The Best Part Of This Marriage Proposal Is The Commentating

Smash Bros pro Tantalus proposed to his girlfriend at a recent tournament put on by Xanadu. Staying true to the setting, the romantic scene unfolded with some extremely hype shoutcasting. As in: one guy screaming, "OH MY GOD HE'S GETTING MARRIED" so loudly you might've thought Olimar just won the entire competition.

And since the whole thing was being streamed live on Twitch, there was also one person in the comments shouting "SUCK HIS DICK" when Tantalus first took Jess under his arm and gathered the room together to start singing her happy birthday. But even they got caught up in all the warm and fuzzy feelings when he got down on one knee and presented her with a ring.

Awwwww. He sure wasn't kidding when he told his Twitter followers to expect a "special announcement" on that night's livestream:


    Not sure how I feel about the whole "proposing at events when everyone is watching thing" - seems like it would put a lot of pressure on the proposee, and take away from the intimacy of the moment. And thats putting aside the risk of being publicly humiliated by a rejection (plenty of those on youtube).

    I proposed recently myself (and she said yes!) - at the bench in the botanical gardens where we had our first kiss. :) Also had a photographer hiding in the bushes who took an incredible photo.

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      I agree with you, so much pressure on the other person to say yes.
      Proposed to my wife with just the two of us. Made a video game for her, we played through it together and proposed at the end. I was going to share the game with others to play but accidentally delete it (no backup for harddrive format). Pissed that happened, but I kinda like that it's only us who got to see it.

      Congrat's to you Lucas! Ignore all the crap some people say about "your like's end is beginning." Giant load of codswallop.

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