The Ghostbusters Anime We Never Got

The Ghostbusters Anime We Never Got

The world is a little sadder that the 1980s never actually saw a Japanese animation version of the Ghostbusters cartoon. A little? Sorry, a lot.

This spoof was created by YouTubers Nacho Punch.

Of course, there really was an American Ghostbusters cartoon during the '80s, which this parody is, well, parodying. You know, actually, there were two American cartoons about "ghostbusters." I watched both!


    Just some useless trivia here: The style this was made in is that of Dominion Tank Police.
    For people who know the comic and the Anime, I could not stop laughing at colored Commander Brenten hehehe.

    I dunno how I'd feel watching a show with only one voice actor. :P

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