Tetris Mastermind Beats The Game With All Blocks Invisible

Tetris Mastermind Beats The Game With All Blocks Invisible

You have probably played Tetris. You have probably watched people play Tetris. You have almost surely not watched people play Tetris like this.

During the Awesome Games Done Quick speedrun marathon this week, a group of puzzle masterminds tore through various versions of Tetris: The Grandmaster, pulling out all sorts of tricks to show off what they can do with the classic block game. The full run, which goes for about an hour and a half, is full of crazy challenges and moments, but it all peaks when player KevinDDR unlocks an easter egg that lets him play an invisible round of Tetris during the end credits, starting around 1:10:53 here:

It's really, really incredible. Be warned: you will never be able to consider yourself "good" at Tetris again after watching any of this.

Another highlight from this run: turning Tetris into fine art.

Tetris Mastermind Beats The Game With All Blocks Invisible

In this sequence, you can watch player Kitaru use his Tetris pieces to create a tricky diagonal pattern. As explained by the commentators, players would do this sort of thing for fun back in the 80s, when they were bored with the game and trying to come up with new challenges for themselves. That segment begins at 59:45:

Of course, if you have a spare 96 minutes, you should really watch the whole thing. It's remarkable.


    I call bullshit.

      Not bullshit, I've actually got a pretty good score (rank 2) on the tetrisfriends site on survival mode where after level 20 where the placed pieces go invisible. Admittedly, there is a ghost of where the pieces will go which does help.

    The Tetris dudes really pulled off some amazing things. My favorite run of AGDQ by far, crazy skills.

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