The Big Question: Summer Or Winter?

Summer is in full flow now, and I pray for those who don't have air-conditioning. In Sydney at the moment it feels as though it's either punishingly hot or raining cats and dogs. It got me wondering: what do you fair people prefer? Winter or Summer?

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I can't help but feel as though we've asked this question before, but let's ask it again for posterity!

Personally? I could go either way. I don't mind going to the beach, don't mind the long days, don't mind the sun despite the fact that I burn easily. But I prefer winter, mainly because winter in Sydney provides more excuses for staying indoors and playing video games. Also, I love rock climbing, and the cooler weather makes for better conditions outdoors.

But that's just me personally, how about you guys and girls?


    Winter. Oh god so much prefer winter.

    Nothing better than a freezing cold night under the covers with your partner.

      Lefty or righty?


    Winter (only the cricket comes close to getting summer over the line)..

    For me, the weather in QLD in winter is about as perfect as it gets ...

      Winter nights here in brisbane were freezing last year I'll take summer in spite of the constant rain!

        Gotta say I'm loving the rain this year, I'm on property and needed it desperately ...

        Now it's all green again ... and my tanks are full!

    Winter. Nothing better then waking up for work in the dark likes its night, then layering up and working hard without a sweat.
    The summer is only good for the beach. Man i love the beach.
    And summer is a bitch to weld in.

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    Autumn, 100%. Not too hot or cold & no spore making my nose holes sneeze

    Winter. Not boiling hot, get to play soccer and watch rugby league, don't have goddamn cicadas carrying on outside my window all day. Plus it's not even that severe in Sydney compared to most other parts of the world.

    Definitely winter. It's much easier to get warmer (put on more layers, fire, blanket) than it is to get cooler. There's only so much clothing you can remove, and it's still too hot.

      This a million times, was explaining this to my partner who loves the heat and she just couldn't understand. Glad somebody shares my logic!

        Because it's nonsense logic, and your partner is smart :P

        You can only add more layers if you have more layers to add. And if you don't need more layers just yet (or have to remove them), then you need carry around all those extra layers with you. And besides, extra layers are uncomfortable anyway.

        The counter-argument is that if you're out and about in the heat, you can always find or create shade, while you can't really "shade" yourself from the cold.

          But then you're wasting time having to shade yourself, put on a jumper and you'll be warm AND get to move about!

          Nothing uncomfortable about a hoody and tracksuit pants, they are the epitome of comfort clothes :P

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            Anything with more sleeve than a t-shirt is uncomfortable :P

            And besides, jumpers (ew, too hot. Open jackets only) just warm your torso while leaving your hands frozen and useless. And don't try to tell me gloves are a solution to that, because not only do they make your hands useless they also make them even colder before long thanks to the creation and evaporation of sweat! Same goes for feet with warm socks.

            Good god I hate the cold so much. It's just inconvenience after inconvenience after annoyance after irritation.

          Nonsense. You can never remove enough layers for Summer. It can still be too hot even when you're nude, and you're not allowed to be nude out in public.

            Layer removal is ineffective, all you need to do is increase the airflow. Half the time in the hot it feels better to be moving around the place rather than standing still, just because of the relative movement of air.

              No, it's the humidity! Sweating buckets! Even eating heavy can make you sweat up here!

                Crazy Brisbane. We've been having some nice dry heat down here, it's great :P

                  DAMN YOU GOOKY. You're my Mooky, you handsome bastard.. *shakes fist*

    I'm the guy who looks forward to summer then complains about the heat when it's here, then looks forward to winter and complains about the cold when it arrives. I can't be satisfied.

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      You are not alone! I think most of that has to do with living in Canberra for me, the temperature swing here on a day to day basis is ridiculous, nearly 15degree change every single day.

      I wish I lived somewhere that stuck between 20-25 degrees instead of swapping -5 to 10 / 20-35 you just can't really get used to this.

      EDIT: I wanted to check as that has just been an observation over the past few years. Pretty close.
      Sydney MAX 22.3 - MIN - 14.4 - AVG CHANGE 7.9
      Melbourne MAX 20.1 - MIN - 11.2 - AVG CHANGE 8.9
      Brisbane MAX 25.3 - MIN - 15.7 - AVG CHANGE 9.6
      Adelaide MAX 22.1 - MIN - 12.1 - AVG CHANGE 10
      Perth MAX 24.5 - MIN - 12.5 - AVG CHANGE 12
      Hobart MAX 17.2 - MIN - 8.8 - AVG CHANGE 8.4
      Darwin MAX 32.1 - MIN - 23.4 - AVG CHANGE 8.7
      Canberra MAX 19.7 - MIN - 6.7 - AVG CHANGE 13
      Alice Springs MAX 28.8 - MIN - 13.2 - AVG CHANGE 15.6

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    Winter brings snow.
    Snow brings fun.

    Winter for sure. I hate summer. Heat really knocks me around but the cold doesn't bother me very much.

    Also, my lawn grows like a jungle on steroids during summer but barely grows at all in winter. So every couple of weeks I need to get out there to mow it during the hottest time of year. Thanks lawn.

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      Every couple of weeks?! I'm nearly needing to mow twice a week right now with the rain and heat in Qld.

        I'm lazy :P Plus you get those kind of hot days where you know you should mow, but you walk outside, the heat hits you and you're like "nope".

    I used to be in the summer camp. Brisbane summers are hot but the storms are kind of rad, so it all worked out alright (aside from the flooding and whatnot, that bit kind of sucked).

    Since moving the NSW, it seems like all of the bad traits of summer have stuck around without any of the good bits. Admittedly, that might be at least a little because I'm in Dubbo.

    On the other hand, I can't really think of anything about winter that I prefer. I guess it's footy season?

      I guess it's footy season!? I've been getting football emails for a couple of weeks and I'm hyped!

        Footy season goes from the end of summer to the start of spring. I don't know if I can really count it as a feature of winter.

        That being said, I'm super keen to see this back on the field. Considering it's a huge part of this year's membership drive, I think the club knows it too.

    Winter. I love the cold, plus it's easier to warm yourself up than try and cool down. To be fair though, I'd love Summer a little more if it weren't for the ridiculous levels of humidity.

    Summer hands down. Everyone is more social-able, happier, parties are better, public events are more fun and beers tastes just that bit more refreshing. And the beach, love the beach.

    We've already answered this in Winter! The consensus was in favour of Winter since you can keep layering on clothes while Summer had a limitation for what you could take off.

    But then we all agreed Summer was preferable to hayfever in Spring.

    Definitely summer. Growing up in qld I preferred winter because humidity sucks. But now I'm in melbourne, summer for days. I like the heat, I like the sun, I like riding my motorbike at sunset next to a beach when it's 20 something degrees. WInter means me shivering and praying that my bike doesn't conk out because it's too cold to idle correctly. 5 degree mornings aren't fun when you need to go along a highway

    Winter for me. Unless i live in Tassie then i take Summer WA Summer is horrid.

    Both. Like most things. It is what you make of it. :)

    It's not really a choice - Winter.

    You can always chuck more stuff on to keep warm during winter without having to resort to using heaters or the like, but in summer there's only so much you can take off before you have to settle for turning on the (ridonkulously expensive) air conditioning or a multitude of fans!

    Seems a little biased to ask this question right after the recent heat wave?

    Summer, purely for comfort reasons. I have a low specific heat capacity and thus need warm surrounds to maintain optimal functioning. I don't think I'm a lizard, but sometimes it feels that way. Too hot is also no good though.

    Winter. My philosophy has always been that you can always put on more layers if you get cold, but there are only so many you can take off to cool down, as others have mentioned above.

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