The Big Question: Coke Or Pepsi

I confess. I was an addict. At my lowest point I estimate I was drinking around five to seven cans of Pepsi Max a day. Now I mostly drink water, but that brand loyalty burns in my soul. I still maintain that Pepsi is better than Coke. Many people say I am wrong. Let's settle this eternal debate once and for all.

Either way, I don't miss those days of putting all that fizz into my gut. I can't believe I used to put three litres of that stuff in my belly every day.

Drop your vote here and, if you feel like continuing the debate in the comments feel free!


    I like Pepsi better than Coke. I **think** its a bit sweeter, and I'm a total sweet-tooth. Not that I don't like Coke, but if I had to choose...

    Coke is better than Pepsi, but Pepsi Max is better than Coke Zero (which is filth).
    Diet Coke is okay, but does Diet Pepsi even exist any more?

      I used to drink loads of Coke Zero - but Pepsi Max seems to be fizzier.. zero seems kinda flat the last few times I've had it. Pepsi Next and Diet Coke both suck.

      Agree on the "full strength" versions though - don't like standard Pepsi at all.

      Completely agree, except the Diet Coke being ok part, it's far worse than Zero

      Pepsi Max is the Diet Coke equivalent, Pepsi Next was their Coke Zero competitor (and they both suck)

        Not so much. Diet Coke's equivalent was Diet Pepsi, which is now know as Pepsi Light, these have zero calories. Pepsi Max and Coke Zero are equivalents with both having max/real taste while also having zero calories.

        Not sure how it works with Pepsi, but Coke Zero is the normal Coke formula substituting the sweetener with artificial stuff, while Diet Coke uses the terrible New Coke formula from the US with artificial sweetener.

        Pepsi Next is sweetened with stevia and has 1/3 or the calories as the full strength stuff, the Coke equivalent will be called Coke Life.

        Back to the topic at hand, Coke is the nectar of the gods, but not so good for the waist line, Pepsi Max is king of the low calorie drinks.

    Coke. The entire Pepsi range is sickly sweet and kind of syrupy. Very much dislike it to the point of avoiding eating at places that serve it like KFC.

      I'm the complete opposite. Coke is incredibly sickly sweet and syrupy for me while Pepsi has a cleaner (For the better of two evils that is) taste. Of course there are a surprising number of variables such as container (eg. glass tastes better than plastic tastes betterthan mixed tastes better than can) and variant. (eg. Coke Zero tastes like medicine but avoids the syrupy sweetness of the main product.)

        It's funny how different people can experience taste. I find cucumber disgusting and completely overpowering in any dish it's in while people stare at me funny saying it's nigh on tasteless.

          I find cucumber refreshing, @gutsoup 's Mrs is the same as you.

          I saw somebody just munching on a cucumber like it was an apple the other day. I found that weird

    Coke better than Pepsi
    Pepsi max better than Coke Zero/Diet Coke

    Ginger Beer.

    Thanks to caffeine screwing with my blood pressure I haven't had coke or pepsi (or coffee :-( ) since 2011

      I raise you Bundaberg Ginger Beer!

        Cascade > Bundaberg

          Red Dragon Organics Living Elixir Turmeric Ginger Beer > everything

          Also re-badged at Olivers, which I frequent at the Sydney-Newcastle freeway Caltex.

            I MUST TRY THIS!!

            I'm a fan of mixed with soda. It's like chewing pure ginger root - awesome!

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              Living Elixir is quite fizzy and not so sweet, but that Turmeric & Ginger combo is dynamite :-) I think it also has ginseng or something in it, sort of like an energy drink without the caffeine.

              I looked up that Shrub & Co and it seems to cost a bit - $32.90 incl. shipping for one bottle. Can you get it in Australia?


                It is expensive, but quite concentrated so it lasts a while. It's really meant for cocktails and is vinegar based, but it is delicious.

