That's A Pretty Cool Way To Announce An Update

Dayshot: Minecraftlike Planets³ debuted its first playable pre-alpha version with a short timelapse video, featuring four testers building the announcement out of in-game blocks. You can check out the whole thing below.

At the moment, the game itself is basically a crash-prone but pretty slideshow in which you can build (slower, but better-looking than Minecraft in its early early days). Here's a screenshot:

Dayshot showcases some of the prettiest, funniest game-related screenshots and art that we can find.


    Downloading now, had forgotten that I had unsubscribed from their news updates

    Is there any chance we can get some more coverage on this ? would love to see what this game is really about !

      Check out its kickstarter page. Kotaku has a couple of articles on it already:

        Purchased the pre order, game is downloading now :) looks like lots of fun!

          Its a prealpha, so don't expect much. You can smash bricks or place them and move around, but thats pretty much it.

          I truely hope this turns out better than some of the other kickstarters I've backed

            ended up giving it a quick go last night, the building take s abit of getting used to and is a bit time consuming but obvioulsy a lot more customizable and unique than just blocks (minecraft) the only thing i worry about is it may be a little too complex, will wait to see until these tutorial toting npc's come about haha

    Anyone tried pushing F2 and flying out to the moon and other planets
    also can fly to the actual in game sun its not just a light box in the sky and there are some planets that are real far out takes ages to get to cant wait till can build ships and gotta gather fuel and all sorts of things the low grav on the moon is fun too

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