there's no feedback in that kind of control system

    Any MOBA that's not Monday Night Combat

    MMOs - like the earlier poster I love Battlefield but would be lucky to put more than 150hrsinyo each release (that's just playing every other night) these MMO kids give up basic bodily functions in order to support their hobby

    Sports games since the 2000s; I used to love Wayne Gretzky Hockey and Super International Cricket and NFL QB Club and NBA Live back in the 90s; I got NBA2K14 with my X1, tried to play it, I may as well have played QWOP for the amount of finesse required to do anything useful in that game - my career mode was a good bench warming simulator though...

      How good was Wayne Gretzky!?!?! Used to love that on the 64

        It's was the best - someone should bring that back! Back then sports games were easy enough for anyone to pickup and play

      I am so with you with sports games.... NBA2K the AI weaves through me like a knife through butter I try to get anywhere near and I stick like a fly to fly paper.... Ditto FIFA "to evade press A A B rotate stick 235 degrees and fractional tap RB..." Feck oof

    Borderlands. Sorry. Loved the humour and the storyline but GOD I GOT SO BORED. Tales from the Borderlands is the best thing that's ever happened to me.

    Also, Grand Theft Auto. Sue me.

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