              Have you or @zambayoshi tried Gin Gins
              Tried them when I needed something my wife could have while in hospital. So good. So gingery.

                I haven't but looks fantastic! I personally like a bit of chocolate with my edible ginger, like

                  Those are nice but find I need to be in more of a dessert mood to have them. Gin Gins are an all day food :)
                  Oh and if you do try them, have the chewy ones, takes ages to finish one and the ginger flavour lasts the entire time

          For Apple Cider: Cascade > Bundaberg

          For Ginger Beer: Bundaberg > Cascade

          Totally agree, Cascade is awesome. Don't rule out Kirks, their ginger beer is right up there. It's especially refreshing when you get a special at Woolies for $5 for 10 cans :o)

    Pepsi with KFC, Coke with everything else.

    I once didn't get a drink with my KFC and drinking Coke with it was just... wrong.

      I miss KFC :-( Damn gluten intolerance.

      Back when I was a boy, KFC served Coke.

        What an age we lived in! I remember when they even had a Buffet!


          That would have been the best!

            PPl just used to eat the skin and leave the chicken, we used to go there for luch after snorkling on Sunday mornings

            It was always too oily & Yuck.

        Back when I was a boy, Maccas served chicken just like KFC. Oh, and coke.

      Ugh, KFC is wrong. No offense to those that eat there, but it does not agree with my stomach.

        I don't get that at all.

        I do from both MacDonald s & HIs though.

        You have to eat it every now and then to remind yourself why you shouldn't eat it!

    Pepsi Max > Pepsi > Coke
    Sunkist = Fanta
    Solo > Lift
    Mountain Dew > ... Everything

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      Sodium Benzoate FTW!

      [For the record, I still love mountain dew too..... but I'm still not sure about how safe sodium benzoate is to be drinking, :p ]

        I'll let you know in 40 years when I die of benzene related cancers. :p

          Yeah, it's in gosh darn everything citrus-y flavoured too, it seems. I bought some sugar-free Coola Lime cordial to mix with some soda water the other day. Yup, sodium benzoate.....

      I've cancelled an entire order at KFC when I found out thy didn't have mountain dew left & went to another store.

      It never ceases to suprise me that people like Mountain Dew.

        It never ceases to surprise you that people like things that you do not?

          No, not generally. I just consider that Mountain Dew is flat out objectively awful

      Mountain dew was better before they started loading it with caffeine.

        Tend to agree with you on that one, which is weird because when I first started drinking soft-drinks it was in the USA where Mountain Dew has always been caffeinated. You'd think I'd be used to it, but I much preferred the "original" Australian variety.

        Adding caffeine to things has become 'cool' I think they're just trying to keep up with the energy drinks. I do enjoy Mountain Dew, but I don't drink it much now that they're added caffeine. (Not that I'm against caffeine, I just don't think it's required in MD)

          To be fair though, the original Mountain Dew has 55mg of caffeine which is higher than most "standard" soft drinks. Australia was one of the few places to sell the Free version as default (Canada was another because of restrictions on non-Cola soft drinks having caffeine) - all they've done is bring the product in line with other regions.

            Really? I didn't know that. Thanks for the info.

            I feel bad turning my nose up at caffeine free coke now haha

    YEEEEAH Mark, Pepsi Max for the win! I had the same problem, managed to ween myself off it a few years ago. A friend of mine and her partner still have a single Pepsi Max each at precisely midday every day without fail. Midday is no longer midday, it's 'Pepsi Max Time' apparently (usually yelled, with comical enthusiasm)

    and for the record, i reckon:
    Pepsi Max > Coke > Coke Zero > Pepsi > Diet Coke > any caffeine free variety

    If we're talking straight Coke vs Pepsi, then Pepsi. If we talk containers, glass is better than plastic is better than can and Coke from a glass bottle tastes about the same as Pepsi from a can. If we talk variants then it gets a bit murky and I'd have to take a long time to decide between Pepsi Max and Vanilla Coke... It's an incredibly complex question.

