The Best Musical Tributes To The New Super Smash Bros (So Far)

The Best Musical Tributes To The New Super Smash Bros. (So Far)

Super Smash Bros has incredible music, and plenty of it. It's no wonder, then, that the game's legions of fans have been playing around with it. There are countless remixes, covers, and chopped and screwed versions of Smash songs online already, with more undoubtedly to come. Here are some of our favourites.

Many thanks to the Smashboards forum for tipping me off to the vibrant world of Smash musicians with its regular highlights of epic fan-made renditions. Now strap on some headphones, and prepare yourself for an afternoon full of glorious, often-silly, and always creative Smash-themed songs.


Because what better way is there to start a musical round-up than with kazoos?




With A Friggin' Choir:

So. Many. Electric Guitars.

Remixes Galore:

There are so many remixes online that I started to lose track of them a few seconds after first entered a few search terms into Google. Some are solid extended plays of memorable songs, others take much greater creative licence with the music. Let's start with one of my personal favourites as a unabashed rap nerd:

For all your Smash raving needs:

I don't know if I'd called this Smashmouth mashup "good" per se. But it's certainly... well... something. Something that makes me very, very embarrassed for my pre-teen self.

YouTubers Crunchii and Sonic Zeki both have a lot of other Smash songs you should also check out on their respective channels.

The Best Musical Tributes To The New Super Smash Bros. (So Far)

Let me know if I missed any good ones, or if you have your own piece of Smash music you'd like to throw into the ring as well!


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