Terminator Genisys Looks Surprisingly Good, Still Can't Spell

Will this movie be special against all the odds? Will it suck harder than that last one that was a bit weird? It's pretty difficult to make the call at this early stage, but the latest trailer is starting to sway me towards 'hey, this might actually be okay!'

I don't think I'll ever get over the spelling of 'Genisys'. I'll never forgive that atrocity, but I might be willing to suspend my disbelief long enough to actually enjoy this movie.

I still think we need Ronda Rousey to play Sarah Connor. I still think this whole alternate timeline is stupid, but whatever, I'm still capable of sitting in the cinema and watching things explode. I'm still down with that.


    The title of this film makes me want to projectile vomit, nose bleed and release very loose stool on the person responsible.

      If I was playing hyperbole bingo I would have just hit the jackpot.

        Lol what's with everyone calling others out on their use of hyperbole these days?

    I'm actually looking forward to it.

    The only thing I don't like is that the guy playing Kyle Reece looks nothing like Michael Biehn.

    EDIT: Wrote John Connor instead of Kyle Reece

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      But Micheal Biehn wasn't John Conner in the original, he was Kyle Reese...?

      Also that 'actor' is beyond terribles.

        Kyle Reese: Jai Courtney in this, he's the anti-thesis of everything an actor is...

        John Connor: Jason Clarke, you watch your mouth! He's damn good, knocked it out of the park in Dawn of the Apes, Zero Dark Thirty and Lawless :P

          Yeah I meant that Jai Courtney guy.

          No real qualms about any of the other people in it. The movie looks pretty fun actually.

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            I'll see it. I wanted to enjoy Salvation, but when they went with the alternate ending instead of the original, I lost all hope in it.

            Then the USB slots in the Terminators... ugh.

            Then Christian Bales horribly wooden acting. I mean I love Bale but eurgh. Yelchin creamed him in that movie. Wow.

            Fyi: The original scripted ending, had him and Worthington on the table, being operated on at the end. John Connor DIES. They decide they need John Connor to live, so they transfer the skin from his head, to the Worthington Terminator. He will be John Connor from now on...

            Then suddenly his Skynet programming kicks in.

            Now he's got Connors face on, he sits up, grabs a gun from Connors wife, who's operating on him and guns down *everyone* in the room, killing everyone. Noone knows now that he isn't legitimately John Connor.

            That was going to be the setup for the new Trilogy at one point, that Skynet is now leading the resistance into doom... and that Kyle Reese would have to save them somehow.

            Then that ending got scrapped, they went with the happy happy joy joy ending... ergh.

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              Yeh Salvation was an abortion of a film. I didn't mind 3 on its own. It was a fun movie but still not up to par of the first 2. This one looks like its decent. I'll reserve judgement; but I'll be seeing it I think.

                When you go it'll be....
                ( •_•)>⌐■-■
                It's judgement day...


    "I still think we need Ronda Rousey to play Sarah Connor."
    And you just lost any credibility you might have had.

    It's gonna be disappointing and stir up fan hate, but I'll still be going to watch it.

    I've loved Terminator since the very first. Not all of them have been great but I still enjoyed them because cyborgs, robots and the idea of artificial intelligence becoming self aware / overpowering humans who underestimated the power of what we create fascinates me. Besides, explosions and guns are always fun for the ol' eyeballs to watch.

    I'm not sure about Ronda Rousey being Sarah Connor, though. Sure, she's a tough MMA fighter but that doesn't automatically make her a strong female protagonist. I personally don't think she was "all that" in The Expendables 3.

    I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this installment. I don't care if that makes me a sucker for enjoying all of the Terminator movies - I'm the only one whose happiness I have to care about. :D

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    This looks like it will be at the very least, fun. :)
    I say this as a person who enjoyed last year's Ninja Turtles movie...... lol
    *hangs head in shame*

      Never be ashamed of enjoying something in spite of resounding negativity. I grew up on original Turtles, and still found last year's Ninja Turtles great fun. Even got a copy on BD, I was pleasantly surprised.

        Me too, I thought it was really fun, and genuinely hoping for a sequel. And also the Lone Ranger, man, I abosolutel LOVED that, and could not understand how it was hated sooooo much. :)

      I liked Ninja Turtles a lot, the only thing that irritated was the needless change to Splinters origin, that's it. I'm GLAD they changed and reshot Shredder, adding in scenes of Oruku Saki and changed having Fichtner as Shredder, made it better imho. @julesliam there is a sequel, it's confirmed to have Bebop and Rocksteady too! :D

        Bebop and Rocksteady! Ok, now I KNOW that's gonna be a great movie! :D :D :D


          Yep Casey Jones too. After having a bit of a discussion with some mates over Casey Jones, I wonder who they could get to play him. Don't kill me here, but seriously after his last two or three movies, Zac Effron I think would make a mad choice. He was *awesome* in Bad Neighbours. He's broken free of the High School musical curse and he's friggin cut like all hell. He'd do a mad job.

