Tell Us Dammit: Popular Games You Don't Like

This is your chance to be that annoying person who hates everything. Has there ever been a super popular game that you've looked at and thought to yourself, "why does everyone like this?"

Because I'm a grumpy old man, this tends to happen to me quite frequently. Dragon Age: Inquisition is probably the most recent example. I spent a dozen hours trying to 'get' Dragon Age: Inquisition. Eventually gave up.

But I'm also aware that some people hate the games I love. So many people don't 'get' Metal Gear Solid for example, or Halo, or Metroid Prime.



    COD (since MW2)

    The people who defend these games make me want to hurt things. It is like the people who play them get stockholm syndrome and BS themselves that the game is good. Then they get violent defending the things...

    MMOs and that's it. I can pretty much enjoy any game.

    Half Life 2.
    I frigging loved Half Life. I mean, I went nuts for it, I would just sit back in awe sometimes, and smile and slowly shake my head in amazement.

    Then HL2 came out. Boring opening sequence, generic enemies that all look the same, oh cool a new character, oh she is leaving. Race to checkpoint, oh she is back, oh she is leaving again, race to next checkpoint. Where are the tense moments, the story, the conversations and immersion.

    I still hate HL2....

    Metal Gear Solid (from 3 onwards)
    Smash Bros - My son loves it, but I just don't get why it's so popular
    The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - A real disappointment after OOT
    Halo - if only because of those ridiculous enemies!
    Grand Theft Auto IV and V - gameplay was okay but i hated both stories and their protagonists
    CoD and Battlefield
    FIFA - boring sport, even more boring games
    Anything in the fantasy dragons/swords genre (Shadow of Mordor, Skyrim, Dark Souls) - I hate that shit
    Mobile games

    Bioware Games.
    I have no idea what everyone is on about when they talk about the amazing story-telling craft of Mass Effect, Or Dragon Age Origins.
    Yeah, some of the lines seem more well written then most games, but the delivery of most of the voice actor's, It's just below tolerable.

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