Kotaku US' 12 Best Video Games Of 2014


    No comments or thought's under each title? Just Pictures? Whats the point of this article then? To show 12 pictures of games someone liked?...

      The titles are links to the relevant review for each game

        Ah right, that makes sense then. Thanks :)

        This might be the case but this effectively turns it into clickbait for those other articles not to mention they are independent of each other, a line or 2 as to why they were picked for this list would have made this an enlightening read, at the moment it is merely "here's some games!"

          It also has the merit of offering their GoTY list without offering ranking or commentary.

          If they'd made some comment about each game, remember that this is reposted from the US site, the comments would be full of people telling them how wrong they were about each game.

    Surprised not to see Bayonetta 2.

    They had me at Smash Brothers and Wolfenstein and then lost me at Destiny...

    Nice to see some love for Kentucky Route Zero. I keep trying to make my friends play it but I think it's too abstract for them. ;_;

    Omitting Far Cry and Dark Souls and yet they include Destiny - a game so boring I can't muster the effort to put the disc into my console - this site tests my patience sometimes

      I can understand that people love far cry, i purchased it myself, but can't seem to stop playing destiny. I think i've stopped playing as much as originally but that tuesday reset to see the new nightfall or the friday xur arrival too see what he has has me hooked, i'm not sure why but I can't seem to stop playing.

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