The Guns That Never Made It Into Halo

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You’ve never used these guns and or played these levels in any Halo game, and odds are, you never will.

The latest Did You Know Gaming video delves into darkest, strangest portions of Halo‘s history, the most interesting of which — in my opinion — center around cut content from the master and chief of alien-blasting’s earliest iterations. The original Halo was once set to be a very different game. Looooooong ago it was meant to be an RTS, and later a third-person shooter — not an FPS.

Even after that it was going to feature weapons like a machete, a spear gun for hunting underwater enemies, and something called a “gravity wrench.” Oh to play a Halo game where Master Chief is a grizzled space captain endlessly pursuing a legendary space whale so he can beat it over the head with a gravity wrench until it dies. Maybe someday. I can hope.

Early envisionings of Halo also included a whopping 25 levels, many of which would have had fully functional weather systems and indigenous lifeforms prancing (or whatever verb you use to describe rhinoceros velociraptors) about. It was, in other words, set to be even more of a pseudo-sandbox than the original Halo ended up. A tantalising, albeit probably chaos-prone idea.

Other noteworthy tidbits in the video include countless connective fibres between Halo and Bungie’s previous sci-fi shooter opus, Marathon, and — my personal favourite — the true origin of all the weird noises Elites made in Halo 1. Turns out, they’re slowed down and reversed snippets of Sergeant Johnson saying things like “Go, go, go!” One of my roommates in college was a Halo nut who would have eaten other Halo nuts for breakfast if he were a cannibal, but I don’t think he even knew that last thing.

So there’s your Halo history lesson. Remember: much like guns, knowledge is a weapon. Use it wisely, or to harm people you really don’t like if you think you can get away with it.


  • Of course I knew all that! Have you been reading my comments on Kotaku? I’m kind of stupid over Halo, to the point that it’s pissing everybody off and causing mass downvoting!

    Why would they use the MCC edition for recording purposes? If that’s their only choice or because it was easier, I get, but they could have at least used the original graphics instead of the remastered editions. I know they look pretty, but it would have been better if they were authentic (can have just used the MCC for the multiplayer footage).

    But even so, *sigh*, I was kinda hoping I could become a huge big Youtube star and be invited to be the commentary when DYKG got around to Halo. Like how they used Jon (of JonTron fame) for commentary on the Legend of Zelda or Matt and Pat (of Best Friends fame) for Silent Hill.

    *sigh* ):

  • Dude. You hate 343i. We get it. I think everyone who has read a Halo article on Kotaku in the last two years gets it. Give it a rest.

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