The Homeworld Remastered Collection Will Be Out For PC On February 25, Gearbox Just Announced.

The Homeworld remastered collection will be out for PC on February 25, Gearbox just announced. Teaser trailer right here.


    Still wouldn't trust Gearbox as far as I could throw them. Rabble rabble!

    Was Homeworld any good?

      I enjoyed Homeworld II a fair bit, but I struggled to win most of the games I played.

        Yeah, HW2 was hard as balls. Shame they couldn't merge its improved visuals with the much-better-balanced Cataclysm.

      Gearbox only purchased the Homeworld IP when THQ dissapeared. Homeworld itself is/was brilliant, personally one of the best RTS games I've played. It's just a shame they haven't remastered Homeworld: Cataclysm

        From what I heard, it's because all of the original production code ect got lost.

          that's the same reason Ubisoft uses for not doing the HOMM3 expansions

      Homeworld was probably THE defining truly-3D space-sim RTS game. Gorgeous visuals (for its day), some of the best voice-acting in gaming, an old-school manual which enriched the story by providing context, and a persistent army and resource store that followed you through your missions. It's a fantastic ride, but dated... all Gearbox has to do with this one is remaster it. Not reboot. And I'm pretty confident that's what they've been aiming at, so hopefully this'll be a huge success.

      why not?

        Mainly Duke Nukem Forever and the whole Aliens: Colonial Marines fiasco.
        When talking about Gearbox, these things should not be forgotten because that was some utter disrespect for their fans, their customers and (in the case of A:CM) Sega and the Aliens franchise.

          This was being made by a bunch of people who from memory wight have been on the dev team for HW2, or maybe they were just a fan mod team. But they made the game without the HW name on it. When Gearbox bought the rights, they also approached the team to basically do exactly what they were doing, but with the money and the name that Gearbox owns.

          This will likely be great. Probably. I hope. Please be good.

          Please don't fuck this up, guys. Seriously.

            That's good to hear.
            I hope for everyone's sake it turns out great.

      I loved Homeworld 1 and 2 when I played them (2008/9 or so), but the Gearbox element does worry me. Assuming they haven't fucked this up, it should be pretty damn good.

      Very good, although also pretty hard. Combat was real 3D, not 2D with 3D views as most space strategy sims are, and real-time.

      The remastered release also includes "classic" versions which may or may not be restricted to pre-orders (but you have to wait for both versions, as far as I can tell.)

      One of the best RTS titles I've ever played, bar none.

      I'm not worried though - all Gearbox need to do is reskin it and update the UI. It's a remaster, not a remake - so I think we should be fine.

    Homeworld is one of the best if not the best RTS I have ever played. I am hopeful gearbox have nailed it on the head.

    Yep a classic. Homeworld (even more so Homeworld II) is pretty much the benchmark for a lot of RTS space sims.

      benchmark for RTS space sims?

      Homeworld to me was the benchmark of all future RTSes....The future of gaming just failed to live up to what Homeworld showed

        lol. I never said any other RTS space sims made the benchmark... :P

    If it is simply the old gameplay with new graphics I am sold.

    I'm interested but the gfx for HW2 were already pretty amazing.

    But the games took so long to play. I hope they add a speed up function.

      That was one of the positives for me, nice long games with countless skirmishes happening over massive areas. No other RTS (aside from Rise of Nations) has come close to providing that scale of drawn out endurance matches me and my friends like to play.

        Which is awesome, don't get me wrong. But I usually play against the computer and most games ended with me getting sleepy and going to bed.

    I hope this game does so well (I've already preordered my copy) that Gearbox (or any other developer for that matter) realise that there is a market for a deep, complex, well thought-out, slower paced game and not this Twitch highlights package, Pro-gaming 5 seconds of fun repeated gameplay we get with all the modern multiplayer games (Yes I'm looking at you, Halo: We-made gaming-so-fast-even-a-separate-health-and-shield-system-is-too-complicated-for-gamers, or starcraft:a-true-strategist-clicks-on-a-unit-100-times-a-minute-because-its-not-annoying-as-fuck...)

    Looks amazing - One of the things I loved with the original Homeworld was just how active the modding community was, the total Star Wars / Macross conversions were brilliant. Hopefully Gearbox's new assets will still allow that community to revisit some of their former work.

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