That's Some Quality Smash Bros. Teamwork Right There

They call it Super Smash Bros. for a reason, ya know. Or is it pronounced Super Smash Brothers? I've never been crystal clear on that. Anyways, let RandyRaichu's mistake be a lesson to anyone who doesn't think friendly fire can be a thing in Smash.


    Or is it pronounced Super Smash Brothers?

    This is the way it's pronounced. At the end of the intro sequence to Melee, when the title screen comes up, the announcer actually yells "Super Smaaaaash Brothers Melee!".

      As well as in the original, where he announcer yells "Super Smaaaaaash Brotherrrrrrrs"

      Haha. I guess Yannick also isn't sure whether the Mario games are called Super Mario Bros or Super Mario Brothers.

    Happy feet! WOMBO COMBO! WHOA! WHOA!

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