The '80s Shall Live On In This Racing Game

The Eighties Shall Live On in this Racing Game

Drift Stage is about one thing: listening to some great tunes and drifting all day long. Pure arcade racing.

And that's all there is to it. The trailer tells you basically everything about the game:

But, since it's coming out in 2015, there's gonna be a few modern elements included, like: different game modes, support for custom tracks, local and online multiplayer, leaderboards and daily challenges, all playable with a "healthy roster of colourful performance cars inspired by the '70s, '80s and '90s."

The game hit Kickstarter over the weekend with a humble goal of $US30,000, and promptly reached 75% funding in just two days — so at this point it's likely safe to say it will come out.

Drift Stage is set to arrive on PC in December. Playable demo is here, and the Kickstarter campaign can be found here.


    I've played the demo and I must say I really enjoy it for what little there is at the moment. The drifting is fun to do and the music is fantastic.

    Makes me think of Auto Modellista, but with an 80s vibe.

      I know that this is really off topic, but thank you so much for mentioning Auto Modellista! I passed on buying it when I was a kid, and I never remembered the name. When I looked it up, I instantly remembered the blue ex-7 featured on the cover.

      Bought a copy on eBay, hopefully it arrives soon!

        Be prepared for some shocking handling. I did the same with the Xbox version last year. I'd been meaning to pick it up for years, and saw it cheap. Argh. The game is gorgeous, but those controls...

          Ah damn. I was watching some Let's Plays of it, and thought that is was just down to lack of skill on the player's part.

          I'll still give it a go though, I love vehicle customisation, and the cell-shaded graphics are quite nice.

            For sure, give it a go! Only way to tell for yourself! Who knows? It may just click for you. I think that in my case, I went so many years kind of expecting I'd know exactly how it would handle, and I was wrong, haha :)

    What a shame that the road has such a low polygon count. Those segmented arcs make it look like a PS1 game, which clashes with the rest of the retro look.

      It's a mish-mash of influences. I'm almost certain PS1 and Saturn-era racers are a big inspiration for the dev team too :)

    Was looking forward to this, listened to Myrone's music all day, every day, till the Alpha dropped. Played -ahem- still PLAYING the Alpha to death, and I just backed the hell out of it. It feels like this game is being made sooo specifically to my gaming tastes, it's crazy. My most anticipated title of 2015 - along with hopefully The 90's Arcade Racer.

    They're fully backed now too, with 28-days to go! They deserve it, the way they've handled everything up till now has been perfect and all class.

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    The music is perfect. I clipped off the track in the demo and couldn't get back on :P

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