The Contextual Backdrops Of Assassin's Creed Unity And The French Revolution

Video: Few play Assassin's Creed for historical accuracy, but the games are set during important moments from our past. History Respawned asks experts to provide insight on the contextual backdrops of various games. This time, it's Assassin's Creed Unity and the French Revolution.


    Some sort of summary of the salient points would have been helpful Patrick...

      It's like half an hour of a historian talking about his area of study. A bit much to unpack.

      I think the best summary I could give without realizing I was going to make one, is that the French Revolution was actually a far longer and calmer process in reality, and the game drops you down in probably the weirdest, most unusually violent part of it, without a proper appreciation for how things came to this, oversimplifying it and casting heroes and villains when in reality there weren't exactly many.

      Historian basically goes on about the political and economic differences, and the interviewer leads him into discussing thematic, landscape, and other differences.

    I have been playing this game in bite size pieces because the game still feels so iffy with how it locks Arno into strange positions when moving around... anyway, I just played the bit where you are in the prison and I must say the atmosphere in that game is brilliant.

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