Tell Us Dammit: Popular Games You Don't Like

This is your chance to be that annoying person who hates everything. Has there ever been a super popular game that you've looked at and thought to yourself, "why does everyone like this?"

Because I'm a grumpy old man, this tends to happen to me quite frequently. Dragon Age: Inquisition is probably the most recent example. I spent a dozen hours trying to 'get' Dragon Age: Inquisition. Eventually gave up.

But I'm also aware that some people hate the games I love. So many people don't 'get' Metal Gear Solid for example, or Halo, or Metroid Prime.



    I don't know if I'd go so far as to say I outright hate them, but ones I certainly don't particularly like:

    COD (except COD 4)
    Assassin's Creed
    GTA (loved Vice City, hated San Andreas, GTA IV kind of meh, haven't played GTA V, will give it a go when I can get the PS4 version cheap).

      I never enjoyed any of the GTAs until V. Recommended

        Yeah, like I said, I'll give it a shot when I can find it cheap (under $50, ideally on PSN) because I've heard everybody raving about it. But everybody raved about the previous ones, and I kept buying them on that basis, but just didn't enjoy them enough to think they were worth the full asking price.

    MMOs (with an exception for Destiny because it's also an FPS and fun to play)
    Sport franchise games
    Most Fighting games
    Metal Gear Solid
    Dark Souls


    Boring as faaaaaark.

      Absolutely agree. I hated Oblivion, too.
      And unfortunately ... Fallout 3 / NV falls into the same trap - and I really persevered with them. No dice.

      I think I have like 80+ hours or something on skyrim but yeah, I'm not crazy over it like the majority of the gaming base. Interesting considering I had 300+ hours sunk into fallout 3.

      I fell asleep trying to play that game more times than I can remember - so much inventory management

        Doesn't help that the combat is boring as hell either!

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    Super Smash Bros.

    I just don't get it. I tried to like it when it was first released, I forced myself to play it, I played it single player and with 3 others and I got no joy. This was back when I was Nintendo-or-Nothing. Bored the bejeezus out of me.

    I'll add Halo, Pokemon and Final Fantasy to the list (actually, pretty much any turn-based RPG)

      Completely agree with Smash Bros! Wanted to love it, couldn't even get myself to like it.

      Yeah, I've never understood the appeal of Smash Bros. I remember in high school everyone carrying on about it (N64), but when I got around to seeing it in action, I was just perplexed. I remember thinking for a long time that perhaps I was just not understanding something, and persisted playing it with friends, hoping it would click with me. But I just hated it more and more.

    The Last Of Us. I Found it boring and repetitive, the story/characters boring and under developed. Ending was meh too. It also felt like the setting had nothing to do with gameplay, like they just reskinned one of the Uncharted games, it plays identical but the premise/story are supposed to be completely different. That doesn't make sense to me.

    Dark Souls. I gave it a shot for a little bit, but just wasn't fun enough, the challenge was ok, but i just felt like the time spent/frustration far out weighed the 'fun' part.

    GTA V was ok, but the story and characters were boring and instantly forgettable (except maybe trevor, but he was just crazy and his character development was non existent). There were some cool bits in there (going back to the town at the start to dig up grave was cool and factored into story well) but they got lost amongst the blandness. Also so many of the missions were incredibly boring and stupid (knock down all the real estate signs? come one mate.) Online is fun, but too much of a grind and not enough cool stuff to do.

    Shovel Knight - I LOVE old school 2D platformers but this just didn't do it for me. I finished it begrudgingly, but I just don't understand the respect it gets.

    Assassins Creed 2 - Admittedly I played it through a couple years after release, but I did not enjoy any of it. Why be a sneaky assassin when it's easier to just run in, stab, and run away? Failed game design in my opinion.

    I would've said DotA 2 but I did go through a phase where I put in 200 hours. I got to the point where I could definitely understand the appeal. How many people are willing to put in 150 hours though before anything starts to click? I forced myself through that 150 hours and was rewarded. Then I cam to the realisation at 200 hours that I just don't have the time to commit to it.

      It took me a while to warm to the AC series for kind of the same reason. As an alleged spiritual successor to the prince of persia games I was underwhelmed by the combat an lack of wall-running.

      AC4 is the best AC because there is minimal fucking about pretending to be a sneaky assassin when the answer is always to slash, stab, and blow up everything and everyone because fuckyouimapirate that's why. YARRR!

    Any game where you have to buy the game, then pay additional amounts play it. ESO and WOW for example. I believe the games definitely have appeal, but if I buy the game, I own the game. It's like buying a house and being asked to pay rent.'s mine. If you want the funding to support expansions and new content then fine, but release it in an expansion which I pay for, then I own. WOW always astounds me due to the fact that you have to buy the base game, buy a subscription and then buy any expansions! Next they'll do a fee per quest model...

    I actually feel better for voicing that. Thanks

      Actually, it's like buying a house, paying rent, and having people constantly add to your house making it bigger, better and more fancy.

