Thanks To Video Games, Brushing Your Teeth Just Got A Hell Of A Lot Weirder

My son just turned two years old. Trying to brush his teeth is like trying to wrestle a greased-up piglet. In the future I sense that things are only going to get worse. My only hope is this weird-as-hell toothbrush that transforms the exercise into a goofy video game.

It's called 'Grush' and it's a "connected gaming toothbrush for kids". I am looking at the above image and I'm restraining tears of laughter. It's such a crazy idea, but it might just work! Apparently it lets parents and dentists track children's brushing and somehow manages to reward kids for correct brush technique.

Actually, I think I might just get this for myself.

Grush launches at CES this week, no idea when it'll hit stores in Australia.


    Grush sounds like a downstairs medical condition :/

      Yeah, but a condition of the Gooch.

    Why was this not around for me as a kid my dental record would be a hell of a lot better if it was. Hell even now it is sub par so i might have to get one of these.

    Come on now, kids are already glued to their parent's ipads or phones as it is. This kind of thing doesn't really help that situation. Not to preach but shouldn't parents take responsibility for getting their kids to practice hygiene without needing to make it a game? Yeah it's hard, but that's called being a parent. What's next, wipe ya bum apps? :-P

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    I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old. While having them learn to brush their teeth is difficult, no one said parenting would be easy. My 4 year old son brushes his teeth very well on his own, and my 2 year old girl needs some assistance.....big deal.

    This would definitely work for my Padawan.

    Check out also a fun game to teaches children about plaque.

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