            Lol, See, zac efron is another person I'm a bit hesitant to let ppl know i like (and add to that, the movie "High School Musical", but only the first one, the other two were ecccchhhh :P ). Plus 17 Again is another guilty pleasure. I still haven't caught Bad Neighbors yet, but it's on my must watch list. But yeah h, I'd totally be in for a Zac Efron Casey Jones though.

            Haha, I like how this is meant for Terminator, and now it's become for me a Zac Efron gush fest. Barf ;)

              Dude he's awesome in Bad Neighbours, shows great comedic timing, great acting chops and showed enough skin that the girl I was dating for a few weeks back then jumped me after it was over...



    I'm excited. Much like new Star Wars, I don't get all the insta-hate. It might be a steaming turd, but it might also be great/fun/whatever. It doesn't need to equal or surpass it's predecessors either. It could just be it's own thing.

    Optimism, people. Not everything in the world is doomed to never live up to your expectations.

      Optimism only leaves room to be disappointed. Pessimism gives at least the chance of being pleasantly surprised. :-)

        Problem with pessimism is, until you're proven right or wrong, you just sound annoying.

          I'd say it's pretty annoying irrespective of the outcome.

          and you look like a really miserable c*nt while doing so...

    I didn't mind Terminator Salvation, I just liked it coz it was set in the future showing the war against the machines. My favourite bits of the Terminator movies were those scenes from the future, they need to set more movies in that time, and dump the time travel plot.

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      I really enjoyed Salvation, and was hoping the next Terminator would be a sequel of some sort to Salvation. The war torn future was a much needed setting, and I really dug the style.

        Hell yeh, I'd love to see a war movie in the style of Saving Private Ryan / Black Hawk Down but set in the Terminator future. Imagine an Omaha beach landing type scene, but with Terminators. How cool would that be.

    Arnie is in, it's guaranteed to be awesome!

    Icing on the cake - If other models of terminator are cast with the expendables cast

    Man, you cannot tell how good a movie will be until you watch it.
    Trailers can be so misleading to bad movies. And under impressive to good movies.

    Seriously, the best they could do is "I'll be back..."


      So, I'm guessing this is the first time you've seen an Arnold Schwarzenegger film. Sit down son and start pumping iron. Let me tell you a tale of Predators, of T800s, of running men, of 6th days and the end of them... sit back while I regale you with tales of Twins and Juniors, of Commandos and Heat that is Red... but we'll never mention his movie with Sinbad... we don't mention Jingle all the way....ever. We will understand ITS NOT A TUMOR for that Kindergarten Cop... we will never question if he'll be back, for he never deceives but only tells True Lies, even when he's The Villain... We will never believe it's truly The Last Stand... But when he makes a bad movie, we'll take the Collateral Damage, we'll accept it like an Eraser, we'll formulate an Escape Plan... For he is never Expendable, he is a Barbarian... he is our Last Action Hero...

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        I feel that this comment has not received the warranted applause. Bravo sir, bravo!

          Well it missed the crucial reference to Kindergarten Cop, ergo it missed out on the applause ;)

        Stands and applauds, looking at everyone around with that 'YOU HAVE TO DO THIS AS WELL' look.

    As far as I'm concerned, the only Terminator films that actually exist are Terminator and Terminator 2. I'm not sure if this movie will change that but I'm open to the idea that it might.

    I’m still capable of sitting in the cinema and watching things explode. I’m still down with that.

    And that's all this film is asking of you. Sit back with a bucket of popcorn, turn your brain off and watch some 1980 level of explosions and one liners. I'm also happy to do just that.

    Will it be retitled for Australian audiences Terminator: Mega Dryve?

    I'm Mark Serrels. Everything looks surprisingly better than the low expectations I had set for it. Where is your bar exactly? You spouted the same line with the witcher. A series with consistent commercial and critical success...

    That said, this film looks horrendous.

    Looks great. I am 1000% going to see it. That trailer was crap though.

    I wish people who get over the spelling of the name. Seriously. Go pick on something that had no thought put into it like Tak3n (cause that is clever *rolls eyes*). Maybe people don't get the name but more importantly who f'ing cares?

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