        Or else paying to have the electricity and water running. Running MMO servers costs money, although nowhere near as much as they're collecting in subscriptions.

        There's nothing stopping you from running WoW/ESO without a sub, but you won't get very far.

        As for the fee per quest model - some MMOs actually do follow that path, although generally only if you're not paying a monthly sub. LOTRO, for example, has a "premium" sub which gets you all quests (although you still need to pay for major expansions) . "Free" accounts require payment for various content, including quests and some character classes.

    can add
    assasins creed
    dragon age
    cut scene games
    indie games
    early access games


    I quite liked Infinite, but the first game for me was incredibly disappointing. It started so well too, with a great art style and clever ideas, but as the game went on the visuals and the music became horribly repetitive, there was no weight to your death and, while they were never really subtle to begin with, they started bashing you (the audience) over the head with the themes that initially intrigued me, indeed I started to hate them.

    Where playing a game in an underwater city felt fresh at first it staled incredibly quickly as the game consistently made nothing of the unique setting gameplay wise. Also the brand of environmental story telling they employed (audio diaries and totally subtle writing in blood on the walls etc.) is in my view one of the major cancers of modern game design. Please stop doing it.

    Honorable mentions go to the entire sandbox genre from Minecraft to GTA and Super Mario 3D World, that game was terrible, one of the few purchases I wholeheartedly regret.

    Edit: grammar

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      Most people are of the opposite opinion - Bioshock 1 over Infinite. You make an interesting and quite valid point though, the underwater environment didn't come into play as anything more than an atmospheric device. i did love the game though, number 2 less, and haven't played Infinite.

        For sure, most of my friends are in the same boat. I think the strength of my negative reaction had a lot to do with the hype it was receiving, and it's probably a little disproportionate to the actual negative qualities of the game. I think the game in my head was just so much more complex and nuanced than what I finally played, so it fell really short of the mark for me. I haven't played the second though, can't really put any views forward on that point.

    Assassins Creed - So bored of it now. Brotherhood was the best with bombs and that grappling claw.
    Splinter Cell Blacklist - I get that some people love stealth games, but it infuriated me so much, I gave up not even halfway through.

      Huh? I finished Brotherhood and I don't remember with or of those items - perhaps that's Revelations (haven't played that one)

        Oh yeah I meant Revelations. They all kinda blur together after a while.

    CoD and Battlefield
    MOBAs of all shapes and sizes
    Actually, let's just say all PvP games and modes. The minute a game introduces a mechanic that allows one to dick over another player it loses me. Hell, I took umbrage with Guitar Hero's "battle mode" cos it ruined what was fun about the game - I'm an empathic person (or at least, I like to think I am), so I get much more enjoyment of playing the best I can and seeing who comes out on top, rather than sabotaging other player(s) to get ahead at their expense. That means most competitive games are out, for me.

    Most MMOs - I love the idea of a huge open world filled with more things than you could ever see or do, but I don't like the design decisions that lead to people competing for resources, the inevitable boring questing, the necessity of farming resources, the lacklustre story until you've invested weeks/months of effort to get to endgame...

    Final Fantasy... *hides* Likely because of FFX, in which I got stuck with a save point between a locked door and a boss I was underleveled for, about 25-30 hours in, and still knew nothing about the plot beyond the characters' names, and that volleyball was a martial art, for some reason.

    *Also, it's fascinating to read the comments here, not because of what people dislike, but from what people see as being "popular" enough to mention.

      Good start point at the end there.

      & classic comment about Blitzball being a martial art ( I love FFX, but I can still laugh)

    Problem here is i have never played it but COD. I know i should not judge until i have played it but i flat out don't have any interest in the game. Also not keen on minecraft.

      I have no interest in COD multiplayer since counterstrike is still a thing but i loved COD4 ( the last one I played). as soon as i read the review for the next one saying the campaign was short and tacked on, for the main game which was the multiplayer I abandoned the franchise entirely.

    Here is a list of some shit.

    Skyrim (mods couldn't save this)
    Far Cry 3
    Dragon Age
    Mass Effect
    Assassins Creed
    Tomb Raider
    Resident Evil 4 onwards
    Final Fantasy X
    MGS 4 ( I can usually put up the the ridiculousness of that series but not on 4)

    Special mention to Wolfenstein The New Order. I can't imagine how this game got such good reviews, it was the most forgettable game I've played since the last Wolfenstein.

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      If your list is legitimately that big, you should probs give up gaming :P

    Essentially anything with a first-person perspective. I just don't get it. There are games that I like despite their being first person, but none that I think are better for it.

    Halo. It's just another generic shooter that happens to be an xbox exclusive.

