The Harsh Reality Of Questing In RPGs

The Harsh Reality of Questing In RPGs

Accepting and completing a quest doesn't always go as smoothly as planned. As DarkLegacyComics' latest points out, it would be different than real life, thanks to quest logs and their limited capabilities.

And while everything is accurate here — for example World of Warcraft's quest log can only hold up to 25 quests at a time — that reward of 78 gold and 40 silver looks like a fortune, compared to WoW's usual quest reward of around 13 gold or less. I'd drop any other ongoing quests to help Farmer Ted.

The Harsh Reality of Questing In RPGs


    This is basically the infamous Dickwolves comic, sans Dickwolves.

    [edit: I guess this is a good time to consider: is it still as funny?]

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      Dickwolves was better. The controversy around it was highly confected.

      Dickwolves was definitely funnier. This comic makes a humourous point but the dialogue in the PA version drives the point home. In the face of such a comparison, this one pales. In terms of specific dialogue used, did PA need to use "raped to sleep by the dickwolves"? No, but the added impact of the NPC's despair in the face of an uncaring player added to the overall absurdity of game tropes applied to real life which was the basis for the humour in the first place.

    Where the hell does a Farmer get 78 gold from?
    He is no Farmer, he is a child slave labour driver making money of their bleeding little fingers.
    The Orcs are doing a social service!

    I saw the name of the comic and wished I was watching Father Ted instead. Careful now. Down with this sort of thing

    Having never played WoW this was news to me (the limited number of quests you can hold at one time thing)

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