Tell Us Dammit: Popular Games You Don't Like

This is your chance to be that annoying person who hates everything. Has there ever been a super popular game that you've looked at and thought to yourself, "why does everyone like this?"

Because I'm a grumpy old man, this tends to happen to me quite frequently. Dragon Age: Inquisition is probably the most recent example. I spent a dozen hours trying to 'get' Dragon Age: Inquisition. Eventually gave up.

But I'm also aware that some people hate the games I love. So many people don't 'get' Metal Gear Solid for example, or Halo, or Metroid Prime.



    Assassin's Creed I - repetitive gameplay, unskippable cut scenes, characters who died very slowly and managed a 5 minute speech while dying and unskippable, a game that was in love with its own voice too much

    Dead Space 2 - repetition of enter a room to access spawning enemies, kill them in a controlled bit by bit manner, rinse and repeat.

    Joining the chorus of Destiny.

    It's just so boring T_T

      Wanted to love Destiny. Played for a week. Never again.

      All grind, no substance.

        Bought the Destiny PS4 after loving the beta on my 360. Just... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh.

    I would like to say MMO but I can see the appeal, I've been lost a few times to the extent that they aren't fun any longer.
    Real racing games like GT (I can enjoy arcadey ones)
    Arena shooters like CoD or battlefield (This is probably a skill level issue)
    MP survival games that are just mass trolling exercises (Rust, stomping land, etc...)
    Sports manager sims

    OK, I'm going to get flamed for some of these, I'm sure:

    Call of Duty
    WolfenStein - The New Order
    Any Assassin's Creed game
    The Batman Arkham games
    Racing Games
    Sports Games
    Star Wars: KOTOR
    Sci Fi Games
    Grand Theft Auto games

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      Wolfenstein was fantastic. You go to hell. You go to hell and you die!
      Seriously how could you not love that game. The rest of the list I get it but, but?
      It is ok. I am sure you are a good person.

        OK I knew I'd get flamed for that one. Maybe I need to give it another go. But here's what I found:

        I played about 3-5 hours and got up to the part where you're hiding in the boot of the car trying to get across the border. The game so far and areas seemed pretty repetitive, the game made me feel dizzy (I'm fine in other shooters) and it seemed like the story was going to be great but was undermined by the ultra over the top old school shooter mechanics. I feel a game should be serious if trying to tell a serious story, but this was pretty arcade like and that kind of stopped me from taking the game seriously.

          Locations wise it gets way better. The moon is cool in a Moonraker shooting Nazis' way.
          The story actually comes together really well soon. It is character driven (best kind) unlike most games which are set piece driven. Push further to meet the full Resistance group and you will see.
          Your two complaints get addressed and you are so close to where you will start to see it for yourself if you can give the game (from mem) maybe two more levels?

          Not everything is for everyone though and obviously that is fine but I honestly think it will address your two complaints 5 fold if you just go that tiny bit further.

            OK thanks for the recommendation. I'll add it back to my list :)

      What on earth do you like?

        I like a lot of other games, but a specific few favourites:

        Dragon Age (all three)
        The Witcher games
        Neverwinter Nights
        Farcry 3 (4 was average)
        Mass Effect
        Elder Scrolls Games (except online)
        Lords of the Fallen, Dark Souls (Action RPG styles)

    Any Zelda games....and DOTA or LOL.

    I just don't get it. If I played for 45 min or whatever it takes in a DOTA game (seems to be about how long according to mates that play) only to finish and start that SAME map again...I'd be pissed.

    I get its free and all but it seems like it could really do with some variation.

    I'm sure there are many more, but those are the main ones I think.

      I wrote a whole thing about how I didn't understand Zelda and people think I'm a bad person. I'm just like "I dun geddit."

      Yeah I don't get the single map thing either - granted some maps are that good but still!

    CoD, not just because everyone hates it, yet still plays it. The reason I dislike it is because it has just turned into a shitfest. Between the extremely linear and somewhat pointless Campaigns to the EXTREMELY repetitive multiplayer that is littered with Kids, l33t haxor 360 noscope snipers, Script kiddies and no dedicated servers. It's horrid and annoys me. The yearly releases are stupid as I would casually play it from time to time on PS3 but find it useless now as I either cannot find any decent hosts as hosting dedicated server with the millions they roll in is too hard. But the $100+ they expect you to chuck into it every year for the same game with slightly upgraded graphics. It's a joke and a scam. I don't care if they hire some big Hollywood actors. It's the same thing every year. Adding in some Crysis suits doesn't really make me want to lose all my progress from BOps II and buy all the map packs again. Which in the past are usually just maps from old games remade which is just pure lazyness.