    The modern metal gear solid and final fantasy franchises. I loved the first two metal gears and used to enjoy final fantasy on nes/snes but after those i could never get in to them any more.
    COD but while it sells a lot there's a lot who don't like it.
    The last of us, while I enjoyed it it was nowhere near the game people had made it out to be. The story was cliche, the gameplay was mediocre at best, the AI was flat out terrible and nothing it did was new or innovative. The one thing it did well was it's character development and writing. I liked the game but at the same time felt the majority of what makes it a game was very below average. No clue how it got 10's. It felt like a movie that had gameplay forced in to it.

      you enjoyed metal gear on the nes? Please tell me you are just mistyping MSX. Because the NES release was literally a broken unplayable mess(the one you could play on the snake eater disk was the MSX game).

        Re-read what I wrote. "I enjoyed the first two metal gears and I used to enjoy final fantasy on the nes and snes"

          Thanks for pointing that out, I misread as "I liked metal gear on the NES" and it set off my "this guy is batshit crazy" alarm.

            I've only played the original metal gear a couple times through emulation.. Don't even really remember it well to be honest.

    * MMO's - Me no likey the grindy
    * Destiny - See above
    * Mario Kart - Doesn't click with me. I prefer more serious racers but I loved Blur as well.
    * Smash Bros - Doesn't click with me. I prefer other fighting games but this I just don't get.

    Any MMO games , the CoD and Battlefield series.

    Also, Shadow of Mordor.

    The Nemesis system is innovative and I hope other open world game will integrate something similar , but I just don't like this game for some reason.

      I found shadow of mordor was a really fun sandbox but the actual story and main missions were really flat.

    Final Fantasy - Just not really a fan of JRPG games
    Metal Gear Solid - I've never actually played a MGS game, but from what I'd gotten from Metal Gear Rising the universe just seems boring and prone to characters monologing like there's no tomorrow
    Dark Souls 1 - I'd put 40 hours into the game, made it past ceaseless discharge and it just felt like the biggest slog. It was frustrating, I never knew what I was supposed to do and the amount of times I'd died due to things outside my control were too numerous to count. I really did enjoy DS2 though, much more accessible and all the deaths were because I made a poor decision not because of poor design.
    Ocarina of TIme - It's just a boring game and a lot of the difficulty comes from having to wait between attacks, just a meh game. I will admit the sound design is great though.
    The Last of Us - The story seemed ok, but the poor ai and enemies teleporting around the area did me in. I think I got about 25% through and then gave up

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    Any Mario Kart after Double Dash just doesn't have the same flavour to me. Double Dash had so much personality and really fun levels. I just can't seem to enjoy newer ones in the same way.

      DS was the last I loved.

    Any of the Bioshock games
    Any of the BattleField games
    Any of the GTA games
    Any of the Pokemon games
    Any of the Final Fantasy games
    Any of the Uncharted games

    I really tried to like these games so much. I forced myself to play San Andreas, Infinite, BF 3 and Final Fantasy 10 just so i could say i played it and i still couldnt click. The last game I played that i thoroughly enjoyed was The Last of Us and most people dont like that. My taste in games must be so shithouse.

    These games arent in my pile of shame back-log and you know if a game doesnt make it to that list, you dont like it

      The last game I played that i thoroughly enjoyed was The Last of Us and most people dont like that

      Um, people you know personally? If so, you need to remove those people from your life... they are poison.

      The Last of Us is probably hands down the best game of the last generation, I've not found many people who didn't love it.

        I loved this game but I don't have any friends that are not exclusively PC gamers so I could never really gauge how popular it is.

          Its sold like 7 million copies (, and is the most awarded game in history (, so its safe to say its pretty damned popular.

        What was actually good about the game?
        I really didn't have much positive to say about it at any point.
        Gameplay: generic shooter with limited mechanics and mostly poorly implemented stealth gameplay. Has crafting upgrades because... It's a zombie game and everyone loves crafting... because.
        AI: Average to stupid.
        Plot: Waaaay too much filler content and pointless diversions. Even the "main plot" is predictable a lot of the time, and when it's not, it's being totally unrealistic despite trying to sell the "realism" factor.
        Characters: These are possibly the high-point of the game, as some of them actually have personality and the voice acting is fairly decent.
        Level/mission design: Doesn't provide good pacing in many cases, often provides poor directional cues and/or require backtracking across empty areas for "tension". In other cases they're just pretty much corridors and totally boring.
        Graphics: Fairly good, and probably the second best thing about the game.

        It really is a grossly overrated game. The concept was fantastic, but the execution is really lacklustre and overall the game is just tedious and far too long.

        It's a game that wants to be a movie. Even then, its running time needs to be dropped significantly to cut out a fair amount of dross that doesn't really add much to the core story-telling of the game.

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      I don't think there's very many people who didn't like The Last of Us.

        I liked it but it's probably the most over rated game I've ever played. 7/10 rather than a 10/10. The ai is flat out retarded, the shooting mechanics are weak and the level design is predictable and boring. The characters carry the game and keep it from being a bad game.

    CoD. GTA. Most Assassins Creeds.

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