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      It's odd that Coke and Pepsi taste so different depending on what container they've come from. 600ml coke always tastes a little off to me,

      I always preferred glass coke.
      dislike plastic bottles.

    Neither. I've hardly had any cola since primary school, totally went off it entirely. Might have another taste extremely infrequently, but that reminds me why I stopped in the first place.

    Well, mostly. I still rarely have it, but in the case of mixing drinks then you've gotta go with coke. Southern Comfort makes it drinkable :P Otherwise Vanilla Coke was decent, and I think Pepsi Next was ok. I'd still rather a Solo though. Or ginger beer. Or lemon lime and bitters. Or sarsaparilla.

    Horses for courses. I find Pepsi Max is better out of can, Coke Zero is better out of a plastic bottle.

    I love Coke and dislike Pespi. My Coke intake is down to 'use public holiday as excuse' level of consumption these days :(

    I prefer Coke but will drink either.

    Can't stand unbranded Cola, we.

    I have always preferred Cock... I mean Coke.... though either can be good

    Pepsi Max is like crack for me.

      SO Pepsi is like Coke?

        In a way, yes. But not Pepsi, Pepsi Max... perhaps they sprinkle some Coke dust into it or something.

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    I'm actually surprised there's this many pepsi fans out there, not even having a dig. I thought it was universal that coke was "better" and pepsi was just a cheaper alternative.

    Onto personal taste (in order)
    - Coke, Coke Zero, Pepsi Max, Pepsi, Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi

    But to be honest if a place doesn't have coke or coke zero I either begrudgingly drink a pepsi or just opt for water.

    Side side point. I've taken a personal challenge of not having soft drinks or beer for 3 months. It's been surprisingly easy.

    I prefer Pepsi over Coke, but yeah I too used to consume copious amounts of Pepsi Max. Until my dentist told me I was eroding my teeth away (turns out even sugar free black cola drinks rot your teeth). I still drink it now and then but nowhere near what I used to...and when I do I usually need to drink through a straw.

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      Dont they have a lot of acid and thats what does it? I've been weaning myself off it recently. I could easily drink a 2 litre bottle a day if I was being gluttonous.

    Neither, I only drink water now and have lost 12kg in the three months since doing so.

      That's impressive! I rarely drink soft-drink now that I know how much sugar is in it! Seriously, it is terrifying to think that I could sit down with some take-away chips and a 2-litre bottle of Coke after school and finish the lot.

    If its straight Its always Diet Coke (never Zero), but if its mixed with something, then its the full sugar version of Coke.
    Cant Drink Jack Daniels with Diet coke, it just doesnt taste right

    Sugar based = Coke
    Sweetner based = Pepsi Max

    Pepsi on it's own tastes a bit better. Coke is better when mixed with things

    There can be only one... Dr Pepper :-)

    For something with a little alcoholic kick, Stone's Ginger Joe Ginger Beer

    Glass beats can, can beats plastic. No diet or sugar-free versions allowed.

      Dr Pepper and Root Beer [being widely available at every supermarket]. 2 of the things I miss most from the USA.

        I don't know about your area, but almost all the Coles around where I live (Brisbane) sell cans of Dr Pepper. You have to go to the international section for it and its close to $2 a can, but its there.

          Yeah, and it's the same for me - Dr Pepper is available if you look for it, but I wouldn't call it "Widely" available. To me, "Widely" available means every store that stocks CocaCola products has it, in 1.25 and 2L varieties as well as slabs of cans, etc. "Single can purchases on the bottom shelf of the speciality aisle" doesn't quite fit.

          I remember when they started selling it in Australia and Australian consumers were on a "Love It / Hate It" dichotomy.

      Glass beats can, can beats plastic.
      I agree with this 99%, the other 1% is that when it comes to Vanilla Coke, can beats all. I dunno why, but Vanilla Coke from a can tastes sooooo much better than Vanilla Coke from a bottle.

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