    And I would have to say the majority of games that are released on Steam Greenlight and Early Access but they aren't really popular so I guess it doesn't count.

    Call of Duty - Shallow gameplay, jingoistic Michael Bay-esque campaigns, I'm sure it's all been said before. I quite liked the original WW2 games back in the day too.

    DayZ - Novel and atmospheric the first few times you play. After that it just devolves into awful PVP and base-building. Have had friends fall to crazy levels of addiction to DayZ and variants like Origins. I really cannot get into it at all. I love zombies and horror, but this and the clones it has spawned just bore me to tears.

    Oblivion & Skyrim - The graphics are obviously lovely and some of the side quests are thoroughly entertaining but I just can't understand the amount of hours people can sink into those games. Who cares if there's a lot to do and heaps to explore if it's all so repetitive and poorly written? Strangely, I was a fan of Morrowind and thoroughly enjoyed Fallout 3 though.

    Assassin's Creed - The only one I've been able to stomach for more than a few hours is Black Flag and only because I can pretend that it's actually a standalone Golden Age of Piracy game with nothing to do with the rest of the series. Even then, it's extremely repetitive and I can only play in short bursts. I love stealth games, have more than a passing interest in the historical significance of the Assassenes and the Knights Templar, but I just cannot get into this series at all.

    Halo - I think I was too much of a PC, Nintendo and PlayStation kid to really get into the series when it began. I only got an XBox late in its lifecycle (a modchipped one that was used almost exclusively for XBMC) , spending much more time with my PS2. I've tried the later games on 360 and they just don't grab me. They're not bad shooters by any stretch of the imagination but I've never been able to come around to the cult-like devotion the series seems to inspire.

    Gears of War - Probably for similar reasons to Halo. My PS3 got a lot more of a workout than my 360 (which I only really used for cross platform stuff until I upgraded my PC). I've tried to enjoy it and it's kind of fun in co-op mode but I just don't see what the fuss is about.

    Personally: (and my gaming buddies will ever know mwahahaha)

    LoL - This game frustrates me - everyone acts like an asshat while playing this game. It also sucks when you communicate with your team and they blatently ignore you or at the opposite end are elitists when its a still free to play moba they have spent way too much time on.

    GTA - Look i get that it can be fun but I just don't understand it as a game I would like to play They all look and play the same to me (excluding the top down early versions which I enjoyed more then the 3D versions) and when I ask other gamers what they enjoy about it - they like hacking the game to bits and not even playing the story unless it s for progression anyways. That's cool but its not immersive or enjoyable to me when I could be playing anything else (think reading a book for its story vs. ripping a book up and turning it into hundreds of paper aeroplanes instead).

    WoW - Had always been the staple MMORPG experience - with so much content its a lot more repetitive then most other MMORPG's from smaller companies who desperately try and get you coming back to them and there for a more personalised experience.
    IN SAYING THIS: Wow has come a long way and is definitely one of those games that is more enjoyable with other people - Warlords of Draenor was the face-lift the game needed to become a successful 2014 Release - so props to blizzard for that.

    Sports Games - In general whether its Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis or even Wrestling - I'm not interested, no new experiences here and if I wanted to do them - I would in real life (which I don't)

    Assassins Creed - This one I actually loved Black Flag - Maybe because it was the least like the rest of them which reused the same formula which I just didn't believe to be that innovative - it was nice for the gem that is Black flag to arrise out of the now stale series.

    Zelda - While I enjoyed what Zelda had to bring to the table I just felt the game has always been clunky with its execution never could keep myself entertained long enough to complete them yet I have managed to finish every final fantasy without batting an eyelid.

    Other Contenders: Bio Shock and Metal Gear Solid - these series just never got much attention from me - I like the look of the games at a distance but couldnt see myself sitting down and enjoying playing them for more then a couple hours - a lot of the mechanics in MGS just seemed pointless to me too I'm not so much a fan of sitting in shadows waiting for people to talk all day.


