The Biggest First-Person Shooter Battle Ever Had Over 1000 Players

The Biggest First-Person Shooter Battle Ever Had Over A Thousand Players

1158 players. 5089 vehicles destroyed. 53,729 kills. Big numbers, is what I'm saying.

Over the weekend, community site PlanetSide Battles managed to rally 1158 players to smash the Guinness world record for single largest online first-person shooter battle. Their game of choice was, of course, PlanetSide 2, SOE's MMOFPS about angry people in purple pajamas killing each other infinitely, until the end of time. It's great fun! Here's a video of the carnage (set to Fall Out Boy, naturally), per WaffleVFX.

The record was previously held Man vs Machine, which drew 999 players. That is, in fairness, a much prettier number than 1158, but it is not bigger. I asked a calculator, and it called me an idiot. Here are more big numbers:

Total Streamers 2338
Kills 53,729
Team Kills 3822
Bases Captured 31
Vehicles Destroyed 5089
Air Vehicles Destroyed 2509
Top Weapon Orion VS54 (3382 kills)
Top Vehicle Sunderer (2041 kills)
Higby Killed by Knife 2

If you're really into watching lots of people fire lots of bullets, you can also watch the entire battle from multiple fronts.


    I have a feeling that Star Citizens "Operation Pitchfork" will out do that number by a large margin.

    If you haven't heard of Operation Pitchfork:

    They already have over 2,400 members in their Org, so there plenty more people to join.

      Best part of Pitchfork is that Aussies will be kicking off the fun!

      Is Star Citizen really a first person shooter though?

      I'm sure WoW or Eve Online can boast bigger numbers than this did, but they are much different games.

        Yeah star citizen is a FPS, in ship and on foot :)

          Oh i know it's in first person... I just don't think I'd classify it as a first person shooter.

          yes i know there's shooting in it too.... you know what I mean

    Oh the lag, did anybody think of the poor servers

    I was sure there were a few bigger battles in WW2 Online a few years back, but they may not have been monitored for records.

    I absolutely loved Planetside, but Planetside 2 feels like it has a really bad engine in terms of performance.

    most recent i tried it was 6 months ago, still chugged as bad as launch week, even my friend with SLI titans had performance issues

      My single Radeon 7970 never had an issue. Neither did my card before that, actually. Might be to do with CPU or drivers... maybe it just doesn't like Nvidia cards?

    I remember playing the early Just cause 2 multi player and that had about 400 peeps at one stage.
    Pure chaos, havnt had that much fun in ages

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