The Greatest Game Of Halo Ever Played

As a big fan of high level professional Halo, I've watched a lot of matches over the years. And if you asked me what the best individual game of Halo ever played was, I'd probably say the time Ogre 1 went 41-0 against a team of pro players. After watching this guy kill over 130 opponents during one 12 minute match, I might have just changed my mind.

I mean seriously. This guy is ridiculous. He goes 131-4 (I think) over the course of one King of the Hill match. Granted he's playing against a group of idiots who seem content to run directly into the hill (and bullets and grenades) constantly, but this is just super compelling viewing. Over and over again, this player continues to outsmart, outshoot and outthink everyone in this game. It's jaw-dropping, compelling and hilarious all at the same time. I've never seen anything like it.

FatRatLOL, who uploaded the video to his YouTube page, thinks this might be a world record. I sure as hell don't remember anyone else killing this many people in one single video game. This is the like the end of Commando in video game form.


    I never could stand playing HALO games because of the camera. Having the aiming reticile below centre really annoys me.

    sure he got a lot of kills, but he wasn't playing a death match. in the game mode he was playing he sucked horrible bad. If I was playing King of the Hill I would not want that guy on my team.

      Skip to 11:53 he finishes 2nd to a team of 2 to his 1.

        ok, then I take back what I said. I watched until about 7 mins when youtube decided that I had watched enough and earned a new commercial.

          I thought that as well at first, but realistically I think he was only going in to this game with mindset of getting as many kills as possible anyway, due to it being one of the longest game modes. I'm sure he could play it properly if he was trying to.

    This guy's work with grenades is great, some of the best I've seen.

      Guardian was such a good map if you knew your angles.

        I've so many fond memories of the map. Man I wish I could get in on this mayhem again :( This whole slaughter reminds me of the time I had when I scored an unfreakinbelievable on BTS Ragnarok in Halo 4 almost a couple of years ago.

        I need an xbox one already.

        I still remember that time I killed my brother from around the corner on the other side of the map. Good times...

    Impressive, though he does pick up a lot of kills from 3rd party whoring.

    Killing dubs already fighting is a staple of high kd in halo objective and free for all. It seems cheap but when done due to purposeful position it's really out smarting the opponents. Which is impressive.

    How many times can someone have 0% health without dying until you call bullshit?

    Seriously? I'm not a Halo player and am genuinely wondering.

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