    Happy Gaming

    I always thought that The Witcher 1 and 2 looked awesome. I started up the first game and immediately disliked it so I tried the second game, I hated it even more than the first. The combat was clunky, it ran like shit and was terribly optimized, after investing hours into it I can't bring myself to stop playing until I've beaten it, despite hating it >.>

      The Witcher 2 was pretty meh but poorly optimised it was not. Upgrade your potato.

        I've got a gaming laptop (should've built a desktop) and it runs most games really well in 1440p but witcher 2 was always clunky, had input lag and weird frame rates at the lowest graphics settings for me :s

    Was going to say Pokemon, but let's go bigger..

    Nintendo *DS

    Games lack depth, all very same-same. Got bored very quickly, never went back. Very 'kiddy'.

      Woh! Really? I love DS.

      You ever play Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey? It's the opposite of everything you just said, look it up! :D

    Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind. I just don't get it.

    UUGH... CoD... That and the Batman Arkham games. they were just bleh.

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    Halo and the Halo series.

    I just didn't get the appeal when there were several first-person-shooters on PC that were lightyears ahead in terms of graphics, gameplay, and anything else you care to mention.

    Quake, Half-life, Unreal, etc.

    Oh, and anything MOBA. Seriously, what the hell is fun about those games?

      I'm not even a fan (I don't own any form of Xbox consoles) but when Halo came out in 2001, it made Quake, HL and the Unreal games look ridiculously old, and still does when compared today. I think your glasses have been severely rose tinted my friend.

    Every MOBA game
    The Borderlands series
    World of Warcraft
    Civilization series
    RTS games

    League of Legends/all those kinds of games
    Mass Effect
    Dragon Age
    Everything else Bioware have made
    The overwhelming majority of indie games
    Resident Evil
    The Witcher
    Mortal Combat

    There's probably more that those are just off the top of my head...

      I have to wonder what you do actually play...?

        Assassins Creed
        Racing games
        Some of the Mario series (Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi)
        A nice long RPG every now and then
        Strategy games
        Currently making my way through Bayonetta 2
        Looking forward to Monster Hunter soon. And new Xenoblade
        3D platformers whenever they come about (not very often)

        Enough things to keep me happy.

          I could not put Bayonetta 2 down. Sooooo gooood!
          I am a sucker for endearing stuff like Paper Mario too.

    I'm pretty relaxed about all my gaming so I pretty much like everything except......

    Assassins Creed. Tried so many times to get into it across the whole series and it just doesn't click at all.

    The Dark Souls Series. I know so many people love them and I did put what I considered a decent amount of time into them. Killed about 4 main bosses.

    But when people start calling the games revolutionary, the atmosphere amazing and the environments flawless I have to wonder if we are playing the same games.

    I found the whole game just felt like you were playing an RPG and stumbled into an area 10 levels too high for you. People say the difficukty level was its charm but to me the enemy damage and death system just felt like a cheap trick to make something appear to be "hardcore".

    And as for the environment, the place felt lifeless, static and very "gamey". A blacksmith that just works on a single anvil stuck behind a collection of crates? Come on now...

    All the Civ games. I've tried & tried but I think that the wonder years of turn-based strategy have long since sailed for this grumpy OB.

    Pretty much any popular Nintendo game. I don't see why the masses have such huge boners for what is a pretty standard and forgettable range of platformers and party games.

      I agree on some counts (dk tropical freeze I thought was average) but things like mario 3d and the Mario party games while not ground breaking are just such high quality that they deserve the love they get imo.

    Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
    I just played 2 hrs and still didn't feel any 'excitement'. Should I give it more time? or start the FC4?

    While others are
    Mass Effect(s)

    The entire GTA series: Embodies everything I hate about America. Its not clever, its not funny, its not social satire, its just trashy.

    Dragon Age Inquisition - DA:Origins is my favourite game of all time, and Inquisition, as big an beautiful too look at as it is, isn't half the game Origins is. Most of Inquisition is MMO style busywork filler to cover for the fact that there is isn't much main story. And the combat is a horrible mash-up of an action button masher and strategic RPG and ends up doing both poorly. The menus are badly designed, the AI is garbage, the customisation outside of crafting is rubbish and the combat is simplistic. DAI is the most ridiculously overrated game of 2014 (and probably longer).

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